Update: The issue (#10230007) has been marked as resolved by the Play Store team. Apps should install and update fine now.


For the last week or so, a great number of Android users have become increasingly frustrated with frequent "Package file is invalid" errors when updating or installing apps. A variety of supposed fixes have been put forward by the community, but have proven to be merely placebos. Now Google has confirmed there is an issue. So no, it's not just you.


The severity of the problem seems to ebb and flow randomly. Sometimes apps update and install fine, then an hour later almost everything fails. The package file errors may also be connected to "497 errors" reported by some folks.

The issue now has its own page where new information will be posted. For now, stay strong. We'll get through this... somehow.

[Google Play Support]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Fiorta

    My errors come from Instagram and Netflix. Rest of my apps update fine.

    • Kristen

      Im trying to download Plume

  • Samuel Horne

    Absolutely nothing of mine updates. I've been stuck in a rut for around 2 weeks - precisely when I updated to 4.3.

    • Greyhame

      My issues began with Play Store v4.3.10. It's definitely a nuisance, to put it lightly. And Google seems to be harder and harder to contact and receive support. Their customer service is pretty embarrassing for such a large company. It's a shame.

      • Goldenpins

        Their customer service for me has been excellent.. Not just buying, problems with apps not downloading or returns. if they don't have a fix for an issues like package files.. there powerless. I even had an issue with Google wallet and they transferred my old account to a newer one. Some things they just cant fix.

        • Joshua Hill

          By now Googles lack of service is infamous across the intrrwebz. Your

          • Goldenpins

            Neither does yours. I've read many happy customers comments as well as negative. My point still stands and to bad you feel the need to force your opinion on others.

          • Joshua Hill

            No it doesn't. The web is full with many more negative stories than positive.

            P.S. thanks for down voting me like a child and allowing me to remember how good it feels to retaliatory down vote you :p

          • Paul Fulbright

            Your entire attitude is pretty combative and dismissive right off the bat, maybe that is why you are being downvoted, or maybe it's because you take your personal opinions and interpretations and present them as fact while doing that aforementioned flippant dismissal...

          • Joshua Hill

            Sorry if my contrary opinion upsets you so much. I wasn't combative or rude to anyone unlike you. Take a look in the mirror.

          • Joshua Hill

            I'm sorry what facts were presented in this discussion by anyone? Absolutely none. Are you trying to say your opinion is more important/valid than others. Looks like I'm not the only alleged narcissist here.

            Here is a fact, 487 negative comments and only 9 positive comments, http://www.customerservicescoreboard.com/Google

          • Razormike

            Apple: 452 negative, 82 positive
            Microsoft: 257 negative, 23 positive
            Dell: 520 negative, 36 positive
            Sony: 747 negative, 37 positive
            Nokia: 93 negative, 7 positive
            Samsung 1315 negative, 76 positive

            Either all companies have terrible customer service, or people only write comments when they want to complain. Which do you think is more valid?
            I've personally had excellent experiences with Google customer support.

          • Joshua Hill

            Yes it's much more common for people to complain than leave positive feedback. Part of the reason I previously posted the internet is full of negative feedback.

            Apple and Microsoft both better Google's service based on that websites statistics. That was my point but I didn't want to spell it out because Paul and Pins will somehow interpret my post as combative trolling.

          • Joshua Hill

            Given the way you and @paulfulbright:disqus reacted to a harmless post it's obvious I'm trying to force my opinion on you, WTF!?

          • Paul Fulbright

            You are just a swell guy being targeted for your swellness then I guess. Poor guy. :)

          • Joshua Hill

            Yeah as you can tell I'm feeling really poorly :( Don't know if I can handle you and @Goldenpins:disqus targeting me. If you hadn't noticed it's only you and the OP I had a different opinion to downvoting. Hardly counts as targeting unless your trying to justify your uncivil attacks. You must be a lovely person in real life if this is the way you conduct yourself.

          • SickoPsycho

            You guys are bickering like little girls. @joshua hill- if you're going to troll or start talking shit you should at least come up with something more creative than- oh, you must be looking in the mirror! Reminds me of a comeback we used to say in elementary school... I'm the rubber and you're the glue, it bounces off me and sticks to you.

          • Joshua Hill

            My whole point was I wasn't trolling. I expressed a contrary opinion without calling anyone names or being combative or generally trying to upset people. That didn't stop a few people taking offence and calling me names to which I responded have a look at yourself first. I wasn't trying to troll or talk shit. If people take offence it doesn't bother me I have a thick skin.

