Game library looking a little drab? You're in luck – we've (finally) got our roundup of the top six games from last month. After sifting through the Play Store's latest offerings from July, we've narrowed the field to just six can't-miss games, along with a few runners up.


Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief, the first game to come out of Rovio Stars, is a game that's part puzzle, part stealth, and part adorable graphics, all combining to form a great game.

Basically, the idea is to steal as much as possible without getting caught, while completing episodic levels that work in the familiar three-star-per-level paradigm.

Besides colorful, thoughtful, compelling graphics, the game has exceedingly simple controls, making it super easy to pick up, learn, and enjoy.

nexusae0_Thief11 nexusae0_Thief31 nexusae0_Thief41

The game is $2.99, and when we reviewed it there were no ads or IAPs to be found. Rovio has a penchant for these things though, so it wouldn't be altogether shocking to see them in the future. That said, it's a great game, and definitely worth the three bucks.

Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2, one of the games Google showed off when it debuted the Play Games service, is essentially a competitive jet ski racing game. Normally, that wouldn't catch my attention, but somehow Riptide has managed to not only grab my attention, but convince me to spend hours upgrading my virtual jet ski and launching it off various ramps and waves, doing crazy tricks as it glides through the air.

In the game, you can either complete Career Mode (a series of races based on time, successful tricks, or simply coming in first place), or against opponents using Google's Games backend. Both are awesome, but Career Mode racks up plenty of in game currency to make sure you're the fastest one in the water before you play online.

Oh, and the game saves your data to the cloud, so playing it across multiple devices is a great experience.

unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

The game is $2.99 and worth every cent. There are in-app purchases, but they aren't really necessary, since Career Mode shells out plenty of currency all by itself.


Rymdkapsel, a word I have still never said aloud, is a game in which you try to build the biggest, best space station possible. But by space station the game really means awesome, colorful, square-based structure…thing.

In the game, you'll manage resources to build a space station using predetermined shapes (like Tetris, except your hard work doesn't vanish if you line up the blocks) to tap into other resources or just explore the (in this case finite) reaches of space.

For all the zen-like building animations and atmosphere, you'll have to keep your station safe at times, but despite my weariness for tower defense, the game is still awesome.

nexusae0_unnamed-339 nexusae0_unnamed-3211

At $3.99, it's a bit more expensive than our other entries, but it's a great game, definitely worthy of your attention.


QWOP. The game that stood both as a brief rundown of its entire control scheme and as onomatopoeia for the sound your runner made as he inevitably fell to defeat has finally come to Android. Okay we weren't waiting on pins and needles or anything, but it's here. And it's everything you love (and despise) about the original.

Think you know how to run? Think again. QWOP for Android is just as hard as the original – this time instead of Q, W, O, and P keys for controls, you have two touchpads divided into four quadrants each. Every quadrant controls its own specialized leg movement. You'll have to unravel the mysteries of moving your legs all over again, and then keep up the pace until you reach the finish line. Or just kneel and hop along for a while.

nexusae0_unnamed-71 nexusae0_unnamed-93 nexusae0_unnamed-103

At a meager $0.99, QWOP is a no-brainer for the budget-savvy masochist. Just a dollar for infinite frustration and torment as your terrible, untrained runner tries desperately to complete just one race.

Deep Dungeons of Doom

"Only for the brave," Deep Dungeons of Doom casts players as either a crusader, a witch, or a mercenary, giving them weapons, equipment, and plenty of carefully-crafted, pixel-based room to run around in. The game promises each dungeon to be deeper, more perilous, and more challenging than the last, and delivers more monsters than you can shake several pixels at. Your overall goal, besides finding loot and slaying baddies, is to reach "The Deepest Dungeon of Doom."

nexusae0_unnamed-66 nexusae0_unnamed-74 nexusae0_unnamed-85

The game is free, so if you have any interest in dungeons or tactical pixel fights, give it a shot.

The Walking Dead: Assault

Finally, we have the Walking Dead: Assault. In a rare feat, the Walking Dead: Assault manages to be genuinely entertaining and fun, despite the fact that it's based on a television show which is itself based on a comic book. Branded adaptations of these things often tend to go poorly, but Skybound LLC has produced a winner.

With a visual style reminiscent of the comic book upon which it and the television show are based, TWDA gives players a top-down view of tactically fighting zombies with both melee and ranged weapons, with each character wielding their own special skill.

nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-07-29-17-55-31 nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-07-29-17-57-00 nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-07-29-17-58-46

The IAPs that are present, while tempting, aren't really necessary to play the game, but as with many games, they will certainly speed things up for you. Outside that, the game costs just three dollars. If you like the Walking Dead, zombies, or just a fun game with a really appealing art style, check it out.

Runners Up

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a great game or a way to waste some time, any of the the games from this month's short list are great choices. If our shortlist didn't have a game that struck your fancy though, just keep an eye out for next month's list, or read our semi-weekly larger roundups.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Mike Dye

    Tiny Thief FTW

    • Matthew Fry

      I was pleasantly surprised by Tiny Thief. I don't like Angry Birds at all.

    • Abraham

      Yes, Tiny Thief is awesome.
      I picked it up when it went on sale for 99 cents.

      The quality of this game truly even deserves the original 3 dollar cost.

  • Cheeseball

    I'm still trying to figure out if the dungeon expansion IAP in Deep Dungeons of Doom is a one-time purchase or if I have to purchase it again if I wipe my device/install on a new device.

    • Himmat Singh

      should be one time. non-consumables are always one time purchases

      • Cheeseball

        Right, but I'm not sure if the expansion IAP is considered as a non-consumable. I even asked the developers directly on their FB page and they haven't replied to me yet.

  • Angelo_D

    Hero Forge came out of Beta and its just as addicting. Or did AP cover it last week?

  • Aaron Huffman

    Wheres DraStic?

    • Joshua

      That should be classified as an app, properly, since it only allows you to run ROMs without actually being a game in and of itself, right?

      • Mantas

        Also, it was released in August

        • Joshua

          Didn't know, but that too then.

        • Aaron Huffman

          ohh, thats right, I didn't notice that it was a July posting.

  • mlj11

    Quickly Wears Out Patience.

  • Francois Roy

    Where's Magic 2014?!?!

  • Karan O


    was one of the MOST ADDICTIVE games i've EVER played my head just made strategies to survive for 28 wave when i was at class , i just couldn't stop playing it!

    • DonPorazzo

      Rymdkapsel is crazy awesome.
      Now (and by now I mean literally NOW) I'm trying to decode all monoliths in 45 mins or less. Earlier I did it in 47 :( Any tips?

      Also, what's 2nd mission if there is any?

  • http://www.kizi1.org/ Kizi

    Yes i like it

  • jOn Garrett [5,000+]

    anybody want to meet up for a foursome in Riptide 2?!?!?