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Sam Monty (Minx Air 200)

Ohad Maor (Minx Go)

Max Chiu (Minx Go)

It's time for another Android Police giveaway, and we're wrapping up the work week with the sweet sound of Cambridge Audio's wireless Minx speakers. In partnership with Cambridge, we're giving away three speakers - two of the awesome and highly portable Minx Go, our review of which you can check out here, and one of Cambridge's top-of-the-line Minx Air 200.



The Minx Go is a portable speaker that packs a serious punch and amazing battery life (read: over 18 hours). It's designed to provide room-filling sound in a small package. The Minx Air 200 requires AC power, but that's because it's an insanely powerful piece of equipment. Along with two primary speaker drivers, the Air 200 is equipped with an active 6" subwoofer to take "room-filling" to a whole new level. Just read the reviews on Amazon UK - you want this thing.

Oh, and did I mention both of these great speakers even have an Android control app?

How To Enter

This contest is open to entrants from all countries. To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below!

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David Ruddock
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  • Thomas Beckingham

    I'd prefer the big boy 200 because it really packs a punch, but even the GO sounds like its pretty darn awesome!!

  • James T

    A Minx Air 200

  • Pablo Acevedo Rtpo

    I want the Minx Go!! please!!

  • John

    Minx Air 200

  • James Jacobs

    Minx go..

  • Sohana Haider

    The Minx Go!

  • jai krish

    Minx Go

  • Disconn3ct

    Definitely the air :)

  • mechapathy

    The Air for sure.

  • Juan Roberto Honorato Rojas

    Give me Air please!

  • Max Chiu

    Minx Air 200!

  • Travis Faulkner

    I'd love the Minx Air 200 but I want to be able to take it anywhere so I'll go with the Minx Go

  • Michael

    Minx Go! I need the portability!

  • Savo

    Minx Air 200

  • erz2192

    Either, but the Air 200 looks sweet.

  • andandroyd

    Minx Air 200 or similar wild cat.

  • Frazer Scott

    The minx air 200

  • http://facebook.com/senshidan Daniel Chavez

    I would DIE for a Minx Go, I live my life on the fast lane so I need something portable, this would be perfect!!

  • Steven Z

    I want the Minx Go!

  • http://www.kissntale.com/ Khiem Nguyen-Trong

    I already have a Sonos 5 at home... so I'd love the Minx Go

  • Orion Wong

    can´t be both??? no?, ok then the Minx go please

  • Manish Soni

    Minx Air 200

  • Jorge Brito

    The Minx Air 200! :)

  • Brett Livingston

    Minx Air 200 if you would

  • cami maki

    The Minx Air 200 please

  • Leonard Wohlfarth

    Go, it seems like the convenient solution.

  • bisonica

    The Minx Go FO SURE

  • John Kow

    A Minx Air 200 :) :)

  • http://www.simoniddol.com/ simoniddol

    Minx Go is my choice

  • hartz1470

    Minx Air 200 :)

  • Eduardo da Silva

    Minx Go, pleaseeeeeee!!

  • Muhammad Moosa Pirzada

    I would like to Get Minx Air 200...

  • Janusz Barbacki

    I prefer minx go

  • Rodalpho

    The minx air 200!

  • Moorandro

    The Minx Air 200 please :)

  • qrps

    minx go

  • Ken Xia

    Minx Air 200

  • Dávid Józsa

    Minx Air 200!!! :)

  • Danny

    Minx air

  • do pe

    Either would be cool, but I would definitely prefer the Minx Air 200!

  • Matteo Brogioni

    Minx Air 200

  • Jarrod Davis

    Definitely the Minx Go. Portable ftw.

  • Paulo Almeida

    Minx Air 200

  • dragon1672

    The Minx Go looks really cool!

  • Dimos Galatakis

    Definitely the Minx Air 200

  • smisa27

    I would want the minx air 200!

  • Mou

    Minx Air 200

  • Mantas

    Minx Air 200

  • Gabriel Melo

    I want the Minx Go.

  • Jpm7714

    Minx Air 200 for sure

  • Dan Cruz

    I want the Minx Go

  • Adam Goldberg

    minx go for the port-a-party!!!

  • Shawn

    Minx Air 200 please, i would wall mount and just watch movies so comfortably and enjoy the awesome sound!! Already so excited thinking about it!!

  • spearman792

    Minx Air 200 please!

  • Alex

    Minx Air 200!

  • Ed

    I would like to have the Minx Air 200. Thanks!

  • fralogan

    love Cambridge products!

  • http://www.itemspecs.com/ jawad zaib

    i want the Minx Air 200

  • Agam Sethi

    Minx Air 200

  • Diego Marin

    Mixn Air 200. Damn!

  • Román

    Minx Air 200.

  • Max Rascon

    Minx Air 200?

  • Max Rascon

    I would like the Minx Air 200

  • WoozleWuzzle

    Minx air 200!

  • Chris T

    Minx Air 200

  • jasonttw

    Minx Go

  • Maxwell Kozlov

    The Minx Go would be pretty cool!

