Today is a day to be joyful for science-minded Android users. Wolfram Alpha has just released a ton of new science and math calculation apps in Google Play. They run the gamut from basic fractions and pre-algebra all the way up to materials science and astronomy. Wolfram Alpha previously released similar calculus and algebra course assistants.

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These apps come with the various references, functions, and keyboard symbols you need to work out the problems specific to each specific field of study. These aren't just simple equation solvers, though. Wolfram Alpha's engine shows you the step-by-step process of doing a calculation. The apps are priced between $0.99 and $4.99, with the more advanced subjects costing more.

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Here is a full list of all the newly released apps: Astronomy Course Assistant, General Chemistry Course App, Discrete Math Course Assistant, Fractals Reference App, Fractions Reference App, Linear Algebra Course App, Mechanics of Materials App, Multivariable Calculus App, Physics I Course Assistant, Physics II Course Assistant, Pre-Algebra Course Assistant, Precalculus Course Assistant, Statistics Course Assistant.

Yeah, that's a lot of science and math.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • John Smith

    That's pretty awesome... reminds me of my TI-89 days

  • Alexei Watson

    Can't tell you how good the timing for this is - Currently studying engineering, in the maths 3 unit, doing multivariable calculus. The concepts are OK but it's great to have a tool in your pocket for checking your working out.

    The website works well already, but this is great.

  • Régis Knechtel

    This is awesome!

  • Ranger666

    I hope they offer a bundle offer for all of them. I'd be willing to buy it.

  • Jake Kramer

    What is the advantage to these individual apps versus the regular wolfram alpha app which seems capable of doing all of this?

    • John O’Connor

      I thought these featured needed to be purchased separately within wolfram alpha and/or you must already have the paid app on your device. I have a few but i rarely ever open the app.

      • Jake Kramer

        Nope, I have the wolfram alpha app and I'm able to process all of these inputs just fine.

        The only thing I can think of is they might offer an easier to use UI.

        • Andrés

          It's the way they are presented. Easier and with explanations. It's more an aid in class than a tool for engineers, for that you have the regular W|A app.

  • Jaime

    :-) voyage!

  • rap

    The math major in me thinks this is awesome even if I can't remember why I would want to know most of this stuff.