Given the major Keep update to v2 today, I got excited when I saw that Hangouts was updated as well a short time after. Unfortunately, it seems like it's a very minor bump: from to

A quick teardown revealed updated translations and some minor under-the-hood code changes that aren't anything to write home about. The changelog hasn't been updated either and still lists the added emoji support and other stuff from the previous v1.1 update. I doubt Google will update it at all for today's release.


The update is staged, as always, but if you really want it ASAP, you can grab the verified APK from our mirror.

Thanks, Matthew Garbett and Mobilephonesfan!

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  • palf91

    I'm still shocked that the Hangouts emoji set doesn't have an android or at least a robot icon.

    • http://dylandersen.tumblr.com/ dylandersen

      I ask myself this every day.. WHY GOOGLE? WHY?

    • brkshr

      I don't think they want to offend the iPeople...

      If it were me, I would send my iBrother a droid at the end of every conversation we had

      • palf91

        I just need a robot, not specifically Andy the android! I mean, we do have an apple (lowercase) emoji after all ;)

      • ntcongit

        But emoji is a font, so you may see a droid emo but iBrother will see it different (Apple emo)

  • Stacey Liu

    Still waiting on SMS integration.

    • Jacob Rollins

      Seriously, why is it taking so long?

    • Bradley Albert Nemitz

      For me, I'm hoping SMS integration means taking over for Google Voice, while allowing MMS, emoji, etc.

    • Jordan Cline

      Check the permissions for this update. Send and Receive SMS. I'm not sure if it already had those permissions previously. The app can't actually do it yet, but looks like SMS is definitely in the works.

      • Stacey Liu

        Those permissions have been there for a while.

      • Merri Mogridge

        That's been there since day one. In order for Hangouts to confirm your phone number, it needs to send you a text and then intercept it before it appears in the Messaging app. SMS integration is most likely coming though, it's just a matter of when :) https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DoriStorbeck/posts/XNRAQThToay

        EDIT: Sorry for the double upload. It said the first upload failed and to try again.

    • http://jamieellis.co.cc/ Jamie Ellis

      Seems we got to wait till 1.2.0 for the next proper enhancements!

      Maybe Blackberry BBM arrival next month might cataylst the arrival of the next major Hangouts update.

  • tymalo

    Does this update fix the new line bug? If you press shift+enter to make a new line before you send your message it works fine in the composition box. But when you send it it strips out the new lines.

  • Logan Butler

    I still wish Hangouts would show whether someone is logged in through web or mobile, like Talk use to do.

  • mgamerz

    Obligatory as-of-yet-still-abandoned google voice comment.

  • Alexei Watson

    But does it fix this bug? https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/hangouts/Ii6HgJ5ts28/DOU7QPSlJ3oJ
    Not limited to any one device... I can't make video calls on GNex, SGSII and Nexus 7.

    • Zoey Cole

      A-freakin-man. Still can't from my GNexus.

  • unni123456

    Google, ignore everybody else's comments. I want
    1. audio to be heard through TV when in video chat using Miracast.
    2. GIF support.

  • Simon Belmont

    Mandatory post about wanting to be able to see people who are online. Yup.

    I really wish that was there. Since my G'Nex and N7 were pushed to Hangouts, I'll deal with it.

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      ... Obligatory

      • Simon Belmont

        Mandatory works here, too. In fact, mandatory is a synonym for obligatory, if you look it up in the dictionary. :)

        Either word works, but thanks for your interest. Cheers. ;)

    • khsharpe

      you can roll hangouts back to google talk on your fone, it's what i did. The only drawback is i keep getting annoying invitations / reminders to update to google hangouts. I resist them, and stay happy
      :- ))

    • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

      Throwing my hat in the ring. Until the day Google restores the ability to make audio calls to other hangout users (i.e. hangout to hangout audio calls), I'm not updating talk. And the ability to be invisible. Not in my gmail. Not on my phone.

      • Abhilash Bingi

        Just hit the video call and turn off your camera - Voila! You have audio calls!
        It's a hack, but it works in a pinch. Worth it for the beautiful app, AFAIC

        • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

          I'm aware of that 'option'. It's inconvenient. Besides, first reaction of anyone receiving a 'video call' invitation - "whoa... video call...! Why he wants a video call. I can't be seen like this"...!

  • Guest
    • palf91

      Came out in January according to the YouTube video (embedded in the "Activate Google+ SMS" page), it allows you to interact with users on Google+ via SMS. So things like SMS "+1" to +1 a comment, that kind of thing; useful if you love G+ but you're still using a dumbphone.

  • epsiblivion

    I still haven't gotten the so-called audio calls support in any version (g+, android, chrome extension, gmail). has anyone actually gotten it and used it or is it vaporware?

  • http://www.twitter.com/robertmoreno Robert_M

    Besides Voice support they still need to work on performance. It slows down my phone all the time.

    • Sean Royce

      It's noticeably slow to open on my Nexus 4 as well. I don't know if this is just me.

      • Diasmae

        I don't notice it running shoes on my Nex4.

        • Sean Royce

          Once it's open it runs fine, it's just slow to get going.

  • alamarco

    Still waiting for GIF support :(

  • Fatty Bunter

    So I lose service every day when I go into work. I've been noticing lately that Hangouts hates this and decided to basically shut down. If I go back outside and get service, I have to restart my phone before hangouts will let me send any messages (but I can receive them)

    Does anyone else have this problem???

  • Mystery Man

    SMS support.......

  • Maxpull

    Matthew Garbett, you should charge your phone ;)

  • khsharpe

    for all those of us that despise Hangouts for a variety of reasons, it's possible to get back Google Talk if it was originally installed on your fone. I think i used a file explorer (ES File Explorer) to track down Google Hangouts and there was the option to undo all updates. I did that and i was left with the Google Talk version that was originally installed on the fone.

    Sorry i can't be more precise but i'm not terribly good with these things. It took me ages to find my way there and i haven't been able to find my way back since. But it can be done - i'm keeping Talk and no way am i ever gonna allow an "update" to Hangouts again. At least not until the whole thing is rebuilt to give a lot of people what they're missing and it starts to function smoothly for all of us

  • Santosh Savanur

    I am still waiting for Online/Busy/Idle/ Offline indicator feature. Without that, hangouts is like dead to me.