One of the biggest complaints about Samsung's latter tablet lines (aside from the plastic builds, outdated specifications, lack of storage, and oh yeah the freakin' smartphone buttons) is that they're too expensive when compared to similar Android tablets. Sammy is hoping to alleviate at least a few of these complaints with some pack-in deals for the Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Tab 3 (all versions), and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Student Edition. These rewards can be redeemed by registering your new tablet on Samsung's promotional perks page.

samsung perks

The Galaxy Note 8.0 fares the best, which makes sense, since it's the most premium of the tablets. In addition to the $25 Google Play credit that's been active since launch and previous Hulu Plus and Boingo Wifi access, new owners can register for 50GB of free expanded Dropbox storage for two years and $50 of credit in Samsung's WatchON movie store. The Dropbox and WatchON perks are brand new as of today - they aren't even mentioned in the legal fine print from last month.

Those who buy the new Galaxy Tab 3 in its 7-inch, 8-inch, or 10-inch variety or a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Student Edition get the Boingo WiFi access, three months of Hulu, plus the newly-added free Dropbox storage. But the Google Play credit is dropped to $10, and there's no WatchON credit. (By the way, you should probably read Ryan Whitwam's Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 review if you're considering a purchase.) Even so, the Dropbox storage is worth about $120 based on their Pro pricing, and if you really do choose a Samsung tablet over the compelling alternatives, this should make your new hardware all the sweeter.


Unfortunately, it looks like the extra goodies are active for new purchases only - I tried to use the information from my own Galaxy Note 8.0 for the new offers, but I was denied because I'd already redeemed the Google Play credit back in April. To redeem the free offers you'll need to setup a Samsung account and hand over a little personal information, as well as a WiFi MAC address and your tablet's serial number. The current promotions are valid from now until September 30th. Purchases from any United States retailer can be used in conjunction with these rewards.

Samsung Registration Perks Page

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • HitokiriX

    I think this just made the Note 8.0 worth the price. I'm very likely to buy it in the next two weeks.

    • Shane Macdougall

      As long as your not in Canada. They won't honor this for me.

  • hmm

    No Note 10.1? :/

  • http://alv.im/ Guilherme Maia Alvim

    F*ck Samsung. Why only for US? F*ck you hard. Those korean moda-fokas.

    • loyalty888

      Would you seriously consider these if it were available in your country?

  • TheRealCBONE

    "oh yeah the freakin' smartphone buttons"

    As long as Samsung keeps up the physical button, I'll keep them on my short list of buyable tablets. Screw those stupid onscreen buttons.

    • lordmerovingian

      Here, here..

    • BlackBoy88

      Thanks. This one of the main reason I have given up on Android tablets. The on screen buttons sucks. Like atom based windows 8 tablets more you can do a whole lot more with them....

  • Morrissex

    I wonder if those perks (especially the Play Store credit) will be available in my country (Chile).

    • Xuqi99


  • relevantdesigns

    If you've already purchased the tablet and registered it but want the new perks your screwed per Samsung policy.

    • knuxy

      I had that problem :( i tried to get google play credit but samsung said email password was wrong

  • Name

    Why do you promote this discriminating contest where most people who bought the newest Samsung are not welcome ?

  • Андрей Журавель
  • Jillxz

    For me it's not worth it as I don't watch Hula on a tablet or a phone and I don't use Drop box or any other storage except what comes on board with my device. That's why I prefer an 128GB of on board storage on any tablet. Less than that , I won't buy it.

  • scott pearce

    As usual only for the yanks not for the rest of us buying the same product from samsung (in my case bought a galaxy note 8.0 tablet at dublin airport on my way home to scotland!)

    • socalrailroader

      Hey, at least we don't eat that mess called Haggis ;) :D

      • scott pearce

        Heck come on even in hawick we have 2 different haggis makers (Linsey Grieves and Pringles Butchers!!)

  • kmt7

    At least it looks like the price has come down a bit. Take a look here

  • samsungnote

    No perks for the Note 10.1? ): I was planning on getting it...

  • mustbepbs

    So I guess this doesn't apply to refurbished Notes? I bought 2 Samsung refurbished Note 8's and neither of them let me register for the stuff. I did get the 50GB somehow, though.

    • http://theseouls.blospot.com/ gabersyd

      how did you get it? I just bought a refurbished note and I could register but I did not get the 50 Gb

      • mustbepbs

        Woah 3 month post. I don't know. I had DropBox installed and then all of a sudden I got an email saying that I got the 50GB extra space.

  • Wilfred Moralee

    US only again. I just love how the UK is always left out, and we tend to get charged more in the first place!!

    • tee

      If you are in the UK and you are complaining. .what should we in africa do..?? Samsung has this problem of not maintaining a product so as to make sure consumers feel cared about..instead, another product just pops up and the previous is totally ditched. Just like s4 came in and just a few weeks on..there was the note 3. And now s4 is as ignored as z.

  • http://www.brandon.me/ Brandon Hann

    What sucks about this is that you have to use a Gmail account to get the perks. So if you're a Google Apps user and have your own domain for your Google account, it looks like you're out of luck.

  • en sanc

    Total ripoff i purchased my tablet from sprint follow the instructions to register waited for the confirmation link
    And here i am at the end of the year and NEVER got my free perks with the exception of dropbox
    But hulu and the rest nothing but B/S

  • PissedOff

    I bought one from Sprint and somehow Samsung seems to know nothing about this perks program.. the phone support is totally clueless. Complete morons. They told me to contact the different vendors for the promo... uhm... dummy, YOU are the vendor offering the promo. If I'd know Samsung service was the THIS horrible, I would never have purchased a Samnsung product. I will be returning this and going with another company. They need to take their heads out of their butts.


  • Bob

    Hello guys I recently registered my Samsung galaxy tab 3 for the rewards thing. There is a box that requires you to register a valid gmail address but it turns out I misspelled my email address. My email is [email protected] but I typed it in like [email protected] and it accepted it. So i tried to register again but when I i pushed register but it wouldn't accept it because I have already registered the Wifi Mac address and serial number before. So if you cannot see my predicament its that it sent my codes for everything to the wrong email and I can't figure out how to change it to my email.

    Please Help Me!
    If you do find a solution please contact me ASAP! Thank you.

  • Adam Hoekstra

    There are no perks. SAMSUNG LIES, CHEATS, AND MSKES THE WORST GODDAMN PIECE OF SHIT TABLET. GALAXY NOtE 8.0. Horrible customer service and support, all they do is refer you to another"department" because they are paid to run dumb fucks like me in cicles, and I oaid over 300.00 for a fucking migraine.Fuck You Samsung

  • Adam Hoekstra

    Fuck Samsung