Yesterday T-Mobile rolled out a relatively small OTA for the Nexus 4 bringing about a set of security improvements. As it turns out, the latest Nexus handset isn't the only one receiving the update. The Galaxy Nexus is also getting the JWR66Y firmware, and there's a manual update available for those of you who just can't bear the wait. This one is for the yakju variant of the phone, those sold through retail channels other than Google Play.


The entire firmware update is less than 2MB in size, so this is one patch you won't need to snag WiFi for. This is an incremental bump from the previous build that is probably geared at fixing a relatively new exploit or two, not something that will have all that much effect on your user experience.

Source: XDA

Thanks, Jesse

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Metallinatus

    Yay, I love updates, even the minor ones :D

  • Carlos

    It would be great if Google's Android devs. would fix HW/HW+ video playing....

    • Nomaan

      What? Hw video playing doesn't work in galaxy nexus? If you can play full hd videos on it then it is working. Or are you on a custom rom?

    • Simon Belmont

      Works perfectly on my G'Nex. Not sure why you're having an issue.

      HD videos, all the way up to and including 1080p are perfect. Cheers.

    • AgusL

      @disqus_Y0Kd7lsMXz:disqus @disqus_gPYIlO9te5:disqus

      HW decoding in Android 4.3 for Galaxy Nexus is broken, or kinda. There are many users experiencing the same problem.


      • Simon Belmont

        You know, this is a month old post, but I didn't see your reply until now. I actually went to the Google Code page and tried out the video files in question and, you're right, I see stuttering in the reference 6 video.

        The reference 5 video plays smoothly. That's really weird. Do you know if this affects Netflix or videos shot from the Galaxy Nexus (720p, 1080p, both)? Seems like it's either a Texas Instruments driver issue, Google issue, or Samsung issue.

  • slsf617

    Would be great if it fixed the Bluetooth issues.........

    • David VanHouse

      WHat bluetooth issues? Mine works flawlessly.

      • slsf617

        Bluetooth issues for keyboards like my Logitech one

  • Steve Bennet

    has any rooted this version of android yet? I won't upgrade unless I can get root.

  • Zodac

    The update via sideload on CWM failed. Status error 7. Anyone?
    PS: rooted Stock 4.3

    • Pazkooda

      Do a "Full unroot" from SuperSU before update. It worked for me. I've re-rooted phone as next step right after applying update package.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hmm. So, will they lump this into Android 4.3.1 for the Takju variant of the G'Nex?

    I have a Takju G'Nex. Hence my curiosity.

  • fedgr

    Has anyone checked if the wifi reconnection bug still appears under the newest build (JWR66Y)? My hopes are little because the AOSP changelog doesn't mention it, but you never know. I went back to 4.2.2 due to that bug and won't update until it's fixed.

  • Adhil Hazari

    Can u please provide a link a link for the takju build?