You may have noticed the new version of the Play Store app (4.3.10) has a little tweak. It now lists apps that you've updated recently near the top of the list (right under pending updates). How recently? We asked a Googler who confirmed it's 7 days. Is that maybe a little long?

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For users with a lot of apps, that could mean a very long list to scroll through before getting to the alphabetical section of all installed apps. However, maybe that's useful for checking out the apps and games that have interesting changes. Likewise, for users who only have a few apps, an update might be a notable occasion. They could see this as a thoughtful addition to the Play Store. Then again, some developers update a lot – those apps might never leave the Recently Updated list.

My device currently has 6 apps waiting to update, then 22 apps that were recently updated. I have to scroll quite a way to just get to the regular app list. So, what say you? Make your voice heard below.

Is 7 days the right length of time for apps to show up in the "Recently Updated" section of the Play Store?

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Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • aNYthing6

    A bit too long...three days is good enough.

  • cabbiebot

    It's annoying! No more than a day, please!

  • http://addisontodd.com/ Addison Todd

    I hate this. Keep wondering when they're going to go away, to be honest.

  • Edward Germanotta

    I like the concept but it's too long...

  • astasualle

    "maybe that's useful for checking out the apps and games that have interesting changes."

    This is why i like the recently updated section but 7 days is too long. it should be 3 days

    • wideopn11

      3 days would be fine.

  • gollyzila

    I use Changelog Droid instead.

  • Sean Stone

    How about a user definable length of time?

  • Duramas

    You should be able to swipe away recent updates or something. The length of time could be a user option as well. Although Google doesn't like having things hidden away in menus anymore. Or just some sort of sorting method by recently updated, date installed, name, categories, etc.

    • Merri Mogridge

      The swiping idea would be perfect!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Brilliant idea. Or at least a contextual option to remove from the list.

      • Robert

        Or just have this list visible for users who have auto updates. Makes no sense to have it if you do manual updates

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Sure, it does. Some people get 10 updates waiting, then press Update All. The Play Store is really finicky when it comes to auto updates - it checks like once a day.

          • PhilNelwyn

            His point is that generally, people who update manually check the apps before updating.
            Why would those who don't bother checking before mind afterwards?

    • OmniWrench

      Exactly. 7 days wouldn't be too bad as it would let less OCD people see what's changed if they missed it, but just make the list items dismiss-able, then it covers all the bases.

    • brkshr

      I vote for a sorting filter

    • TY

      Swiping shouldn't be OK, since that part of the Play Store uses tabbed navigation.
      Perhaps a long-press action, or "clear recents" button.

      • Doan

        As long as the tab is not in between two other tabs, which it isn't, one-direction swiping would work without issue.

        • PhilNelwyn

          I don't think so.
          That wouldn't be intuitive IMO.
          And until now, the swipe to delete feature has always been bidirectional.

    • Adam Truelove

      Swiping is present nowhere in the Play Store app, so that's no good. Just a dismiss button would be fine.

      • squiddy20

        Have you been on the Play store in the past year? You swipe between various tabs/categories. Go to the main Apps page, or any page under the opening screen for that matter, and swipe left or right.

        • PhilNelwyn

          We're talking about swipe to delete though.

          • squiddy20

            Most of you may be, but Adam's statement of "Swiping is present nowhere in the Play Store app" is entirely false, thus my comment. Swiping IS present in the Play Store, just not to delete things.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Adam's statement is a direct reply to duramas' "swipe away" suggestion, and he mentioned a "dismiss button," so it's very clear that he was talking about swipe to delete.

          • squiddy20

            Wow you are dense. Again, he stated swiping is present nowhere in the Play Store. That is not true. Thus, my initial comment.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Please stop with your bad faith.
            Swiping is present just for scrolling lists, do you really think he didn't know that?
            I don't want to believe that you can't comprehend something that simple, you're just playing on words.
            If it amuses you, enjoy...

          • squiddy20

            1. Scrolling and swiping are completely different actions. One is generally a quicker motion than the other.
            2. Swiping is not present in the Play Store "just for scrolling lists". Again, you've failed to comprehend what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about scrolling up/down a list. I'm talking about swiping between various "tabs" if you will. As I said above, from the main page you are presented with when you open the Play Store, select the Apps section, then swipe anywhere on the screen left or right. If you have any version of the Play Store released within the past year, it should move you from the "Home" tab to the "Categories" or "Top Paid" tabs. By swiping.

          • PhilNelwyn

            "Scrolling and swiping are completely different actions. The latter is generally a quicker, shorter (distance-wise) motion than the other."

