While we haven't heard a peep about the Android 4.2 update rolling out to the HTC One in the US, it's old news in Europe. In fact, HTC is already rolling out the 4.2 update to last year's flagship, the HTC One X, on that side of the pond. European owners of the Tegra 3-powered handset will now get to taste Sense 5, including BlinkFeed, but they have the option to disable the latter if they're not interested. The update also brings in video highlights, music visualization with live lyrics, and more.


The 4.18.401.2 OTA comes in at just under 380MB and looks to be rolling out across most of the continent. It's going out to the unlocked European HTC One X (codenamed Endeavor). There's a zip available on this XDA thread, but as usual, it's safer to wait for the update to arrive on its own.

Source: Twitter

Thanks, Rodrigo.

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  • Edward Germanotta

    And here I am waiting for samsung to update my s3... Good one HTC!

    • Alex

      Yeah, Samsung got the 4.1.2 update out reasonably quickly but while there have been 4.2.x leaks floating around for quite a while, I believe that 4.3.x is expected to be the next official release.

    • calmdownbro

      Yeah but Touchwiz still looks like ass. I mean, compared to Sense (especially the new one), it's like a children's toy. Don't get me wrong, I have a Samsung phone, but damn I'm jelly. (I use custom launcher/lock, but it's all buggy and crappy. But I also don't want to void my warranty. ... I hate Samsung. Never again.)

  • Drayon

    I'll have to say it's one of the better updates a devices has ever received.

    • Sajal Chowdhry

      did u get it yet ..please tell me about the battery life improvement?

      • Drayon

        Can't tell, I've been using it since it was available and haven't made a full charge yet.

        • Sajal Chowdhry

          Please drop a review here after you test it with full charge.Looking forward to a great battery life.Please kindly do us the favour .

      • htc one x plus user

        The battery life improved significantly!! its at least 10-20% better. Maybe even more because i havent charged it yet and have been using it to its full capacity.

        • Sajal Chowdhry

          Could you upload a screenshot of your one x with the new update?

  • L boogie

    Gotta love the U.S carriers and their on point update schedule especially the one that I'm using the droid DNA on meanwhile, glad the One X is getting that update luv

  • Dhaval Yoganandi

    I have tegra3 unlocked version. Still no sign of update.

    • Htc one x plus user

      Check Now!!

      • Dhaval Yoganandi

        Nope. Still no sign of update. I have CID htc_038.

  • Low Squat

    How long until we see the OTA update in the UK?

    • DrBob27

      I got mine about 10 minutes ago. Unfortunately, my phone keeps going to recovery every time I restart it to apply the update.

  • Matthew Fry

    I've only had my One for a month or so and I'm *literally* (figuratively/hyperbolically) DYING for 4.2.2.

    • Low Squat

      I thought the One had already been updated to 4.2.2.

      • Matthew Fry

        Not in the US. I guess I'm ok with it. T-Mobile has to bake in Wifi Calling which is not a trivial piece of software from what I understand.

        • Low Squat

          At least it is still running Sense 5, I amso bored of 4+

  • Andy Parkinson

    Nice one htc ive got a galaxy s3 and Samsung are delaying the s3 updates because of the s4..its good to ser htc not doing the same

  • AndreKP2124

    HTC is little by little learning their lessons...

  • Captain Spaulding

    AT&T needs to her off their asses and roll out this update. We'll be lucky to see this before the end of the year. >:I

  • Adam Goldberg

    i have an lightly used evo lte still runs otb software. if you want it let me know. selling cheap. after a wipe it is practically new!!!reply to this if u want it!

    • Ron DeLay

      How much do you want for it?

      • Adam Goldberg

        starting price as it will be with a box, case, and charger...$400 (otterbox case) willing to negotiate.

        • Adam Goldberg

          @ron_delay:disqus are you interested? I'm willing to negotiate on the price.

  • Vladimír Švéda

    Got it yesterday evening ... looks nice ... seems to be faster and smoother ...
    Thanks HTC !

  • Peretu Ebi

    :Any chance the update will hit Africa soon?

  • calmdownbro

    Does voice recording works? Anyone found an app that works with 4.2.2? (no root, that is!)

  • Jigar Jain

    hw 2 update .....?????

  • RJ

    when released for HTC one x - India - HTC_038

  • Jordan

    Anyone have any idea when Orange/EE will roll out the update? As far as I'm aware the update is only for unlocked handsets right now, and I only know of 3 who have rolled it out already.

  • Dingofi

    Got it! HTC_001 international version. New England, USA

  • Ramesh

    when is it gonna release in INDIA?
    reply please......

  • Shobhit Tiwari

    when will the update available in India?? for HTC one x+ imported from UK (unlocked)

  • Pravir

    Love the update, just miss the ring unlocker thingamajig.(from South Africa)

  • jake

    is anyone else having problems updating on they htc one x+

  • Josh

    Battery life was up to 36 hours before the sense 5/4.2.2 upgrade, now 14 hours. worst thing i ever did was this upgrade. home screen scrolling has stopped going all way round and stops left/right like old android, pressing home button twice sends display to furthest left screen instead of home screen and every button seams to be in a different place, now trying to find out how to go back to last version. HTC fan for 6 years but if this is their future i will have to look elsewhere

    • Alice

      I have the same exact problem with battery life. Used to last two full days no problem, after the update I barely get a day before the whole thing dies. I don't have any more apps running than before that I can find, but I can't get a charge to last, and I'm fairly annoyed. I'm also an HTC fan but this combined with the fact that my camera won't focus when it zooms add up to a couple big annoyances at the moment.