Last Updated: August 11th, 2013

How much would you pay for an Android security suite that may occasionally be of use? Maybe $1.99? $4.99? How about $149.00? No? Well, that's what Kaspersky Lab is currently asking for its Mobile Security app in Google Play. Got a lot of cash to burn and very little common sense? Kaspersky Tablet Security is only $199.00. What?

2013-08-10 01_11_21-Kaspersky Mobile Security - Android Apps on Google Play

See, the apps for phones and tablets used to cost $4.95 and $9.95, respectively. A bit steep, but not outlandish. So does Kaspersky really think its software is worth hundreds of dollars all of a sudden? Probably not. It looks like the company tried to nudge the price upward and just missed a few keys on the keyboard.

2013-08-10 01_11_34-Kaspersky Tablet Security - Android Apps on Google Play

2013-08-10 01_39_33-Kaspersky Tablet Security _ AppBrain Android Market 2013-08-10 01_39_46-Kaspersky Mobile Security _ AppBrain Android Market

Kaspersky's website now lists the phone security app at $14.95 and the tablet version at $19.95. Slide that decimal place over one notch, and you basically have the newly inflated prices. Math is important, guys. Presumably someone at Kaspersky will notice the error and fix it. Hopefully no one buys without checking the price before that happens.

2013-08-10 01_11_56-Personal & Family Security Software _ Kaspersky Lab US

[Kaspersky Lab, Mobile Security, Tablet Security – Thanks, Alex]

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  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

    Looks like someone ran out of the office too quick and didn't check there work.

    • Joseph Pojunis

      Looks like you typed this comment too quick and didn't check your work.


      • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

        That is why Disqus has edit.

        • Joshua

          Even the most strict grammar Nazi makes a mistake here and there. +1.

    • ericerk

      Speaking of *Their work...

  • renaissance247

    I have AVG Mobile that was on sale for 99 cents a couple years ago, on my account just in case, but I don't actually use it much. I rarely have it installed for more than a day when I need to do a scan or something, because it bogs down my memory, uses up battery life and makes it take twice as long for an app to load because it has to scan it first. But all-in-all I'm satisfied with the purchase. If I didn't like AVG so much I'd recommend Kaspersky. It's second best in my opinion. Really good, but not $149 good.

  • Joop

    Why is there a tablet and phone version anyway?

    • Jagannath Patil

      Speaking of a tablet specific UI...check this app

    • woofa

      That's a really good question in this case. Apparently to get another $5 out of the user.

      • PhilNelwyn

        Like SwiftKey...

        • anzensepp1987

          BUT SwiftKey is worth the money and Kaspersky for Android is definitely not.

    • Luis Medina

      Don't worry, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android will arrive soon, one app to rule them all haha, and the issue has been reported already, the company is working on it (I work at Kaspersky tech support)

      • SHeadius

        Rule what? If you need a security app on your phone then perhaps you should consider a feature phone. Perhaps a landline might be in order too.

    • unni123456

      I guess the extra price for the tablet version is justified by the fact that the app has to scan more screen area for viruses.

  • MrNinjaPanda

    Get them while they're hot.

  • wierzbik

    Why anyone is using anti virus on android? Install only market apps and it will do the thing. The biggest protection what I'm using is privacy guard by cyanogenmod. And I'm using it only because it's inbuilt.

    • hp420

      It's not just anti-virus. It's mobile security. Root users are vulnerable against other forms of threats than just viruses.

      It's also got lost phone features like remote wipe, sim lock, etc

      • dli7319

        Its the user's job to make sure they don't allow unknown apps in superuser

        • hp420

          I leave SU on automatic grant access because I'm a flashaholic, and probably half the apps I use require root. Clicking 'allow' for every one of them would double the time it takes me to restore my phone after an upgrade so I opt to let them all through. Never had malware yet, because I'm careful....but the added safety net is a nice thing to have, don't you think?