            That would mean Swype doesn't use swipe gestures.
            Swiping is sliding your finger on the screen, that's what you do to turn pages, that's what you do to open the notification area and that's what you do to scroll lists.
            The gesture is swiping, the actions are turning, opening or scrolling.

            "Swiping is not present in the Play Store 'just for scrolling lists'. Again, you've failed to comprehend what I'm talking about."

            I haven't failed to comprehend your bad faith.
            You, on the other hand, keep on failing.
            You know words can have more than one meaning, do you?
            When I say "just for scrolling lists," I don't mean only for scrolling, I mean simply for scrolling... you don't have to search any farther than this basic action.

          • Richard Yarrell


          • Richard Yarrell

            I can't believe they allow this idiot to troll here on this site to. This dude is nothing more than a sad conclusion and a bum. Piss on squiddy20

          • squiddy20

            Says the guy who does nothing but insult people. Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • Dennis

    2 or 3 days would be fine for me, now the list is way to long...

  • Kieron Quinn

    Time shouldn't be a factor, it should be number of views on the "My Apps" section. Would make more sense

  • http://ignaciozippy.com/ Ignacio Zippy

    It should be sortable by update time.

  • nawa

    It should be another tab along with "installed" and "all", where all updates apps will be put in chronological order.

  • David Dudovitz

    A "recent" updates list doesn't help if you don't know when in the past seven days something was updated, especially if something gets updated twice within a weeek. I think the list should be sorted by day.

  • wideopn11

    How about a section for paid apps instead of recent apps.

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      Why not both together? :)

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

    I want at least a month. Maybe a year?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Infinity please. Then a contest to see who can get all the apps move onto Recently Updated first.

      • remister

        You have to have at least 100 apps installed to be in the contest :)

  • Julius Besser

    Missing option from the poll: Just make it configurable

  • Niall Till

    It should be configurable of 7/3/1/0 days and ordered by updated time and not a-z

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I'd be down with this. Plus an ability to dismiss individual apps. And maybe even all apps.

    • Corneliu

      This. I think ordering them by time updated is most important. This way we can keep track of what has been updated much easier.

    • https://twitter.com/YannDinendal Yann Dìnendal

      The Android Market in Android 1.5 listed apps sorted by date updated. That got lost in one of the first redesigns of the app, if I remember correctly... :-(

  • Zakariyya

    Minx Air 200?

  • navjot

    The recently updated section should just have a "clear" button in the top right corner.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    3 days would be better, imo, with the option to clear all and/or swipe them away.

    I currently count 21 "recently updated" apps on my phone from the last week, out of 144 installed.

  • Willie D

    I think 48-72 hours is well enough time.

  • EH101

    No swiping, no extra options, no fluff. The recently updated section just needs to be completely replaced every time you update. I.e you update 6 apps today and they occupy the recently updated section until tomorrow when you update 3. Those then stay there until 5 days from now when you get back from a trip to a cellular dead zone and you update 14 apps and they then occupy that space...

    Basically, only the most recently update apps should be there. My recently updated section is over 20 apps long already. Pointless.

    (and the recently updated apps are in alphabetical order instead of reverse chronological... Really? That's an argument for a different day but even chronological order would be a massive improvement over the current order)

    • Easy

      If I get 2 updates in the morning and 2 more in the evening, I wouldn't want to lose the first 2 if I didn't get a chance to look at it.

      • EH101

        Then make it last one day... But still give us reverse chronological order. Seems easy enough to me.

        The much easier method would be to have apps auto update once a day, at a time the user picks. Then my system would work pretty well probably.

        Any other system that leaves apps in the recently updated section needs reverse chronological order. I think that's something everyone could agree on.

        • Easy

          I agree that reverse chronological order will satisfy almost everybody's needs. On the other hand, My Apps -> All should have a sort feature to show in alphabetical order. There they have it reverse chronological order.

          • EH101

            I agree there, and they also need sub tabs for purchased apps vs free. It's ridiculous they haven't done this yet.

  • Danny Theriault

    1-3 days is all it should be. And I didn't notice this before, but now that people are mentioning it.... It makes no sense that it's sorted alphabetically.

  • Easy

    Actually I would prefer the recent updated list to be sorted by the date it got updated (recent first). Then I don't mind if it is longer or shorter.

  • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael

    KISS. 7 days is good for most people, not everyone has more than 20 apps updated in that short period of time.

  • live2ski

    The Recently Updated list should only display if you have the option selected to automatically update apps. Then this is useful as you now know the app was updated behind the scenes.

