Google's latest hot piece of hardware has certainly earned some high praise, but like many products, it's bound to suffer at least a few complications. Several people, myself included, have experienced problems with random reboots, freezing, and assorted Wi-Fi connection issues. Now, complaints are emerging about the GPS from quite a few owners of the tablet. Many people are finding that a good lock is achieved initially and persists for a while, but eventually drops out or gets stuck on a single location and can only be restored after some tinkering in settings or completely rebooting the device.


Commenters on various forums have suggested that switching between location-aware apps will often speed up the failure, but no single set of steps has been able to reproduce the problem consistently across all devices. Some units haven't demonstrated the issue at all, which may suggest this is related to faulty hardware, but it's possible that this may still be a randomly occurring software glitch.

A member of Google's support staff has acknowledged the complaint and says it is being investigated. In the meantime, performing a factory reset seems to work on many affected units, but the problem has come back for some people. With some luck, we'll hopefully see this solved with an OTA soon, but keep an eye out in case it should turn out to be tied to faulty hardware.

[Google Product Forums, XDA Developers Forum, Android Central Forum]

Thanks, Chad Bizeau, Joe M, klobkelosh, and Matthew Clement.

Cody Toombs
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  • Raloc

    Just seems like a bug in the way they try to guesstimate where you are to save battery. I'd be willing to bet it might even be fixable through Play Services.

    • Michael Pahl


  • PhineasJW

    After the issues with the original Nexus 7 (touchscreen driver, spongy back, cheap memory), and reports now of more touchscreen issues and GPS problems with the new Nexus 7, ASUS should be on Nexus probation at this point.

    Was going to take advantage of the Office Max coupon this weekend, but am now planning to pass.

    • Ryuuie

      All new tech has issues. The Nexus 7 had them too until a few revisions went by. Even iOS devices have issues. My old iPod touch had a faulty Home Button that was put on crooked and had to be jammed down hard in order to work but Apple refused to replace it.

      It happens.

      Buy your tablet, if there's an issue, exchange it. Done.

      • PhineasJW

        I'm willing to give some leeway, but I don't expect touchscreen driver or GPS issues at this point in the proceedings. Neither are new technology.

        • Ryuuie

          Better than the old Nexus 7's problem of the screen coming off of the tablet because of terrible glue used.

          They ended up removing a screw to make it sit better...it still didn't help in most cases.

    • aiden9

      Spongy back? Are you talking about the fake leather design that was a design decision by Duarte(google)?

  • Benjamin Pavel

    If they got rid of it for a while when they reset their device then it seems like a software problem not hardware, well i hope it gets fixed soon. :)

  • Kevin Wong

    I think it could be a bug in 4.3 as it happens on my Galaxy Nexus too...

    • Simon Belmont

      GPS is solid on my Galaxy Nexus. No issues.

      I just took a long trip to visit a friend and used it for navigation. No drop outs of GPS connection were experienced.

  • Matthew Fry

    Congratulations. You have Paul Wilcox on the case. Paul has "helped" us with the Nexus 10 issues. And by helped, of course, I mean "pandered."

  • Eldorath

    Hmm... I guess I got lucky this time around.. I've had absolutely zero problems with my new N7... have been playing with GPS (via Waze and Earth) for the last couple of hours.. only saw this on my G+ feed.. and my max uptime has been 4 days (Due to my doing a nandroid backup)

    I wonder if there might be a bad batch issue or something.

  • jamaall

    location services have been really hurting my battery, so i turned them off. i also have a random reboot once in awhile, otherwise its ok.

  • Defenestratus


    ...and after all the crap I took on G+ for dissing on Asus tablets....

    • Brother Love

      not sure why you are being down voted, the TF201 was so bad they gave away useless gps dongles to try bribe people to shut up so they did not have to do a recall

    • Simon Belmont

      To be fair. I never had a GPS problem with my 2012 N7.

      It would lock on fast and stay locked on....for hours. The GPS worked well for me.

    • mjku

      The GPS issue with the TF201 was because of the metal body.

      I don't recall any other Asus tablet having issues.

  • Guest
  • Guest

    Got a problem you can't solve? Then.............

    • Simon Belmont

      Quit while you're behind? No one liked your picture.

      I actually used it somewhere else though. So, thanks.

  • Mothreja Jay
  • Mazda sucks

    The same happened to me. It's the GPS data that is downloaded from GPS aiding servers is faulty.

    When I switched those servers off I have restored the GPS to normal.

  • http://rhythmicnature.com/ Frank Fletcher

    Clearing the AGPS data worked for me. :) Some people are reporting errors again when the maps software updates but clearing the AGPS again fixed it back up.

    Use GPS Test+ or GPS Status or some other software to reset/clear the AGPS data and then update the AGPS data again.