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If you sprang for an HTC One Developer Edition back when the phone was launched and have been patiently waiting for your Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update, you might as well stop waiting. But that's a good thing! According to a Twitter post from HTC's Global Sales President and Head of America Jason Mackenzie, the Developer Edition will skip right over the incremental 4.2.2 update and go straight to 4.3.

Please note: this is the HTC One Developer Edition, the 64GB, SIM-free, bootloader-unlocked GSM-LTE phone sold on HTC's American site. It runs HTC's Sense software, and is not to be confused with the HTC One Google Play Edition (which already has 4.3). Mackenzie stated that the Developer Edition would skip Android 4.2 after a user asked him why the Verizon HTC One was getting Android 4.2.2 at launch while he was still waiting. Of course, Mackenzie's answer begs the question of when the Verizon phone will get 4.3, and the president gave no indication of when HTC One owners on any network might see 4.3. We've reached out to HTC for a comment on the matter.

The 4.2.2 update for the One began rolling out internationally late last month, but the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions of the One are still rocking Android 4.1. Here's hopping that they decide to give the 4.3 jump to American versions of the phone, and that the carriers don't drag their heels with their own additions to the software.

Source: Jason Mackenzie - Thanks, Anon!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Edward Germanotta

    Why not both? If they already have the 4.2.2 update ready why no release it now and then the 4.3 update...

    • aNYthing6

      Why focus your efforts on two things? It's a waste of time and resources.

    • ProductFRED

      HTC One Dev updates come straight from HTC. Carrier updates have to sit through carrier testing.

      • Scott Hendry

        same with the unlocked version of the phone right?

      • Sean Royce

        "testing" nothing but bloatware testing.

        • ProductFRED

          I'm not defending the carriers; I'm saying that that's what happens.

    • AS

      Because it's redundant and costs a lot money that will just be waated. It's always easy for people to say "why not do both?" When it's not their money being spent on the campaign. Not knocking you, just answering your question. It would take millions that would simply be wasted in the end. I'd jump right over 4.2 myself. It is just more cost-effective to do it this way and makes more sense too.

  • http://www.deanlubaki.com/ Dean Lubaki

    You wrote "This HTX" :P

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    You can expect custom roms based on it the day the update is released
    PS- Small typo...."The HTX developer edition....."

    • Jeremiah Rice


      • jonathan3579

        I'm okay with the typo since I live in Houston, TX. Hahaha

  • Lookatthemonkeys

    I really hope they dont skip 4.2.2. The only reason I would like them to go straight to 4.3 is if i came out in like 2 months, but we all know that is never going to happen. I guarantee they are going to skip to 4.3 and its going to be 2014 before we see 4.3. That being said I am still happy with my HTC One and came to realize a long time ago you have to be happy with your device when you buy it and not wait every month for a possible update. I have fought the urge to ROM my One, but only because I would loose T-Mobile wifi calling :/

  • robert

    Well some news is better than no news at all, at least we know something is going on besides Robert Downey, but yes the carriers will drag their heels sadly

  • Rupeshwar

    This where Samsung beats everyone.

    • Edward Germanotta

      My s3 is still waiting 4.2.2....

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        So is my Note II.

        • Abhijeet Mishra

          The Note II has had it the worst, not a single major upgrade yet. S3 got one already so Samsung won't be hurrying with 4.2, but the Note II should really have gotten it by now.
          But at least for the first major upgrade and launching devices with the latest version, I'd say Samsung has improved quite a lot in the last year. Alas, the bloat and lag continues to pile up. :/

          • EH101

            Lag on your Note 2? You might have a bigger problem then needing an update.. But speaking of updates, remember in June there were rumors flying about 4.2 being skipped for the Note 2 in favor of 4.3. This is what we should be clamoring for... Not an essentially useless 4.2 update.

          • Abhijeet Mishra

            Don't have a Note 2, and by lag I basically mean the stutter and not so quick response every non-Nexus device has. The S4, for example, can often stutter in the animation to the homescreen, and TouchWiz just doesn't feel that responsive when you click on something. There's a feeling of bloat and heaviness that isn't there on AOSP (but yeah, the added features are worth it for some, on TouchWiz etc). Also, I agree we should be looking forward to 4.3, but since it's been almost 10 months since the Note 2 came out, 4.2 really should have come a long time back, before 4.3 was ever announced.

          • EH101

            I don't know if you've actually used an s4, but my gf's does not display these issues and neither does my note 2 except on start up. (it is REALLY slow on start up, unbearably so) That might be because my gf's s4 is fairly new and came with the most recent updates pre-installed, but I doubt it makes that much difference.

            In my experience these are just as quick as Nexus devices in real life usage and they are certainly much quicker than my old galaxy nexus was.

            While I do agree that 4.2 should've been released months ago for the Note 2 and other devices, when it comes down to it 4.2 (and even 4.3) don't really bring anything useful to the average user over 4.1 other than the second notification (quick settings) panel.