    But if you manually update apps (like me), then I know what apps have been recently updated and this list is useless - or like others have stated, at least allow to swipe away.

  • david coffey

    7 days is perhaps too long, but I really don't care. I check that area once a day or once every other day to see what's updated or what needs to be updated.

  • moelsen8

    waaaay too long for anyone who updates regularly. for joe america, who may not go into the play store often at all, it's probably good.

    how about a setting, or option, or way to dismiss the ones there?

  • cy_n_ic

    Give it its own tab? Always present with a configurable timeline. Don't like it, just ignore the tab.

  • Brandon Rosenbaum

    It should go off of how many times you've seen it, rather than a length of time.

  • vosg

    They should just drop it all together. It adds zero value.

    • CoreRooted

      Actually, for those of us that have a lot of apps that get updated frequently, it adds value. I can actually see all the apps that have been updated and go through and see what the updates are actually doing now.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    I think the only reason people here should think it should be shorter is that we actually look at that stuff everyday. Come on we are the type of people that visit and Android blog of course we care what each and every phone app update does. I personally think it's perfect for normal people.

    • tinkicker

      I agree...but it's not perfect for everybody...so options, settings, swipes, tabs or whatever gets this list of apps I've already examined and mentally put away out of my sight is what I'd like to have.
      Are you listening Google Devs? What am I saying...

  • schneeland

    I find the section rather useless, but if it has to stay, the period for which apps stay there should be significantly reduced (actually, when I first used it, I expected that apps would stay there only until the next start of the Play Store app).

  • Ben Enos

    I think that 7 days is a good and fair amount of time to give most users. But I think they should add the option for people to disable the feature or at least a "clear list" option. But there's nothing wrong with giving ppl a week. I actually find this feature pretty useful.

  • tvBilly

    It wouldn't need to be shorter if it were sorted by install date instead of alphabetically.

  • Android Developer

    Why not just allowing to sort apps by recently updated ?
    They could even allow to sort by time installed or other criteria ...

    The new way is just weird - 2 sectioned ordered alphabetically ....

    I also don't like what they did to the play store website, but that's a different story.

  • Perv Bear

    How about no set time. Make it adjustable.

  • duse

    The old Play Store just sorted by recently installed instead of alphabetically, it was perfect and no one ever complained about it. Why does Google always have to go and needlessly break shit.

  • remister

    Are they going to bring back the Web version of apps that need updating per Android device?

  • http://www.marklaflamme.com/ Mark LaFlamme

    A day or two would work for me. Better still if it was simply an option to sort. But whatev, man.

  • C0080900V

    My Nexus 7's Google Play 4.3.10 already has the "recently updated" tweak.

    It's a bit annoying, I wish there was a way to toggle it off.

  • Stacey Liu

    Is that a Gingerbread screenshot on the left? Ew.

  • jjrudey

    I just don't like how it takes me into the store now when I tap on an updated app notification.

  • Tim242

    I just don't see the point in a recently updated section. It just clutters things up a bit.

  • Jadephyre

    Well, I would like it to be a few days less, like 4 or 5 days at max, but then I don't have that many apps installed so it doesn't really matter that much.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Should be 2 days at most.

  • Jason

    I wish they'd add a "Purchased Apps" tab... I uninstall various apps and then forget about them forever. Being able to go and review my old purchases would be awesome..

    • CoreRooted

      Chances are we will never see that in the mobile app. Rumour has it that they will be adding it to the website in the near future (no idea if that's true or not).

  • Rick Johnson

    If it were reverse-sorted by date, I'm not sure I'd mind the length of time, but finding my newest apps to see the changelogs is a huge pain w/ the current setup, combined w/ the easily-dismissed list of what's changed that's often truncated on days that feel like "Patch Tuesday".

  • IncCo

    3 days should be enough

  • missinginput

    What it needs is multiple ways of sorting so you can just sort by last updated, paid vs unpaid, date installed ect

  • http://www.mscha.nl/ Michael Schaap

    It's not that it's too long that's the problem, but it's sorted alphabetically which makes no sense. It should be ordered by update time, descending.

  • Simon Belmont

    Why don't they make recent updates something that's collapsible? You can choose to view them or to have them collapsed.

    That would technically be the best of both worlds. I'd only view them if I really needed to see something I'd updated recently.

  • Simon Campbell

    It should be 2 days after you've *seen* it. 7 days is fine if you don't check your apps update status frequently.

  • http://TabletAndroidBR.com/ Humberto R.

    7 days is good to me.

