HTC has already looked to metal as a defining characteristic of its flagship phone. Now the company is turning to the Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., himself in hopes of turning around the company's waning brand perception and getting their highly capable smartphones into the hands of more consumers. HTC has launched a series of ads starring Downey as they kick off their new "Change" branding campaign, and thanks to a two-year contract, we can expect to see the actor pushing the company for quite some time.


The idea here is that HTC inspires innovation not by being change you can believe in, but by being anything you want it to be. While smartphones in general now serve as phones, e-readers, portable media players, gaming handhelds, flashlights, TV remotes, and virtually anything we want them to be, HTC will drive this message home more literally with wordplay, associating the letters "HTC" with innovations quirkier than "high tech computer."

Downey's one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood right now, and his trademark style is immediately recognizable from the moment he enters the frame. It's perhaps a peculiar match-up, but hiring a trendy celebrity may pay off considering that HTC's new branding efforts are geared more towards character, personality, and fun than any specific phone feature. They're not throwing dirt on the competition here, they're trying to cement themselves as something different. Will it work? Well, here's to change.

And if you're now wondering what a humongous tinfoil catamaran even is, look no further:


Source: HTC

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Guest

    In before "My HTC Thunderbolt just got ICS few months ago" comments.

  • Paul_Werner

    I wonder if Iron Man will get more upgrades during his 2 year contract then we do from HTC ;-)

    • someone755

      Like a Humongous Tinfoil Catamarang? Or a flying one, at least. With lazors. And it transforms into something awesome, like a suit :P

      • Kostas

        You probably confused Ironman and Batman... Its called catamaran :P

        • someone755

          This movie should so come after the Batman and Superman combo: Ironman and Batman.
          Yeah, and it was a typo :P

  • Nick Schiwy

    Not exactly what I envisioned when I heard they were hiring RDj but I guess they have to start somewhere. "Here's to Change"

  • Captain Spaulding

    HTC = Huge Takeover Coming

    • OMGgary

      Horrendous Toward Customers
      Having To Concede
      Hard Times Came
      Huawei Taking Control
      Hoping To Capitalise

      • Captain Spaulding

        You mad bro?

  • herp

    this is actually the first HTC ad I've seen that doesn't make me cringe in some way. not bad, catamaran

  • Bob G

    Terrible commercial.

  • LazarusDark

    Shouldn't the people on that catamaran be wearing tin foil hats. Jus sayin.

    (Duct tape would be better though)

  • Matthew Fry

    Hamstring The Competition.

    While I'm Happy To Criticize, I love my One (except the battery is a little... meh). Gotta go, I Have To Crap.

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      I saw what you did there.

  • John Smith

    I Hate To Complain, so I think the ad's great

  • dobbsy

    I'm more impressed at the presence of Jon Polito

  • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

    Help This Company ;-)

  • Ionut Costica

    Hopefully we won't have to think about how they're going to Hide The Corpse of the company anymore... I still have a soft spot for them from my Nexus One days...