Google Glass Explorers are in for a treat today as the monthly update to Google's wearable computer is starting to rollout right now. This update continues the trend of incremental improvements to the device, but Google is at least responding to some user requests with XE8.

PathUpdate EvernoteNote NewVoiceMainMenuCommands

NowTraffic NowMovieCard

Here's the condensed changelog from Google:

  • Video Player: Tap a video to play it. Tap again to pause. If you missed something important, swipe backward to rewind, or swipe forward to skip the boring parts.
  • Path and Evernote voice actions: You can now update your Path feed by saying "ok glass, post an update." Similarly, sending a note to Evernote is as easy as saying "ok glass, take a note." More Glassware apps coming soon.
  • Volume card in Settings: Set Glass' volume from a new dedicated card in Glass' Settings bundle. Or adjust it while in a phone or video call by tapping and setting it through card actions.
  • Check your timeline while in a video call
  • New contextual voice commands for Navigation: Show route overview, Hide route overview, Stop directions
  • Add a caption by voice after taking a picture or video: Share a picture or video and, when prompted on the display with the magic words "ok glass," say "ok glass, add caption."
  • #Hashtags in captions: When adding a caption, say hashtag and then the topic at hand. For instance, adding a caption like "hashtag cute" becomes "#cute."
  • Improved SMS support
  • Google Now cards: Reservations and events, Movies, Public alerts, Birthday alerts

ThreeMoviesShowingNow NowHotelCard NowRestaurantCard

Getting more Glassware apps in on the voice actions could be a big step, even though it's only supported by two apps at launch. We're beginning to see a little bit more of what Glass could one day be. And who doesn't like hashtags? The update will hit all Glass units in the next few days.

[Project Glass Google+, Google Glass XE8 Release Notes]

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  • angel_spain

    AP do you know of anyone outside US that has Google Glasses? I would like to know if all this updates are country restricted or limited as many other Google products. For example many Maps search features doesn't work in Europe althought the app is available.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      There should be plenty of people with Glass outside the U.S. I think it's better we ask them, here in the comments.

    • jaduncan

      Jeff Jarvis frequently travels with them, so shoot him a message on G+.

    • kekkojoker90

      if you want go on androidworld[dot]it they have a glass from a couples days and they do new article very often ( in italian obviusly).

    • Pierre Gardin

      "many Maps search features doesn't work in Europe"

      Which ones???

      • angel_spain

        Maybe not in Europe, but here in Spain search for restaurants or gas stations doesn't give any result (at least in my village, population 75k) the way it does in US.
        At least on the mobile app, "gas stations" (gasolineras in my language) doesn't give any result (or poor and inaccurate ones), althought the desktop version does.
        All these "search around me" work the same way as described above in the mobile app, so I assume they would work the same with Glass unless you are in US.
        But I didn't mean just Maps, which works pretty good outside US. Google Now is a better example of what I meant: it gives info about weather and routes....and that's all.

  • Matthew Fry

    I don't like hashtags.

    • Sam Hollis