One of the advantages of using Waze for navigation has long been its real time traffic reporting by way of a committed user base. Now Google's acquisition of the company is bearing fruit as that live-updated data is being piped into Google Maps.


Google Maps can already estimate traffic conditions based on the movement of Android devices, but this new source of data is more exact. It will tell Maps users about accidents, road closures, construction, and other general traffic frustrations. The feature will be available to users in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 3.56.00 PM

In addition to the Google improvements, Waze users are getting Google search integration in the app, as well as Google Street View and satellite imagery in the Waze Map Editor. Good updates all around.

[Google Maps Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/108482452903817442299/posts Andrew Bone

    If people stop using waze because the data is in google maps where will the data come from?!

    • therealbiglou

      Eventually it will all be Google Maps.

      • Andrew Richards

        Is it too optimistic to hope that they integrate it with voice commands? "Google, there's a vehicle stopped on the other side of the road." "ROAD HAZARD ADDED"

        • Maxime MARAIS

          "OK, Maps: there's a vehicle stopped on the other side of the road".

        • therealbiglou

          Not at all. I believe this is pretty reasonable for Google.

          • Matthew Fry

            Ok Maps, there is a car fire in the right hand lane.

          • Varun Priolkar

            "Ok Maps, my car just caught on fire."

          • Matthew Fry

            "ROAD HAZARD ADDED: thank you for considering others. You will be missed."

        • Alex

          "ROAD HAZARD ADDED: the cervical stopped on the other side of the road". And that was with no vehicle/road noise -- I need to speak slower.

    • Tony Culliton

      My thoughts exactly..

      • Di Lu

        When that happens Waze will be fully integrated into Google Maps. Right now Waze still have a sizeable user base so Google will keep it seperate.

    • Maxime MARAIS

      Guess what will be the next major improvement in one of the next version of Maps... :)

      • alexander


        • Justin W


        • Fatty Bunter

          (Maps will get data in the same way that Waze currently does)

          • http://thomashunsaker.com Thomas Hunsaker

            I think Google Maps has traditionally gotten traffic data from users of the Google Maps apps, I assume they will continue doing this. Hopefully Waze's "report an incident" features will come to Android so we don't loose the on-scene reports from users.

          • squiddy20

            They also get some of their data from the various state DOTs (Department of Transportation). I've been driving around in Virginia, and at the end of a traffic notice I've sometimes seen something like "Source: VDOT".

    • JPB

      The data still comes from Waze. I'm sure, like any well designed software, there are back-end services that are architecturally separated from the User interface. So they just keep the services, and use the Google UI instead.

      • Matt Alexander

        What he's saying is that the data in Waze is user-reported, so if everyone uses Google Maps for navigation and no one uses Waze, it won't matter how it fetches the data. There won't be any

  • Maxime MARAIS

    It's already available in France. As we went back from holidays on last Friday, some accident were already shown on Maps (used for navigation).

    • Imparus

      Also available in Denmark even thought it isn't on the list. I found out last week, when there was an accident on the highway.

  • GreatNews

    so when will this be available? and will this be available on the Google Maps App as well just like the Waze app where you could report a incident or traffic report?

  • catiremedina

    Check that last sentence :P

  • LeDerp

    No love for Canadia :(

    • Akath19

      Welcome to the world we (Latin Americans) have been living in since forever.

      On a side note: Yay! All Mighty Google remembered Colombia!

  • Matthew Merrick

    So wait, do I need the Waze app installed for this to work inside Google Maps?

    • astasualle


    • BlackAce15

      All you do us type Accident and any reports should show up?

  • JPB

    It will be more impressive when it appears in Navigation as well.

    • John O’Connor

      I believe Navigation has already been consolidated into Maps. At least it has on my devices. Much like Hangouts replaced Google Talk

      • JPB

        Sure, but can I see heads-up warnings of incidents on my route as I'm using navigation?

        It kind of bugs me that I only see a color for traffic while in Nav in Google, whereas on Nav, the road itself turns the color of the traffic indicator. I prefer the latter.

        With all that white space on the bottom, maybe Google could even put a small box in the lower right, with a route line that shows you the traffic red/yellow/green lines at a glance and some hint of incidents in the way.

  • Nick Knack

    Google+ needs to add Locations to their Online Google+. It wouldn't hurt if they would read the forums for ALL the many negative comments about what they have done.

    • CoreRooted

      It's already there (and has been for quite awhile). In the new update, it's been upgraded and includes a lot more functionality now.

      • Nick Knack

        Give me step by step, from the time you open your browser, and enter http://plus.google.com. You account seems to have something the rest of us don't.

        • CoreRooted

          Ohhhh... browser based? Sorry about that. I thought you meant on mobile. That's why I was talking about the new update.

        • John O’Connor

          Account(accessible from the drop down with your picture in the upper right)>Google+>Scroll down to location settings.

          You can choose who can see your location there.

          If you want to see where someone is, you can hover over the location listed on their profile if they have chosen to share that location with you.

          Granted it does not provide all of the features and abilities that Latitude had, like the ability to see all of your friends locations on one map (if they shared it with you)

          Is there something else you may be looking for?

          • Nick Knack

            Wow, thanks for the post. It works, but how much can a large company like Google mess up something that was really good. The new way is a nightmare of clicks, and the Google+ App with location is NOTHING near what Latitude was. It don't refresh anywhere near as well. One step forward, 3 steps back.

  • Morrissex

    Wow, my country's (Chile) being considered by Google... Nice!

  • Rami

    I see some alerts in Google Maps (Italy), but I still can't find the Street View in Waze World Editor, is it still in beta?

  • CodeMonkey

    Goos updates?

    What about us ducks?

  • a.d.AM

    Thats SO worth a billion dollars or whatever it cost...... (sarcasm)

  • Rob

    Google please make this easy AND HANDSFREE. "Hello Google Now. Report traffic event. Major Accident on Route XXX Southbound near Exit XXX". Done.

  • Abraham

    I was driving home yesterday and Google maps told me that indeed, the freeway was closed due to construction.
    Yet, it was not smart enough to know what it was telling me. It kept telling me I should make a U-Turn and go to the freeway that it had just told me was closed.

    Kind of beats the point in my opinion, if it cant work around it automatically.

  • Dee Norbert

    Romania please :(

  • rickneworleansla

    I'll stick to the older better version until they bring back all the features that were removed.

  • xnadax

    I get a lot of construction zones on my map, in Sweden, which is not in the list of supported countries above.

  • Dee Norbert

    Romania please :(