            One question, what did you hope to accomplish by joining the conversation and calling me a troll despite my protestations that I had no intention of being one?

          • SickoPsycho

            I just felt like feeding the trolls and talking some shit =)

          • Joshua Hill

            Perhaps you should have fed @Goldenpins:disqus or @paulfulbright:disqus then.

          • Goldenpins

            Paul, Joshua hill reminds me of a passive aggressive personality. once put in their place they become a victim.He pretends to behave or act appropriately, but actually act's negative and throws out catty remarks.Than reverts to "im being social" and deflects the issue from himself the mark of a true narcissist. A narcissist can’t stand even a hint of criticism or challenge. Don't waste your time on him Paul. Joshua is a joke.

          • Joshua Hill

            If you interpreted my original statement as catty then I'm afraid the individual with the personality disorder may be you.

          • Paul Fulbright

            It is? Well gosh if one guy said so I guess it must be true, I mean, I'll just ignore never having heard anything to support that before.

          • Joshua Hill

            My thoughts about your comments exactly :p

          • Paul Fulbright

            An the internet troll, easily identified by their utter and complete lack of content, just insults and dismissals...later dude.

          • Joshua Hill

            Thanks for letting me remember how fun it is to down vote ppl. I wasn't the one abusing posters, calling them names and down voting them for having a different opinion. Bye TROLL :D

      • Paul Fulbright

        You should try Apple, back before I swore them off entirely I had my account hacked a few times, the first time it took me 4 hours of digging to find a human being, who wasn't in a terribly related department but got me closer, I reported it and told them there was a vulnerability in their password reset system and this person got in etc. etc. and they told me thanks for the info, I asked what about the fraudulent charges "sorry, dispute it with your bank", $250 gone for 45 days while bank sorted it out. Happened again about 6 months later, reported it again and asked why their fraud/security teams had done nothing as it was the EXACT same vulnerability in the EXACT same system, no answer, thanks for the info, dispute the charges.

        This btw was a couple years ago, and the password manager vulnerability that made the news what was it early this year, late last year. That was the SAME bug.

        There was a HUGE and becoming incredibly well-known security hole that allowed who only knows how much fraud to be perpetrated and Apple had info dumped on their laps almost two years before it was finally resolved.

        The point here isn't to whine about Apple vs. Google the point is customer service on this scale almost isn't possible. You would need a literal army to handle the support calls for the number of users MS, Google and Apple all have.

        Hell, call MS anytime in the last twenty years and tell me how that went, if your answer isn't "INCREDIBLY POORLY!" you paid for a support incident.

        Customer service, as of yet, just does not scale. Even if you had that many people, they would either cost too much or lack skill, and frankly I'm not convinced enough skilled people exist to staff even one of these companies support lines well enough to ensure good customer/tech support regardless of monetary concerns.

        • Greyhame

          Very excellent points.

        • Joshua Hill

          I'm glad Google's poor service is now acceptable because you consider Apples service worse.

          • Paul Fulbright

            You should consider actually reading sometime, as aside from etching it on something and hitting you with it I couldn't have made it clearer that this is exactly NOT my point:

            "The point here isn't to whine about Apple vs. Google the point is customer service on this scale almost isn't possible."

            And then just keep reading from there to continue elucidating my ACTUAL point.

          • Joshua Hill

            I'm not racist I just don't like . Just because you say something is not your point doesn't make it truth. The other point you raise is equally as depressing! It's sooooo hard to provide sadvice in this case we're just going to provide poor service e and not worry about it. I'mad that's acceptable to you but it's not for me.

          • Paul Fulbright

            No, but me fleshing out a completely different point, which by the way involved a third company you don't even mention, that does...if I'd said "yeah it sucks but so does apples" ok, you have something, but I can only assume you didn't click "read more" and didn't see the ACTUAL point, you know, the section where the idea I am trying to communicate comes together, which is that I frankly don't think massive scale customer service, done in any way we know of today, can be anything BUT lackluster given the sheer staggering amount of users, a problem that effects 1% of facebook users for instance means you have to have a way to support 11.1 MILLION people.

            So lets say 1% of users experience this problem and they all notice and call in over the course of a single week, that means some of them don't log in all week, that still means you have to clear 66,072 support calls an hour, or 1,101 support calls a MINUTE, now we could go dig up stats on average support call length but lets pretend like we live in a fairy tale and it is only 5 minutes, that would mean you would need 5,505 COMPETENT support personnel on the phones EVERY minute of EVERY day. Which if you worked 8 hour shifts you would need 16,515 support staff, with sick days, vacations, etc, you would probably need a few hundred to a thousand more, all competent, all technical, all with a very high level of understanding of, in this case, the Facebook system.