  • Ryan Laursen

    Minx Air 200

  • Maskawisewin

    Minx Go because everyone else is picking the other one and I want to win.

  • Drew Waycount

    Minx Go

  • Rushil Perera

    Minx Air 200 is freaking awesome. So I would prefer this one please. :D

  • http://www.twitter.com/RaptorHawk Hawk

    The Minx Air 200

  • benjdm

    Minx Go, please!

  • KRS_Won

    Minx Go

  • jacinto1234

    Minx Air! Bring on the power!

  • magykmaster

    from your review, minx air

  • Wirasatria Md Husni

    Minx Air 200 ... droooooool!!!

  • MaddmattH

    Minx Air 200. Would still be very happy with the Minx Go though.

  • BikerBob1789

    Minx Air 200.

  • Varun Priolkar

    Minix air looks better!

  • Peter

    I would rather have the Minx Air 200 :)

  • shmuelp

    Minx Air 200

  • chinna_rao

    Minx Air 200!

  • Adam Fursdon

    Minx air 200 defiantly

  • go yankees


  • Janelle Scinta

    minx go would be awesome at work :D

  • Jose Ramos

    Minx Air 200

  • Beatriz Macedo

    Minx Air 200!!!

  • Ajay Shrivastav

    Minx Air 200

  • Rahul Dhaka


  • VBM

    The Air 200 is one tempting piece of machinery but, I'd honestly have to go with the Minx Go. The rechargeable battery w/ 18hrs, easy portability and great sound sold me.

  • Enderson Tejada

    I want the Minx 200 I would love to blast my google music app through it.

  • lilcledix

    MINX Air

  • Eduardo Rodolfo Gonçalves

    Minx Air 200, i need this...

  • Damirp

    Minx Air 200

  • martidp

    Minx Go, please!

  • Sidhu

    Minx Air 200

  • Michael Fontenot

    Minx Go, please

  • Reynald Ejoc

    Minx Air 200

  • iom

    the minx go is better suited for my needs

  • a8p

    Absolutely Minx Air 200!!

  • RJMcDonald

    Minx go.

  • Jordan Brass

    minx go

  • jose castanon

    Minx 200!

  • http://www.razzil.com Raza Rahil Hussain

    Minx Air 200.

  • Jaffer Al-Ghazwi

    Minx Air 200

  • scubabumster

    Minx Air 200

  • chris

    Minx Air 200

  • terry johnston

    minx go

  • Pradaman Shorey

    Minx Air 200

  • Chris

    air 200

  • Corey Bean

    Minx Air 200 for sure. Granted, either would drastically improve the sound quality of my gn7 :D

  • Ben Hen

    Minx Air 200

  • ori

    Minx Air 200

  • André Wolf

    looks for high quality

  • André Wolf

    The Minx Air 200 is what I'm looking for

  • Higio Tarak

    Minx Air 200 (:

  • ShaiUngar

    Minx Go

  • Paskal Xen

    Minx Air 200 !! YEAH!

  • Tom

    Minx Go, no doubt.

  • Yuval Rozin

    Minx Air!

  • Campan Flaviu

    Minx Go!

  • Andrew Ching

    Minx Air 200!

  • http://www.lcpint.com/ Lorenzo Cascio Palmieri

    Minx Go Please! This is my first contest! ;)

  • http://facebook.com/markdepeche89 Marco Menini

    Minx Air 200 please

  • mihaits

    Minx Go!

  • tom morgan

    Minx Go please!

  • Jeremy van Wieringen

    Minx go, you can take it anywhere you want

    • http://www.lcpint.com/ Lorenzo Cascio Palmieri

      Yeah… That’s what I’m talking about! ;)

  • Philipp Wornath

    Minx Go! :)

  • Sarang S Kumar

    MInx go

  • Andy

    Minx Air 200 for sure! air is very important to me !

  • robogo

    The Minx Air 200 would be nice for some Internet radio :)

  • Akil Udayakumar

    Minx Air 200

  • qczhu

    Minx Air 200

  • Parau Cristian

    Minx Air 200

  • hostque

    Minx Air! Internet radio is a live saver here in Austria.... Local radio is really bad ;-)

  • Tschutora

    I would love the Minx Air 200 since I don't have some useful audio-equipment, I'm stuck with the build in boxes of my computer monitor o__O

  • Manuel Mav

    I would prefer the Air, but will be happy with any of them !! :)

  • Arham Jamal

    I would love to win the minx air 200! Thanks AP!!

  • Vin Jomalesa

    Minx Air 200!

  • Kostas

    Minx Air 200

  • Anurag Gondhali

    Minx Air 200 please

  • Neochili

    Minx Air 200!

  • HamishEdmondson

    Minx Air 200

  • Hamish Edmondson

    Minx Air 200

  • Slava Kremenetsky

    The Minx Go please.

  • XwaitXwhatX

    Minx Go!!!!!!

  • Frivalszky Péter

    Dammit I can't chose! I decided that either one I win, I will buy the other one.

  • andyr354

    Minix Air

  • JahnBodah

    Ill take the minx go please!