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Ever since Jelly Bean, the reasons to switch to a custom ROM (as opposed to a stock, rooted build) have been slowly shrinking. But today ClockworkMod Recovery developer Koushik "Koush" Dutta gave us a reason to be incredibly excited for upcoming builds of CyanogenMod. With a little tweaking of the famous ROM family, he's managed to integrate Chromecast streaming across the system, making any video or audio app compatible.

Koush's demonstration video is convincing. Start an applicable audio or video player, and a "Play on Chromecast" notification will pop into the tray. Tap it, and the file will play on your Chromecast TV dongle, no muss and no fuss. And more importantly, there's no need for developers to update their apps with the Chromecast API. Presumably this addition to the CyanogenMod ROM includes the ability to stream local files and cloud files, as Koush demonstrated previously.

This method seems to work so seamlessly between Android, Chromecast, and any apps that use media APIs, that you have to wonder why Google didn't try to do something similar by baking in some of this functionality into Android 4.3. As usual with CyanogenMod, there's no word on when end users will see this added functionality, but I'd expect it to pop up in CyanogenMod 10.2 builds (Android 4.3) before too long.

Source: Koushik Dutta (Google+)

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Jivester

    Hell yeah I might start flashing again

  • Shitiz Garg

    Yay, I just happen to have ordered three Chromecasts a couple of days ago :D

    • JLM

      From where? When is the expected delivery date?

      • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

        The Play Store says that they are shipping every 2-3 weeks.

        • Shitiz Garg

          Yeah, mine got shipped a couple of days ago.

  • Amer Khaznadar

    Awesome. Now all I need is for Chromecast to be sold here. And, erm, to get a TV. I should probably start with that.

    Seriously though, that's probably going to be the most used functionality of the Chromecast yet it's doubtful that Google would officially support it as it would hurt companies like Netflix.

    • mrjayviper

      Would also hurt Google's own a sales to me they are aggressively pushing their own services. More so than Apple in my honest opinion

  • mechapathy

    I like that his chromecast videos always involve TWiT and AAA. Maybe they should get him on as a guest.

    • Paul_Werner

      That would be awesome. I'd also like to see Ron or Artem on that show too

  • Chris Jutting

    Why hasn't Google hired Koush yet? He is clearly as talented as their own programmers.

    • Nathaniel Webb

      We don't know that they haven't tried lol

    • Sqube

      No... don't do this. You're operating under the assumption that, once hired into Google, he'll be given the latitude to do his Koush things and have them baked into AOSP.

      That's rarely how introducing a cog (no matter how sparkly) into a pre-existing machine works. I'd much rather have him on the outside, improving things on this end.

      • Di Lu

        Given how JBQ just quit/got fired from the AOSP team, I am not sure Google is interested in hiring Koush.

        • Lucas Laws

          He made it quite clear hes quitting, not being fired.

          • trlovejoy

            And did you notice that Steve Kondik worked for Samsung and then he didn't? Hmm...

      • Mike Reid


        Unless you enjoy company politics, corporations tend to suck the life out of souls.

        Good technical people rarely enjoy politics and should be insulated from "crap" as much as possible.

        And Google IMO, for many people, isn't quite as fun to work for as many think.

    • gishump

      Most likely to avoid legal issues from streaming media providers

    • samizad

      Because he makes much more money working for himself.

      • Matthew Fry

        From what? Everything I've used from him has been free.

        • samizad

          Yes. I can't speak for everyone but I expect a lot of us either buy the paid version or donate.

          • Matthew Fry

            Gotcha. I've only used clockworkmod recovery a long time ago and superuser was bundled with CM10.1 so I've never actively sought out his stuff. I see now that he has a premium Helium and Rom Manager.

    • Alan Shearer

      Better he do this from the outside and google play catchup (that way he has more freedom to come up with this awesomeness).

    • esper256

      He's clearly just as talented. But that's not the issue. Google develops a product for billions of people. They can't just hack "cool" features in. They have to be made simple, reliable and easy.

      In this case, this is a cool gadget. But what's the experience like when you play a video in an app that already supports chromecasting, you have the notification to chromecast AND the chromecast button inside the app? Well that's confusing. Maybe not for the techy crowd that's using CM, but it would be for normal Android users. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

      Once you start dealing with all the details to make it a feature ready for primetime, you've spent a LOT more time on it, and this cool thing that you banged out quickly suddenly becomes a huge project. I imagine Koush is happy doing his own thing, as opposed to being just another unrecognized person working long hours on the Android team.