            Worse still it wouldn't be that evenly distributed, up front you would have a BIG burst, and you would have MUCH more during "peak" hours, but being a global company peak hours could literally be any time so you would need, lets say 17,000 support staff for each 8 hour shift (this includes coverage build in from before) so 51,000 COMPETENT support professionals and you know what?

            People would STILL bitch up a storm because if they had to sit on hold for five minutes they would be pissed because it's facebook/their phone/their tablet, they just want it to work, the fact it broke period is pissing them off right off the bat.

            So how much do you think it would cost, assuming you could magically find 51,000 competent professionals, to heat and cool their workspace? Power 51,000 computers? Provide 51,000 desks. the infrastructure for 51,000 logins and email accounts and on and on and on (and you would need this otherwise anyone could log in) then how much to oversee 51,000 people to ensure nobody is abusing privilege?

            You are very right though, my entire point was just that it's ok, because apple sucks too.

          • Joshua Hill

            You assumed wrong, yet that didn't stop you attacking me. Excellent work TROLL ;)

          • Paul Fulbright

            lol officially pointless, you've ticked enough of the boxes there just isn't anything for it, you like trolling. Have a nice life.

          • Joshua Hill

            You can take down that hand mirror in front of your face now :)

          • Joshua Hill

            I though about engaging in the discussion for all of a millisecond. Your combative posting and inability to engage in a conversation without name calling made me realise such an attempt would be futile.

      • DirkBelig

        I've experienced these errors on Play Store versions 4.2.3, 4.2.9, and 4.3.10 on my Nexus 4 and three Nexus 7s (one old one, two new ones).

        It first popped for me when trying to update Airdroid. Rather than be an entitled little bitch and one-star the app, I scrolled down and found the support email link and sent them a note precisely detailing the problem I was having. They got back to me within an hour and after a couple of exchanges, the CSR sent me the latest APK as an attachment which I then installed.

        Whenever I see useless, crybaby reviews, I thumb them down so they don't show in a Most Useful sort.

    • Paul_Werner

      About the same for me too. I did fine, at least in my case, that it'll update without fail if it's over cell data but not via WiFi. I have it set to only update on WiFi automatically so it auto-fails anytime I have a new update.

      Glad I'm not doing this on a limited data plan but I would like to not push it closer to the data cap. Not that I'd get anywhere near the 5gb before throttling that TMobile does through just updates though

      • Khan

        I get the same error. But updating/installing apps with a VPN (Hotspot, tunnelbear etc) works fine.

      • Stan

        Interestingly, I've only had this problem when trying to install over cell, and have never had an issue over wifi.

  • Federico Pierri

    My errors:
    Error -14 (For Minion Rush but now works)
    Package file is invalid (other apps)

    • Brody Boswell

      I get error -14 after unistallimg an app flashing a different ROM then trying to reinstall the app. Only fix seems to be factory reset

      • Federico Pierri

        mmh...that because i've the slim bean 4.2.2 (nozomi)?

  • http://ashutoshmishra.org/ Ashutosh Mishra

    Don't you worry, top men in the Android team are getting to the bottom of the issue.

    • MadSalad

      Who? Top. Men.

      • Nathan Borup

        Like the Indiana Jones reference MadSalad

        • SickoPsycho

          LOL- and here I was thinking it was a Family Guy reference... Seth MacFarlane must have been ripping off Indiana Jones in that episode...
          *edit* yup- Raiders of the Lost Ark

      • Tomskii

        I bet it's youtube's highly educated monkeys.

  • http://mobers.org/ psydex

    498 error here

  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com/ Silver Fang

    No crap there's an issue! I uninstalled WhatsApp due to that error. Not that I used it anyway.

  • unhappybirthday

    Unfortunately, a lot of developers are getting hit with one star negative reviews because of it. This problem is enough to kill a brand new app.

    • Justin Stroud

      The general population of Android users are a bunch of waterhead idiots. I am always seeing people leave negative reviews for something like this.

      • Thomas’

        *The general population are...

        Skip the Android users.

        • discgolfdc

          *The general population IS...
          Subject-verb agreement! LOL

          • Thomas’

            Whoops. Fixed.