  • Reader

    Why do you have to show your bias by equating a dislike of the updated list with dislike of all change?

    • PhilNelwyn

      My thoughts, exactly.

    • FrillArtist

      Bias, subjective journalism at its finest.

    • Timbucktoo

      I agree. I think a lot of Google's ideas and changes are great. This is not one that I like, but that doesn't mean I don't like all change or think that "change is bad". Very poor choice of words.

    • Skookum Pete

      A little humor maybe?

  • Martin Nilsson

    I have a few issues with it, otherwise it's a great addition.

    1) Maybe it should be chronological instead of alphabetical. If I have 20 updated apps and then updates the app ZZZ, it goes to position 21 even though it's the most recently updated app.

    2) Treat it as a separate section, maybe with a separate tab. It could also be both, past 2-3 days in-line as it is now and a new tab that scrolls all updated chronologically. The issue I have with the current section is that if I update the app MMM, I might forget that it was updated. Scrolling to the "normal" apps wont show me the app since it's now in the "recently updated apps" section instead. The list of installed apps most show me my installed apps. Not the installed apps minus the recently updated.

    Otherwise I wont complain too much =)

  • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

    You know what nobody asked for? A list of recently updated apps. You know what everyfuckingbody is asking for? A list of purchased apps. Guess what Google prioritized XD

  • uximalik
  • Anthony Tyson

    2 max.... even that's pushing it.

  • Yada

    It's a little confusing that you ask if 7 days is too long in the title, and then the poll asks the opposite, if it is the right length. For someone who tried skipping reading the article and just answering the poll, that is. :)

  • whargharbl

    How about an option in the settings wether we want it or not? I honestly don't care much about my recently updated apps, but I agree it's a nice feature for the people who do.

    I thought android was about customization and iOS was about "this is how it is so be happy and shut up"

  • René Simonsen

    It's fine, but they should be ordered in updated time instead of alphabetically. If they were ordered by last updated, it could be inifinitely long imo.

  • Htc one

    It should have been a separate tab

  • JIMM

    Default sort should be most recently updated, not alphabetical

  • Megalomaniac

    It needs a clear all button.

  • Telefunken

    Why isn't it configurable? This information is already available in the notification area - why make it semi-permanent elsewhere? Doesn't seem to add anything we didn't already know. Odd update, really.

  • merlin

    I thought they should have created a 3rd tab in My Apps just for recent app updates.

  • no

    I'd love a tiny "x" to clear them all out.

  • http://jamieellis.co.cc/ Jamie Ellis

    The Recently Updated section should have options that include option to choose difference length of time from 0 (hide the section), 1,2,3 and 7 days as well as the option to clear an application at any time from the list "x" and an "i" for information - mainly the version number of an application and when date last updated!

  • cAdvent

    Limiting by the number of entries instead might work I guess?

  • FrillArtist

    "I hate having a "Just Updated" section, also change is bad"

    What a stupid biased poll. Just because someone doesn't like a recently updated list doesn't mean that someone hates all change. This is the kind of writing to expect from Ryan.

    • tinkicker

      Agreed...today's journalism is too biased, but that's just my opinion.

    • DJ SPY

      that's android police for you. They'll defend Google to the death.

  • RevCo

    My question would be: does the folks at google even care about suggestions?

  • tinkicker

    Haven't read this option...reprogram it so when a recently updated app is selected for examination, it's removed from the list. Maybe it's doing that already for some people, but for me they just keep hangin' around. Why? At that point the party's over. Go on home, little app. I'm done wit cha.

  • Razo_E

    I say give an option between 1 day, and 7 days in the settings.

  • http://dennisbareis.com/ Dennis Bareis

    The whole idea is stupid and badly executed, what we realy want is for sort actions (and a default sort option) on the "INSTALLED" and "ALL" lists. So alphabetic and installed time would be two ways, bonus points for "first installed time". Even better would be if the lists were able to be filtered by text you type and/or you could search within your own apps.

  • timmyjoe42

    A toggle to sort by installed time / alphabetically would be ideal.

  • Zemedkun

    I bought Galaxy s 4 but I couldn't get Viber free call and messages application Hence could u advice me how could i get it

  • Hank Bank

    Gotta believe would have different results in this survey if you had not attached "Also change is bad" to my choice! I do NOT believe that "change is bad" but I see NO reason to list "recently updated" apps separately. Waste of space, makes me scroll forever to see the alpha list. Anyone else a bit annoyed over tying "Change is bad" to that choice? I bet results would be different if that choice had been "I see no reason to HAVE a recently updated list" I betcha!!