            I think Motorola has the right idea with its most recent devices (having virtually identical hardware with the only difference being the screens) and I think that should allow for much quicker updates across their entire device lineup if they can get the carriers to play nice.

          • simp1istic

            My S4 lags more than my: N4, N7, N10, HTC One, Note 2, One X...

          • EH101

            Maybe you have a defective device then... As I've said my gf's s4 is fairly new (a week and a few days old, Verizon variant, stock launcher/unrooted etc) and has no lag to be seen. It might be one of those things that appears after enough crud builds up I'm thinking.

            As for the double tap to open, do you mean on the home screen or everywhere? I've got double tap to open popup browser on my home screen and truthfully, I never use it. I prefer Chrome Beta.

          • simp1istic

            As soon as you can convince me how a hardware defect can manifest itself as slight frame rate hiccups in different parts of the OS that aren't present in the Google play or AOSP roms I'll believe you.

          • EH101

            1. You never said it didn't happen when you ran an AOSP rom.

            2. All hardware has an acceptable range of fault tolerance when manufactured, this is why some phones can be over clocked and some can't. This could easily explain why some phones stutter under load and some don't, graphically or otherwise.

            Furthermore, if you turn off excess Samsung features like the motion crap you might be able to negate your performance issues. This should not be a problem for you since you seem to have a preference for AOSP-like features. (minimalism) Also, running a non-stock launcher should be helpful.

            Or you can just keep complaining and never get anywhere. That works too.

          • simp1istic

            Please go ahead and elaborate on number 2. I'd really like to hear the explanation behind how frame rate hiccups are the result of hardware. I mean honestly, how is the more likely answer not "samsungs software isn't great." I'm not the only person that has mentioned GS4 lag. Just google "galaxy s4 lag" and take a look. We all got bad hardware? It's far more likely some people just aren't perceptible to the frame rate drops.

            Disabling things doesn't help, I've done that. I've disabled all their garbage and bloat, I'm on the latest OTA MF3. I like the phone alright, but I usually grab the One. I'm also more than welcome to complain as well.

          • EH101

            If I really need to describe frame rate issues due to faulty gpu dies then this will take way too long. I'll just say: Hardware plays a part. Always has, always will. You might look up issues pc gamers come across when trying to OC gpu's past spec. BSOD and safe mode then become your best friend. Even if you manage to get the OC to take, if you had less than ideal drivers or hardware tolerance, you'd often get less fps and performance then at the stock clock rates. This could largely be negated by better cooling solutions, though, which is obviously not possible in phones.

            Also, I've already given a possible software reason for this issue in that after some time and the build up of excess files (earlier referred to as crud) might slow the system down. I then mentioned my gf's s4 not having these issues possibly because it is only a week and a few days old, making this explanation plausible. Unfortunately it is not much more than a waiting game to see if this is true, if an update doesn't get pushed to resolve this issue before enough crud is built up. (like an update to 4.3 so trim would be in effect)

            To go into a tiny bit more detail on the software side, individual apps likely have different programming that causes these issues to be more pronounced. Let's take touchwiz launcher(which is an absolutely terrible launcher, I use Nova Prime myself) as an example and to ridiculously over-simplify it we'll say it has only two options when returning to the home screen from any app. Option 1 reload the screens from scratch. Option 2, reload from RAM. Option 2 is far and away the better option and should be feasible in recent devices if the previous application(s) aren't RAM intensive (basically just games reach fall in this category on android). Option 1 would always cause a stutter while waiting to load the screens.

            However, the more likely scenario is it remains loaded in RAM until it becomes stale (a programmed time limit that says after xxx seconds, force reload launcher). All launchers likely do this unless they have the option to force keep in memory(like Nova Prime does). The difference is the touchwiz launcher is bloated and inefficient in code and thus, the stutter is more noticeable especially if widgets are thrown into the mix solely because it either has more to load overall, or it has redundant tasks that have to also be loaded in order. This is why my Note 2 is so slow on boot up when running a touchwiz ROM. There's simply too much crap that has to be filtered as it loads assets into memory.

            When it comes down to it, Samsung ROMs are inefficient compared to AOSP and I suspect all the inefficiency boils down to redundant code. Those who received devices on the fringe of the acceptable tolerance levels will see the result of this inefficiency much more often than others.

            Also, in terms of hardware, I wouldn't put it past Samsung, who is well established as the market leader, to allow a larger tolerance in an attempt to widen their profit margin than HTC, who is trying to reclaim marketshare. This could be a factor that creates a greater variance in performance between two like-spec'd device lines than what would naturally occur.

            Furthermore, on the driver side of the equation, I'll just say if Samsung modified or customized its device's drivers in an inefficient manner, this may also be the source of the lag. I remember back in my Samsung Fascinate days that dev loved to rant about Samsung's radio interface layer (RIL). Essentially it was so poorly coded that it was 3x as big as it should be and changing anything in it caused something else to break. Luckily we had great devs who eventually were able to work around these issues and get us CM support. It wouldn't be a far stretch to assume the coding is still that terrible.