      • spydie

        You are part of the "general population"

        • Michael J Carroll

          If you ever worked in customer service (like fast food/supermarkets), you learn who the "general population" really are, and they are a bunch of idiots. Just remember how stupid the average person is, and realize that half of them are even stupider than that.

          • Bob G

            That is not how averages work, by the way.

          • Michael J Carroll

            It's how medians work and median is a way of finding the average.

          • mgamerz

            You don't use the median to find the average.


          • Michael J Carroll

            Your source: "Mean, median, and mode are three kinds of "averages""

            Now can we all just sit down and shut up and realize that I was quoting a comedian and this article has nothing to do with debating what a median is?

          • mgamerz

            Technically you said the median was a way to find the average. If it is an average, you wouldn't need to use it to find it.

      • Mike Reid

        As an app dev, Yep.

        Paid apps aren't so bad. Free apps have a much worse idiot:reasonable person ratio. Free app users expect the world, for free.

        But it's somewhat understandable given that they are not the people posting here on AP, if you view it from a mindset of people who don't know tech and don't care enough to learn.

        I swear, when I had a free app on Play, many of the complainers seemed as if they thought I worked for Google, or their carrier, and that I owed them a free, fully featured app that works on whatever phone they had, despite a high degree of hardware dependence in my app. No "randompissedoffuser123", my app can't create the hardware needed, and your phone doesn't have it, despite what your brothers friend tells you.

        • David

          I remember paying my bill this month. Ie. Not free

      • mustbepbs

        Or you get the absolute moron who gives an arbitrary 2-3 star review and says something along the lines of "thanks awesome app".

        Blows my f***ing mind.

      • Magneira

        O and population of ios are super great guys? go back to your hole please...

        • Justin Stroud

          I use Android 100%, don't own an iOS device.

        • BËBÖ

          ios is the best :P

      • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

        I can understand where you are coming from but some of these users might be dropping bad reviews because they have no idea how to report the issue or figure out what's going on. Not everyone is an idiot, and it would be foolish to just think that these folks are automatically idiots.

      • Star

        I wish I had seen this comment sooner, and hop that JS happens to see my reply to his "idiotic" statement one day.
        What kind of "waterhead idiot" would call "the general population of Android users... a bunch of idiots." If you are always seeing "negative reviews for something like this" why don't you help people - since you seem to know so much? That would be the intelligent thing to do. Android users are writing out of frustration, because they have a lack of knowledge, and are having a hard time trying to find a solution. You, on the other hand, are writing out of pure meanness. If you do not have anything constructive to contribute why don't you keep your ignorant comments to yourself - since you are so smart!

        • Justin Stroud

          Clearly I was referring to the people who leave negative reviews on apps because of the play store problems.

          The next time you want to criticize someone, make sure you understand the comment first. Lots of other people responded to me and knew exactly what I meant.

    • Adam Truelove

      This is as bad as giving a product one star on Amazon because of a bad shipping experience.

      • Guest

        Android users are now the masses. They are prone to do average things.

        This is terrible for

      • Robert Castles

        Android users are now the masses and are prone to average users' behaviors. Most of these comments here are way off the mark.

        Imagine you know nothing of technology, you just paid for an app, and it suddenly won't install with a vague error, that actually indicates the app itself is at fault. The negative comments are certainly misdirected and horrible for the devs, but are pretty easy to understand.

  • Mike Harris

    This is good to know. I've been getting these errors, but it seems to work once I reboot.

  • skitchbeatz

    Maybe it's a server issue from delta updates?

  • kaspe67

    I installed gapps again and that fixed it for me, gnex toro.

  • Himmat Singh

    Well, I just bought an app and I got a server error, where it charged me but didn't show as bought on the Play Store. Trying to buy again brought forth the error. What I did was clear data/cache and then it appeared in my Play Store.

    Might be related to this, might not.

  • mgamerz

    My notification bar is such an unholy mess from the triangle ! signs.

  • DF

    I started to get the same problem few days ago on one of my tablets, and I've gone mad reading and trying all about the possible workarounds out there. I tried one that actually worked. I didn't believe it would work before I tried it. I installed Hideman VPN, and I don't get the error when I'm connected with this app. I use this app only when I encounter the error

  • bobleponge

    This issue seems to be due to an APK signing change is the latest version of the tools.

    It triggers a bug on some devices in the checking of the signature, hence the "package is invalid" error.

    Check this bug for reference:


    • Steven

      Interesting, but that doesn't explain why this happened all of the sudden last week for every app out there.

