If you cannot make up your mind between running TouchWiz or a stock version of Jelly Bean, thanks to MoDaCo.SWITCH, that's a decision you won't have to make. This piece of software makes switching back and forth between the two versions as simple as toggling a switch. Paul O'Brien, better known as MoDaCo, has started porting it to the Galaxy S4, and the beta is now available for those who backed his Indiegogo campaign.

MoDaCo2 MoDaCo3

The Google Play edition HTC One is a nice option for people who prefer stock Android, but it came too late for those who had already purchased the Sense 5 version of the handset. While they can flash their phone with an alternative ROM, doing so comes with sacrifices that, after spending time with the device, they may not be willing to give up.

When MoDaCo.SWITCH first debuted, it allowed people in this situation to have their cake and eat it too, giving them access to both Sense 5 and the AOSP version of Android. Its developer then sought £1,000 to develop the same software for the Galaxy S4, and he was met with a generous £2,414 in funding. Here's the result.

The zips needed to try this out have been emailed to backers, and they're the only ones who can test the software for the time being. Everyone else, hold tight. A stable version will roll out for general consumption as soon as it's ready.

Source: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Razo_E

    Amazing news! Does it have to be ASOP? Can it be cyanogenmod? This would be a great way to test out nightlies and have the stability of your stock ROM.

    • jeoffrey808

      Yeah I hope that's the case in the end...I wouldn't mind having a aosp based Rom sharing data with my stock s4 rom...now we need an unlocked method for verizon s4

    • Casey Kline

      If i remember correctly the Google Play Edition is NOT aosp, its Touch wiz with google theming and default apps.

      • Elislurry

        No it is not. There is zero Touchwiz on the play edition.

        • Fishbowl

          Not entirely true. I believe the gs4 play edition runs on a stripped down version of tw kernel.

  • Daniel

    What's the difference with this and dual boot kernels? Or are there no dual boot kernels for the S4?

    • Yuuki

      currently there arent, so this is our only choice at the moment.

      • mmmcfc

        I think the main difference is that they have one data partition and all the apps share it.

        • Daniel

          Ah that's pretty sweet, I wonder how it works in practice. When I was using scripts to do that I had some issues on some apps, would be great to have it working properly.

  • GreatNews

    is root needed? and will this work for the Verizon S4?

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      Beta users have to root and wipe their devices before installing this, but root isn't needed after it's installed. This is also only aimed at GSM versions of the phone, so people on Sprint and Verizon are both out of luck.

      • GreatNews

        you kidding right???? hope they will change it for all S4's cuz right now i have a rooted Verizon S4 and would really love using it once its out publicly

        • will

          I backed the program and am admittedly disappointed that I cannot use this with my CDMA galaxy s4. He has confirmed that there are no plans to develop a switch that is compatible with CDMA version

  • wolfkabal

    Is there anything drastic keeping this from the S3 (other than dev/porting time)? [ie: hardware reasons]

    • Zaatour36

      or Note 2

  • Jaime

    I want this for the i9500 :-(

  • Stiggy

    I remember this guy on nexus 7 forums. It always seemed like he was asking for donations more than any other developer. I'm all for making money off of what you do, and I don't have an issue with this, it just kinda goes against my personal opinion that this stuff should be by the people and for they people and therefore free. Maybe I'm just paranoid after all the drama happening around Cyanogen lately.

    • cy_n_ic

      "Im all for making money off of what you do"

      Well this IS what paul does. And he does it damn well. Modaco.com much?

    • Wuf

      If I may ask, what's happening in CM now?

    • PhoenixPath

      "Maybe I'm just paranoid after all the drama happening around Cyanogen lately."


  • http://www.omgitshuge.com/ OMG its HUGE

    Isn't this just a clever Dual Booting option, I remember doing this type of thing on my Samsung Galaxy 2.

  • Guillaume ‘XpLoDWilD’

    What? People really gave so much money for a script that will flash a ZIP, wrapped around a simple dialog box?

  • Nick

    Paul is actually extremely good at what he does. I followed his "switch" work when he used it for the htc one. And as someone already said, it's what paul DOES... Why shouldn't he make money or have backers? That said, it would really stink if this didn't work with the stupid latest Verizon firmware like everything else. Thanks Verizon! Money hungry slobs