C Spire has simultaneously announced and started selling the HTC One today for $199 on-contract. The Mississippi-based carrier is the eighth-place wireless company in the US, but has still managed to start offering the HTC One before Verizon.

2013-08-15 10_42_55-HTC One _ C Spire Wireless

There's nothing unexpected about the HTC One on C-Spire. It's the same phone from other carriers, but it looks like the 32GB silver version is the only option. C Spire has a smallish 4G LTE footprint mostly in Mississippi, Florida, the southern Midwest, and parts of Georgia.

So maybe you don't want to wait for Big Red to get around to taking your money. Plans are cheaper on C Spire anyway, as long as the coverage works for you.

[C-Spire, BusinessWire]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • RaptorOO7

    Verizon's new Moto, "When being dead last to launch a new phone is how you stay on top" So they get to figure out all of the ways we root, bootloader crack and then have the patches done.

    • errr


  • loyalty888

    32gb for $199? I wish I lived in the south

  • firesoul453

    Never heard of C-spire. are they nationwide?

    Also are they one of those that just use the sprint network?

    • Bobby

      Actually when outside the southeast they use Verizon's network. If you are in their home area though you are on their network.

      Also their plans cover nationwide but you have to be within the home network 50%-60% of the time or they will cut your service.

      • firesoul453

        Do they let you bring your own verizon phone?

        • Bobby

          Never tried...they are a CDMA carrier so it should be possible.

          • firesoul453

            They have to be the dumbest carrier I have ever seen.

            They offer unlimited everything but then limit you to 30 minutes of video streaming.

            How can they possibly calculate video streaming? Do they have crapware on your phone? Or is it web access based?

            And then what if I use a VPN?