      • bobleponge

        It is possible it is a different issue. Or that the linked issue on the tracker suddenly happen more often on a newer Google Play version. But that's wishful thinking for now.

    • Steven

      I came across this on Google+ a few days ago and gives some insight into what their servers are sending: http://cafbit.com/entry/android_package_file_is_invalid

      • bobleponge

        Great find. It is the probable cause of the issue.

    • Floss

      While something in r22 may be triggering the issue, r22 has been out for months without issue. Why would it suddenly start causing so much headache now?

  • moelsen8

    weird. i'm obsessive about updating my apps regularly, and i haven't encountered this.

  • Chris

    My only consistent error is google play books. Everything else either updates fine, or fails at first and then updates fine when I try later. Google play books hasn't updated for almost a week.

  • Tomskii

    I have had this a number of times but when I tried again it always installed as it should

  • nsnsmj

    This used to happen to me on an older version of the Play Store. I cleared data on services framework and everything worked again for me.

  • http://www.marklaflamme.com/ Mark LaFlamme

    This error used to bug the hell out of me when I was on the tiny Optimus V. If you have a custom recovery, clearing cache and Dalvik usually did the trick. What worked for me most often, though, was a little app that took care of those space issues in literally one second as needed. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.felipearon.marketfix

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    Hey Google!

    Here's a thought. Stop f****cking dedicating 147% of your resources to geo-locking every app under the sun and just f****cking let it work?

    Can you tell this "issue" has affected me? Perhaps I should work more on my clarity of language.

    • NoUsernamesFree

      Your first step should be learning that very few words in the English language naturally contain an asterisk symbol.

    • skot

      yup thats definitly the issue. all my apps updated when I got my self and american ip address...

  • Jason

    I heard this issue was mainly tied to some galaxy phones and nexus tablet users. My brand new Nexus 10 has this problem and I've tried everything. Its not just random either, all apps will not update.

  • topgun966

    Good, cause its been annoying the shit outta me.

  • NickSlater

    Mine update OK if I disconnect from Wi-Fi. I had this issue with PNC mobile banking updates only so far, so I have been lucky, I guess

    • discgolfdc

      +1 on this.
      Just got PNC Mobile Banking to update by disconnecting from WiFi and going at it 4G. Maybe the app has to be signed by the NSA. :)

  • skot

    I'm trying to give android a chance! but not only can't I updated I cant download. I keep getting the invalid pakage file error. What good is a device if I cant download.

    • Mitch Thompson

      You're kidding, right? It still makes phone calls, still processes email, still surfs the web, still...

      • GreenyO

        How will you go to the web w/o a browser app ?
        (I do know that he has a browser.)

      • skot

        sorry I should of mentioned its a tablet; Samsung note 10.1. im trying to download facebook it not working. I'm trying to download firefox its not working. nothing is bloody download or updating. maps wont update. and its been doing this since end of july.

        My phone is an iphone4 and im not having any issues like this.

        • Paul Fulbright

          I agree that it is INCREDIBLY frustrating, but a) this isn't an all-the-time problem, by which I mean one of the downsides of android IS NOT that you routinely have trouble downloading, this is a temporary glitch and b) it isn't like Apple hasn't had it's fair share of temp problems too.

        • CoreRooted

          *cough* https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5202039?start=0&tstart=0

          It's not like this is isolated to just Android devices. Every app store has issues from time to time. Just saying...

  • Deva

    In the Netherlands everything works fine on my Samsung Note 8 with wi-fi. Have done about 50 updates in the last weeks. Just now 20 via Google play store,

  • aaron cooper

    Thought it was that ROM that I installed. Guess I will just wait for Google to do their thing!

  • trev8988

    It happens sometime on my galaxy nexus. I thought it was an Android 4.3 bug

  • Greytail

    If you use something like hideman VPN, installs go flawlessly.

    • skot

      worked for me too...

  • Goldenpins

    what worked for me.. and has every time. Is "forget the wireless settings" and rec-connect, enter password again than download.

  • Paul Fulbright

    Thank goodness, this is getting almost unusable, got a new HTC One and I'd say about half my apps wont install. I've gotten it to work case-by-case by switching between my wifi at home/work to cellular, and sometimes to my hotspot, and I've gotten Hideninja to work but only if I joined a non-US VPN endpoint.


  • razrblazr

    Download "hideninja VPN" from the play store and run the app. It doesn't necessarily "fix" the issue, but it allows for apps to be downloaded and installed again. It works!