          • Scotsman of Loch Ness

            I agree. It's always good to have an extra safety net. The price of this AV seems high for mobile.... Especially when I get my desktop AV for free through my Internet provider

      • squiddy20

        Seriously? If you don't know how to be safe in regards to viruses, malware, trojans, and the like, you don't even deserve root privileges.

        • hp420

          I've actually never gotten any malware because I am careful....but like I said, it's more than just malware protection. I live in an area where phone thefts are all the rage, and having kaspersky on my phone with remote wipe and sim lock is an absolute MUST. Not only do people like to steal phones here, they are FAR too stupid to know how to factory reset. Probably 60% of the people here are using phones =/<2.2....not exactly the most tech savvy area, to say the least.

          • Wesley Modderkolk

            " I live in an area where phone thefts are all the rage, and having kaspersky on my phone with remote wipe and sim lock is an absolute MUST."
            Android Device Manager + A PIN on your SIM card and you have exactly the same thing, only it saves you $5

          • squiddy20

            1. I didn't mean you specifically, I meant "you" generally.
            2. And if all you (specifically) need is the remote wipe/sim lock/remote tracking, just use Cerberus or at least (as Wesley Modderkolk points out) Google's recently-opened-to-the-masses ADM.

      • Jsilvermist

        So does AOSP Android now with ADM (Android Device Manager), want now features? Get Where's My Droid for free. Win.

    • Mystery Man

      You must have missed the post about fake games being in the play store a few days ago

  • woofa

    Android is Linux. What is AV needed for? To babysit you during social engineering attempts to get you to make bad choices? I don't need to be babysat. Sorry but unless you're sporting one of the faster phones then these are really undesirable anyway.

    • Wesley Modderkolk

      Android =/= Linux. That's just like saying Linux is Unix. Agree with the rest though

      • pfmiller

        I just asked my Android device and according to him you're wrong:
        u0_a73@manta:/ $ cat /proc/version
        Linux version 3.4.39-g446c9cf ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jun 10 17:11:40 PDT 2013

        Now the correct response to the previous post should have been "What does being Linux have to do with anything?" Linux is as vulnerable as any other OS to Trojans and other forms of social engineering.

        • Nathaniel Webb

          ooo a geek fight! Waiting to hear about the difference of using Linux vs. Linux kernel based.

          • pfmiller

            There is no difference, calling an OS Linux means Linux kernel based. The kernel by itself is useless, so every Linux OS has something else thrown on top to make it usable. Usually this is something like GNU/X/KDE, but the Android runtime environment is just as valid.

        • enoch861

          'Now the correct response to the previous post should have been "What does being Linux have to do with anything?" Linux is as vulnerable as any other OS to Trojans and other forms of social engineering.'


          • woofa

            Social engineering is different than a virus.

        • woofa

          The entire of notion of using a security app to prevent social engineering exploits is flawed at the core.

      • woofa

        And you=/=correct. I suggest you educate yourself more.

  • XCMeathead

    Security software is a waste of time and money on Android - If you stick to getting your apps from the Play Store, and don't go on dodgey pirate sites instead, you'll be fine.

    • Scott

      You don't get out much do you. There are lots of app's that hit the playstore and sneak threw their malware scans , most of them don't last long there but their is a few people that download them before someone notices what the app is up to

      • Khanh

        How could anyone believe what you said with such bad grammar you have?

  • http://platypus.blox.pl/ najodleglejszy

    you guys don't understand a thing, in a few days they'll lower the price to $15 and be all like "90% OFF!!!11!!!" and people'll be all like "OMG A MUST-HAVE SO CHEAP"

    • Ignacio armijo

      Definitely, I remember using an app on iOS when I had an iPad. It would show you the price variations and sales, it was quite amazing how many people were tricked into purchasing apps that days before were at the same price.

  • Joshua

    Even at $5 and $10 I wouldn't recommend those to anyone. Most of my Android friends are kinda nooby, so they stick to the Play Store-not that that is a bad thing! Novices are wonderful things, as everyone must start somewhere. As such, though, they're at essentially no risk of malware from the Play Store. The ones who root and shit are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and know the risks, so they don't need these either. I just don't see how anyone could actually need these apps.

