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A week or two after Chromecast hit the streets, we started to see all kinds of unofficial applications for Google's HDMI streamer, many of which came from CyanogenMod Team member and ClockworkMod creator Koushik "Koush" Dutta. Now he's worked around the developer whitelist for Chromecast, allowing his app to be used on any Android device and with any Chromecast. He's calling it AirCast, and it's available for a test download now.

The app allows users to stream video to a Chromecast TV from the gallery app on your local Android device, or from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. The app itself doesn't do much as far as the interface is concerned, it just adds the distinctive Chromecast button to the relevant sections of those apps. Local files are played across the WiFi network from your Android device to Chromecast, while cloud files pull down from the Internet. If Koush's previous videos are anything to go by, RSS feeds may be next.

The AirCast app is in a truly limited beta stage: the APK will cease to function (self-destruct) in two days. But given how fast Koush works, I'd be surprised if AirCast wasn't available in a wider beta soon, or maybe even baked into an upcoming CyanogenMod nightly. Dutta has stated that the first issue with the app is that it is incompatible with some non-AOSP Gallery apps, like the Sense gallery on the HTC One.

Source: Koushik Dutta (Google+)

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • cabbiebot

    I'm interested in how he worked around the fact he's not supposed to release this (although I'm glad he did). Did Google say "Ok fine as long as it self-destructs' ? That's what I'm interested in knowing.

    • David VanHouse

      I think that since he didnt use the SDK, he isnt restricted in releasing it anymore.

      • Jeremiah Rice

        That would be my guess.

      • WHO?

        That would be correct

    • Nathaniel Webb

      He said the final product will be freemium business model, and the only purpose of this release is testing/feedback- hence the time constraint.

    • David Margolin

      just an fyi... all apps self destruct... when an app is exported, it is signed with keys and during that process you are asked to decide on the time limit... usually devs just put it on the default (25 years) but in the end, all apps self destruct at one point or another.

      • cabbiebot

        Interesting, didn't know that.

      • Kcls

        I put something like 10,000 years on mine haha. At the time I didn't know what that field was for. Too late to change it now though.

      • didibus

        Damn, so my apps won't work after 25 years?

      • Mike Reid

        Sorry to say, but actually no, not unless the systems used at that time enforced such a thing.

        This might be true for apps that won't work without successful purchase authentication though.

        I've verified this on a GT-I9300 running CM10.2 and set to the maximum year of 2037 (Aug 20). Then I successfully ran my app built in 2011 with expiry date in 2036.

        This is as described in Googles' documentation in 2011.

    • suprah

      ... he reverse engineered the sdk functions on already released sdks

      • cabbiebot

        ahhhhh there we go. thanks!

  • taz89

    Does anyone have an idea of release date for chromecast in the UK etc

    • Jay T

      Or Australia? Come on, Google. There aren't, as you seem to think, two countries in the world. USA, and "Everywhere else."

      • PK

        It's a good point.. I'd love to buy more things Google but they take forever to get here (Oz) and then they're not quite as feature rich but that maybe more about what our media laws permit :(

        • Jay T

          I can understand some delay for services, especially media, Like Play Music, which took a long time to get here, but for hardware? That makes no sense to me.

      • Matthew Fry

        Right now they can't seem to keep up with demand in the US. They need to wait for the excitement here to die down first.

    • sivkai

      Why exactly has the Chromecast not been released yet? I mean, I understand Play Music/Videos had licensing issues, Voice is unable due to network issues, etc but why the hell is Chromecast is not available? AFAIK I know, Apple TV (which has AirPlay) isn't a US exclusive...Google needs to catch up!

      • Gary Wilkinson

        I'm getting really upset about it.

        • sivkai

          As am I. I figure we will never see a release, much like the Nexus 4 orb.

          • Jaredsutter

            How are they supposed to release it in the rest of the world right now? It completely sold out in the US. Wait time for buying one from Google Play in the US are 2-3 weeks. In order for them to launch in other countries, they have to actually have inventory on hand.

          • shonangreg

            Yeah, as the law of supply and demand states:

            If too many people want to buy your manufactured product, just wait. In not too long, they won't be interested anymore.

            I got that right, didn't I? It's not like factories around the world have excess capacity and google could increase manufacturing or anything, huh ;-)

  • WHO?

    Dosent work well for now as it pauses every few seconds kinda like cheap cast. But im glad the SDK was reversed. Google couldn't be serious about trying to hire developers AFTER selling the device. We were looking at months before we saw new apps!

    • psychoace

      What kind of router do you have and what kind of signal does your chromecast get from the router? Buffer issues seems to be due to bandwidth problems caused by low signal or wireless g

      • WHO?

        Thank you... but everyone is having buffer issues. The device works perfectly using the original SDK and Netflix/YouTube. Since it retrieving data the same way as the original, it is something besides bandwidth.

        Ex: Koush new app sends a link from my dropbox "cloud" directly to the device. Just as Netflix does.

        Here is the link if you would like to follow the progress or possibly help.


        • psychoace

          I am seeing just as many people saying they don't have buffer issues then those who are having such issues. So it seems like it might be something else.

          • WHO?

            Hmmmm Only things i see are... Screen not sized correctly, no sound, and mostly people saying it works but buffers.. Have not seen one post saying they streamed there videos perfectly with out any issues. You're saying ALOT of people are reporting video streaming perfectly from dropbox, drive, or gallery?

          • psychoace

            Yes, I'm reading all the comments on Koush's page and see plenty of people who say it's working fine.

          • WHO?

            Yea now i see a few people saying it works... if they could just get the right orientation lol.... ... But yes you are correct as i do see a few with success.I will try it again later and play with the settings. I have no doubt Koush will release updated apk soon.

          • Mkvarner

            Well, he had muted the sound on the TV.

  • squiddy20

    Someone give this guy a medal!

    • Gary Wilkinson

      Getting into the habit of giving Koush a medal every time he does something badass would be an expensive habit.

  • Douglas

    I hv downloaded Aircast. The video was clear but it freeze every 2 seconds. Not sure whether my S4 & Samsung tab 2 is compatible or not ?

    Good work at least I can watch my local video now.

  • Matthew Fry

    "RIP MyCast. Long live AllCast!
    RIP AllCast. Long live AirCast!"