  • Karan O

    sometimes i want to shoot my phone far far away because of this $hit !

    it just happens to me 6/10 times and i thinked that it was my internet problem but now i'm relieved !!


  • atlouiedog

    At least they finally acknowledged it. It hit me a few hours after flashing CM, which just got official support on my device. I couldn't find people talking about the issue at the time and I was convinced that something was broken on my end for a couple of days.

  • Garry Ip

    I'm using Play Store v4.3.10 on 4.3 on nexus 4 and encountered not a problem so far with apps installing or updating, is it to do with file integrities on specific file servers?

  • Tyler Racutt

    I found on some random forum that downloading the app through a vpn such as DroidVPN fixes the issue for some reason
    I tested it and it does seem to work for me anyways

  • heath

    Amusingly it's only affecting att bloat apps

    • heath

      On my phone

  • The Phenom

    I have a Samsung Relay 4G and turning off the Wifi allowed me to update my apps.

  • Ray

    I was having this issue about a week ago that just happened to be the same night I flashed a new ROM. I flashed the ROM 3 freaking times before I realised it was a Google problem and not a ROM issue. It was driving me nuts!

    Good to see Google have acknowledged it now.

  • Kristen

    Well at least this problem is being solved...I would never give a bad rating because of this on the app...

    • CoreRooted

      It's interesting to look through recent reviews though. People are literally bashing devs and what has Google done about it? Not a damn thing. As a dev, needless to say, I'm pissed.

      • BrandonP

        the same people who give a bad review to an app for this are the same people who film videos vertically.

        • CoreRooted

          +1111111111111111111111 LMFAO!!!

      • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

        Google screws over developers. Have you noticed that in the new play store web layout, not all your review replies show up? So, if someone is cribbing like "doesn't work", "scam", "developer is fraud"... and you've replied to this review explaining what they are doing wrong or how to fix it .. your reply doesn't always show up. Only way to see that reply is if you click the permalink of the review. Potential buyer who's skimming through reviews to see whether the app is good or bad, is not gonna do that..! They'll see the bad reviews and think, well, bad app.

  • Shahzad Malik

    I think Google now is messed up as well. On my Note 2 tmobile, I have cards on the google now widget, but when I click on the widget the app opens up and I have no cards... I click refresh and still no cards.. This happens sometimes and it fixes itself as well... I factory reset and still have same problem, more so I even flashed an aosp roms coming from touch wiz and the problem is still there.. Making me think this is a Google problem...

  • lbuhlig


  • Steven

    The support page (https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/3300875?hl=en) says it was last updated today, I don't see anything that changed...

  • Nick

    Only way I was able to fix it is by removing my google account, then re-adding it.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    The issue (#10230007) has been marked as resolved by the Play Store team. Apps should install and update fine now.


    • Himmat Singh

      Hey Artem, just wanted to let you know I updated a game moments ago and got the Package File Invalid error (first time getting this). Redownloaded the update and it worked fine.

  • QB8Young

    The update says this is resolved however I am still experiencing the issue, Galaxy S3 on AT&T with CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) and Google Play Store 4.3.11

  • rockvan

    The same team that destroyed Maps is now in charge of the app store.

  • ckh14

    I've also noticed that apps with updates available are not showing up unless you click on them specifically. Otherwise they appear as up to date. They also at times need to be clicked on several times or do a general search before the update button even appears. This is in addition to the package file invalid download issues. There is some serious bugs in the play store that google needs to be fixing fast.

  • shin

    when i get that problem, I redownload wait till I see that its has downloaded a bit, and then leave. It always seems to work for me, got 6-700 apps on my xoom, and rarely get that problem

  • Natan Facchin

    Still having issues.

  • Jimmy Giggly
  • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

    This happens all the time with Lookout updates. I hope this is really fixed.

  • Panza

    I changed the APN on my phone from what was automatically detected (WAP!! Wtf?) to the official WAP on my carriers website for smartphones and it cleared it ALL up!
    Phone is LG Optimus G Pro

  • Pam Salter

    Still not fixed !!!

  • Bhoopesh

    Please give me solution ,my phone create package file invalid install time......

  • Melissa

    I'm still having this issue. How can I fix this?

    • Melissa

      Nevermind...I watched the youtube fix and turned off my wifi and that seemed to work. Bummer though, this uses up my data plan!

  • Nutta


  • steve

    For me it was the hotel wifi. Went to a mall in LA and locked in the the free wifi and it worked right away.

  • badgerking

    This is still an issue and something that has most certainly NOT been resolved by Google Play.