    • Michael Ta

      the pervs and pedo and noobs that click on mysterious adds saying the won a free iPad or have 10 local girls waiting for them. My bro was one.

  • alfoulad

    I just checked the price in Google Play and Kaspersky Mobile Security is listed for 49$. Anyway, I think that Avast is good enough and it is free.

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    A virus? No problem! Just buy a brand new Nexus 7, for the same amount of money.

    • Nathaniel Webb


  • sourabh

    i'd rather buy a phone for that price than pay for a anti virus for my phone


    Only idiots would have bought it at its previous price, let alone at any new price ... The whole security app business is one huge rip off that targets the weak and the dumb.

  • Stuart

    Still £89.00 in the UK

  • Mark

    Kaspersky can go fook themselves anyway. They have been flooding the interwebz with Android scareware stories that the sensationalist media have lapped up and passed on.

    Irresponsible companies like Kaspersky and sites like The Register than constantly bleat on about over exaggerated problems can go take a hike as far as I am concerned.

  • Carl Williams

    This whole "phone" and "tablet" version came along thanks to Apple when they introduced the iPad. Almost immediately, there started to appear apps and games that had a different version for each device. It was a way to force people to buy the higher priced version. Usually calling the iPad version of a game the "HD" version to get people to pay an extra $2 to $5 for it versus buying the cheaper "regular" version or "phone" version.

  • RaptorOO7

    Well I got rid of Kasperky after have too many issues with both my wife's Win7 and my Win8 computers. I am now running Trend Micro (which has a great secure erase option) for 3 machines and one of them can be an Android Tablet or Mac so its much more versatile security, anti-virus app.

  • paxmos

    I would not even buy Kasperky for PC. Intelligent smartphone users don't need these types of so called security apps on their phones....

    • SenseOffender

      Malware can also come in messages or through the browser, if a friend unwittingly sends you an email with malware attached having added protection on your phone can sniff it out.

  • Matti

    I'd pay money for an app that protected me from those pesky Kaspersky idiots.

  • sguyx

    I dont even know which one i should buy... I have Note 10.1 phablet. Should i buy phone-version or tablet version? Maybe both?

    • Raviteja

      No No..Dont buy it...Apple introduced iPad and Tablet versions of apps came out...and Samsung introduced Phablet so eventually Phablet version apps also will come..Buy that ;) :P

      • sguyx

        if samsung did that, i bet, the phablet app would be something new, something this-day-app, innovative, that has never seen before. =P

    • Leonardo Baez

      10.1 is no phablet.... its tablet.

      phablet is more than 5" and less than 7"

      • sguyx

        well, i call it still as a phablet because it's a phone and a tablet. in 2008 there wasn't 10.1" phablet yet when the name was given to larger phones. so ill stick on that name with devices being a phone and a tablet.

  • Scott

    Unfortunately after reading just a few of the post's here I realized that people don't understand that Google doe's not catch all the malware out there here are a few links at the bottom of this post, and for your own sake and peace of mind read some of these because some apps come with crazy setting's one that comes to mind is why would a flash light need to look at your contacts or read your sms the list of malware from Google Play goes on and on and will continue to go on





    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Reading permissions is hard.

  • intelduo

    Price mistake has not been updated yet. Weird...

  • Ashmedie

    I saw those prices a few days ago and I couldn't understand how they had so many downloads...

  • Kid.Drunkadelic

    oh hey remember when launching Ice cream sandwich google was all like " we are going to have one OS for tablets and phones. Some one should tell these guys oh well not needed anyway and some fool will be seperated from his money twice

  • Himmat Singh

    I do not think it's a mistake to be honest. Anyway, whoever installs an AV product on their phone/tablet is just crazy.

    • lhtbinh1909

      Your phone just safe 100% if you never install anything that not come from Google Play and I think 99% members of AndroidPolice don't follow that rule

  • Amit Rana

    Download Kaspersky Internet Security + 6Months Key free for your android devices.

  • SenseOffender

    I get mine free with my bank account, so I'm good :)