Subscribers on Singapore's SingTel can now charge Google Play purchases directly to their mobile bill, making SingTel the first operator in that country to offer the feature. Google has updated its accepted payments support page to reflect this.

In addition, multiple Dutch news sites are reporting that KPN and its subsidiary Hi in the Netherlands will be receiving access to Google Play carrier billing in the coming weeks, though that they will be limited to 10 Euro per transaction, and 100 Euro per month in total purchases. TelecomPaper in particular reports that Vodafone Netherlands and T-Mobile Netherlands will probably also cut deals with Google to get in on the action in the near future, considering both have carrier billing arrangement with Google in other EU countries.

SingTel, TelecomPaper, NieuweMobile

David Ruddock
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  • Neil Ross Goco

    It should be coming soon to Globe Telecom in the Philippines as they are partly owned by SingTel and because I've seen the option myself before but suddenly disappeared. http://www.misterjonjon.com/2013/04/google-play-store-carrier-billing-philippines.html

    • LetsDisqus

      Same thing happened me with Vodafone Turkey.

      • Roh_Mish

        Here with me too on Vodafone India. I should have a screenshot somewhere.

  • macgreg

    In Poland we can already pay for apps in google play by billing on polish carrier "Play" ;)

  • agoNITE

    KPN and Hi already offer carrier billing. Official (Dutch) press-release: http://forum.kpn.com/t5/News-stream/Vanaf-nu-Android-apps-betalen-via-KPN-en-Hi/ba-p/123608

  • Floris

    Vodafone already promised to deliver this feature back in december of 2011, while keeping silent since. They did release this on Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Strange considering Android's size.. Here's hoping they'll deliver on releasing this soon, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Jack

    Yeah. Right after I switched carriers.

  • アドリアンタン郭華

    We have 3 mobile operators here in Singapore, being the first doesn't help much haha, if only Google brings Play Books here, that would mean alot more

    • Lumi

      Play books, play music, play movies...

  • fanSte


  • Roh_Mish

    Here in India 3-4 months ago, i saw carrier billing on my nexus 4 listed as "Hutchison Essar Mobile Internet Services" (I use Vodafone now, but before vodafone buyout it was Hutchison in India and vodafone didnt existed here) It worked when i tried it once. was there for about like a couple of weeks and then disappeared.

  • Tony

    I wonder if Optus (Australian telco owned by SingTel) will be getting this soon then