            Anyway, if the only major lag you have is returning to home, find a free launcher with a force keep in memory option and see if that helps. It might not, but you've got nothing to lose.

          • simp1istic

            Thanks for writing all that. I'm familiar with overclocking and hardware faults. If samsung is on the cusp of pushing their hardware too far that's an entirely different story. I just get frustrated with the constant "My S4 doesn't lag, maybe yours is defective." It's really not the most likely scenario no matter which way you slice it. The frame drops are most noticeable in my usage when pulling down the notification shade (which really should be a totally smooth operation all things considered)

          • EH101

            Indeed, the notification shade should always be smooth since it should always be loaded into memory. If you're a ROM flasher, do you notice if it stutters when you flash a new touchwiz ROM? If not, then it might be crud build up. Somewhere in all that code is probably a badly programmed Samsung service that isn't playing nice.

          • simp1istic

            It's fine on Google play edition roms. It's been stuttery (ugh) on all official samsung builds I've used. Freezing all the junk doesn't effect it.

          • EH101

            Very strange, it should be smooth at least immediately after a fresh install. Is this the Verizon variant?

          • simp1istic


          • EH101

            Ah, well there's no telling what software and hardware differences exist between yours and my gfs devices, but I'd say it's safe to assume one of the devs will figure out eventually.

            I wish you luck with your device and if all else fails, maybe CM or AOKP etc can provide the features you like.

          • Sergey Zolotnitsky

            - Miracast (wireless screen mirroring based on WiDi) standard support does not sound a useful feature?
            - Automatic VPN activation (per app) still not useful enough?

          • EH101

            Do you know anyone who falls in the average consumer category that would either know what those are or use them? I highly doubt it. And both fall squarely in niche category of usefulness.

          • Sergey Zolotnitsky

            Sure, the first is actually entertainment center in your pocket wherever you go - share game play, smoothly stream 1080p moovie on a big stream, show photos - e.g. use big screen for displaying ANY content from your device wirelessly; the second is a MUST for SMBs with their BYOD strategy.
            4.1 sucks, and they know it. Sticking to it on a dev device makes sence for them, but its a poor strategy. Developers should ALWAYS be on the edge.

          • EH101

            I think you misunderstood me, you are obviously not the average consumer since you are at AP. I would expect most who venture these parts to know what these things are, but I still contend the average consumer doesn't know what these are or use them. And I'm still in favor of skipping 4.2.x for 4.3.

            I will say I do agree developers should always be on the edge, but I think developers probably opt for Nexus devices or Google Play Edition devices over OEM's dev editions.

          • simp1istic

            And actually, the Note 2 would benefit greatly from 4.2 as it has things like "Pop up browser" which you have to not set a default intent to use. So the double tap to open in is a VERY useful feature.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Replace Samsung with Asus, and you're kind of right.

      • Drayon

        I have to disagree (but the downvote is not from me). Asus has practicaly abandoned the tf201 prime at 4.1.1 while the tf300 / 700 have both recieved a 4.2.1 update quite a while ago.
        Also, HTC doesn't do that bad ether. I've installed sense 5 (4.2.2) on my one x today, and they sure as hell did they do a good job on that.

        • mgamerz

          Sure hope so since it took them about 9 months to do so.

  • Justin W

    This likely will apply to the U.S. Unlocked version also since they don't have to deal with carriers. I still wish they would have pushed 4.2.2 earlier though.

  • dextersgenius

    SIM free? How does it know which carrier to connect to if it's unlocked and doesn't have a SIM?

    • TehFoz

      It doesn't connect to any carrier networks unless there is a call to emergency services.

    • mgamerz

      It doesn't come with a sim card...

    • Ygor Vaz

      Like mgamerz said, it does not means that it doesn't use a SIM card, it means that any SIM card will work in the phone, where a SIM-locked phone will only accept a SIM card from the carrier that you made the contract

      • dextersgenius

        Thanks! It's odd that they used called it "SIM-free". To me that means it doesn't need/use SIM cards. "Unlocked" or "carrier-unlocked" would have been a more appropriate term.

  • Sebastian Lundgren

    This is why I bought a Nexus ;)

  • jonathan3579

    This story could use a bit of an update. He even went further to say he hopes to have all variants updated by the end of September. (We will see.)

    • mgamerz

      And the thunderbolt was gonna get ICS in early 2012 right?

      • jonathan3579

        Well this is under new management HTC so we will see how they work things out this time around.

  • Scott Hendry

    what about the unlocked version?

  • fallen apple

    This makes me feel better about my SG4. I really liked the One, but fears of HTC lack of support kept me from getting it. The fact that the one has 4.2.2 in other parts of the world but not the US is pitiful. Seriously, now they do a quick cover move and claim oh were going to 4.3 and skipping 4.2.2. Please, I will believe it when they actually do it, which for HTC owners in the US probably means next year.

  • Roy Rogers

    I have an HTC One X+ and I received the ROM update 3/4 weeks ago (2013) and it is 4.2.2 not 4.3