Updates are rolling out to Nexus devices as we speak, but the public changelogs seem to only call for improvements to "Security." However, the latest round of commits just went up on the Android Open Source Project, bringing everything up to date with both JWR66Y (4.3_r1.1), which is going out to most Nexus devices, and JSS15Q (4.3_r2.2), which is destined for the 2013 Nexus 7. Thanks to Google's gracious sharing of the source code, we can comb through each and every little detail of what's new.


Why the split? JBQ posted the reasoning on the Android development forums, basically clarifying that a separate branch of the code was created to remove the risk that last-minute changes to code for the 2013 Nexus 7 would destabilize existing devices. Once things settle down a little bit, these code bases will be merged, probably not long before the same steps are taken for upcoming Nexus devices.

Al Sutton has again provided cleanly formatted versions of the changelogs for both JWR66Y and JSS15Q. Of course, you can also check out the previous, and quite massive, Android 4.3 changelog. As Al notes, these may be incomplete releases, suggesting some changes may have been held back.

What's New?

Let's start with the New Nexus 7 and its issue with erratic multi-touch. As you may have already heard the latest update supposedly fixes the problem, and it appears we can chalk this one up to updated touch firmware in the kernel.

Also solved by the update is the previously-reported clipboard crash. In addition to a simple fix, the code now has some new error checking to guard against future incidents like this.

Remember App Ops, the new tool for controlling app permissions at a granular level? There is quite a bit of activity in the code, including the removal and re-addition of App Ops because it is "Not yet ready to expose." One interesting tweak is that changes made in App Opps will be cleared out when resetting application preferences. So when you decide to reset your default browser, you will also be clearing out your custom settings for app permissions.

Aside from what's listed, everything else looks fairly uninteresting. There are fixes to networking code, handling for bad storage, and a few other little tweaks here and there, but nothing to get very excited about. Don't worry if specific bugs you may be experiencing haven't been addressed with this OTA; 4.3.1 can't be too far off, and it will surely bring some more significant fixes.

Changelogs: JWR66Y, JSS15Q

Cody Toombs
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  • dli7319

    got it on old nexus 7

  • kakinho

    Hey, I got error after install. Now the update is gone. Still in JWR66V.

    Should I wait for the OTA again? Or it's over?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      If you got an installation error, it'll probably happen again. You must have modified your system in such a way that it fails integrity checks. Just wait for the system images or see you can revert what you did.

    • Abraham

      Go here and read the OP, mainly the "Update 3".


      I am currently working, so I do not have my Nexus with me. I do not know how easy or hard ill be. Hope it helps!

    • kakinho


      The problem was root.

  • TY

    Optimizations and fixes. I love them.

    • Magneira

      Yeah, and man 4.3 is a beast, its like 4.1 with steroids, better battery life, its blazing fast on my n4 and n7!

      • Simon Belmont

        Same with my Galaxy Nexus and 2012 N7. Never had issues with Project Butter or battery life prior to Android 4.3, but the GPU improvements are noticeable (don't forget FSTRIM support).

        The battery life improvements are definitely noticeable too. Android 4.3 is a winner.

  • cy_n_ic

    So jbq is still in the game?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      The linked post by JBQ is about a month old, so it's not really an indication. He's still around, but I'm not aware of his plans for the future.

  • Andrew

    Just got it on N4, no sign of it on old N7 yet.

  • Miah

    Got it on both my N4 and N7 (1st gen), anyone know if this will remove root?

    • dli7319

      it removes root, but just root again or cwm can protect root

      • Miah

        thanks, what do you mean by cwm protect? I have twrp.

        • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

          Then it doesn't apply to you since you aren't on cwm.

  • Zuko
  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    My 4 just received its update, but nothing for my 2013 7 yet, and that's the one I'm most anxious about. The multitouch issues have made typing a huge pain.

  • br_hermon

    "resetting application preferences" So does that mean clearing the app's data? or just clearing the cache?

    • Magneira

      I think I resets some of the app preferences like with chrome you can choose to open a video with youtube or other app, then it will ask that again too if you clear chrome as your default browser

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

      App preferences (in this context) are the default apps for handling so-called Intents. So, in the example Magneira gave, if you browse to a youtube page, you might have gotten a popup asking if you would like to view the video in the Youtube app, in chrome, or any one of several other apps on your device. If you were to pick an app and tap "Always," then you won't be asked to pick ever again. Typically, people set these for their preferred home screen/launcher, web browser, the youtube app, and maybe a media player.

      If you ever want to get rid of these defaults, then you would go to Settings -> Apps -> menu -> Reset app preferences.

      Unfortunately, doing a reset like this will clear ALL of these settings, including disabled apps, disabled app notification, default applications (what I just described), and data restrictions for apps in the background. Now, it will also clear the so-called App Ops.

  • Josh Phillips

    Now to wait until CM incorporates these updates...

  • Ralph

    So this update is supposed to fix the clipboard bug but I'm still having it on my Nexus 4, after the update Build JWR66Y

    • Troky

      Also suffering the clipboard crash on my first generation Nexus 7. I was hoping the update would fix it. Dissapointing...

  • RSerda

    received the update around 5:30 PM EDT... as well as the Hangouts, Keep and Search updates.. nice!

  • Brunobliss

    Hope this fixes battery life for galaxy nexus! Since the original 4.3 update I been having a massive battery drain

    • Simon Belmont

      Weird. I've actually seen my battery life increase noticeably on Android 4.3 on my Galaxy Nexus. If it's related to "Android OS" being high up in your battery usage, you may need to perform a factory reset. Just an idea.

      I mean, it was never bad to begin with (it was great for me before, too), but it's definitely seen an improvement. It looks like the device isn't being wake-locked as often when it's idle as it was on Android 4.2, so maybe background stuff is happening more efficiently when it's in a lower power state, and there's also more efficient GPU performance in Android 4.3, as well as the improvement in fused location services. All of those things could contribute to better battery life. Just my two cents.

      • Brunobliss

        with the phone charged at 100% and wireless off, i would expect to see battery at 99 or 98% in the morning. It's now 90 or less in the morning .....i haven't installed any new apps and noticed this right off the bat the first day i started using 4.3

        • Simon Belmont

          Are you saying the battery drops 10% overnight while you're in airplane mode? That could be attributed to FSTRIM cleaning up your file system overnight. It has certain requirements for this, like the battery being at over 80% full and you having not interacted with your phone for a while for it to be triggered.

          It may take a couple days for the update to "settle down" and the battery life to improve. Once FSTRIM cleans up your file system, it should use less battery to maintain it.