      It's good to have both hackers and people evolving the official product.

      • ecaslak

        I'm sure Koush is working on adding the cast button into all apps that use Android's native media player.

  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

    Now we just need device mirroring and all will be right with the world! =D

  • Kenny Erwin

    excellent. this is what i was waiting for when i got my chromecast. i figured it would take a couple months but will all be worth it once local/cloud media can be streamed to the 'cast

    • Guest

      couldn't believe Google released it without this functionality, but then again apparently they are becoming more like apple every day — you must buy from iTunes/Play store . . . give us more money!!!

      • topgun966

        That doesn't make any sense. This is nothing like Apple. It is an open API that app dev's can integrate into their apps. That is a complete opposite business model as Apple.

  • ModXMV

    Killer feature for CM. I am sure that other ROMs will port it over, but this is incredible.

  • Matthew Gardner

    Just when I thought I'd had enough of community roms.

  • Seidinn

    "connected to glass" notification. That's class.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      He was probably using Glass to record that demo. XD

  • Itchy_Robot

    Has there been any official or unofficial comments by the Chromecast team stating that they will or will not allow local streaming? I would imagine that a system wide streaming implementation like this would be even harder to get approved. I can't help but to be afraid that all these apps may stay 'proof of concept', assuming Google keeps the system locked down.

    • esper256

      Nothing is locked down. There is no mechanism to "allow" or "not allow" things. The chromecast is just a browser that can be instructed to download and run some javascript. That javascript can instruct it to stream video from wherever. It's a very open model. The Chromecast SDK is not out yet, but that's simply because it isn't finished yet.

  • Android Developer

    Wish it could also stream the screen of the device itself, like normal HDMI cables do.

    other than this, really cool and hope there will be an app for this instead of a feature on CM.



  • Chris

    Where can I buy one?!?

    • WHO?

      Best Buy, Google, Amazon

      • enoch861

        Prices on Craigslist are seriously bloated though. 90 bucks? I mean, come on! Good thing I got mine on launch day :P

  • Sergio

    I still need it to work without a local WIFI network (Direct WIFI or whatever)

    • Guest

      Wireless LAN "local area connection".

  • Jess

    Damn it, I like the Rom I am using now... but I want that... WANT. Would also like to be able to cast tabs from the mobile chrome browser too.

    • Squiddles

      Given the nature of typical third party Android projects, this will more than likely be open source and available for other ROM developers to integrate. Think HALO from the PA team. CM doesn't have it, but it's at their discretion.

  • WHO?

    Well this is a good idea although i don't use CM Roms. Google is not approving any SDK's/API containing Google's ChromeCast code. ChromeCast is almost closed source. You cant distribute any apps without Google's approval. SMH We can hear all day about apps but nothing will ever be released i am assuming till major players have their apps ready such as HBO, HULU etc....Google wants large media corporations to back their product. If they allowed us to use Koush apps, we wouldn't need anyone else apps. I have about 10 of these devices. Hope i didn't waste my money!!! Google sucks about right now.

  • Julio Reyes

    Anyone has the link for the official twit.tv app? Thanks

  • melkir

    Very cool ! Does this work with Spotify ? Can I stream Audio from my phone to my TV with CM and Chromecast ?

    • Djwhitelion

      Im vondering the same thing.......... eneyone have an answer to that?

  • J M

    I am assuming that under the scenario Koush shows here, the Android phone with Cyanogen Mod is playing the loca/cloud file and then streaming it to the chromecast directly from the phone (i.e. the chromecast is not streaming the file from the cloud directly). If this is correct, then it makes perfect sense why Google has not implemented this.

    Other than streaming from the Chrome browser to the Chromecast (beta), the neat feature is that Chromecast offers a sync function where your phone/tablet is the remote control for what is playing through the dongle, but it is playing from the cloud.

    Where I see this going is that Google knows exactly what is being watched/streamed and develops a profile of the viewing. I can see in the not so distant future ads in between streams, or even before your stream request is fulfilled. The ad would be relevant based on what you are or have been streaming, kinda like on YouTube, except now, all your viewing is taken into account.

    Talk about targeted advertising in your living room.