There isn't much depth to Nun Attack: Run & Gun, but it has crisp visuals, memorable nuns that are armed to the teeth, pick-up-and-play controls, and lots of gore. The game is righteous, dirty, casual fun, and it's now available for everyone in the Play Store. The original Nun Attack attracted millions of downloads, and we expect the sequel will do the same.

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The action in Nun Attack: Run & Gun is pretty straightforward, as it's essentially summed up in the game's title. There's running, jumping up, jumping down, sliding, and shooting. Players pick a nun, arm her up, purchase upgrades, and hop straight into the action. There are power-ups scattered about the environment, along with portals that provide access to gratuitous amounts of coins.

What sets this game apart isn't its gameplay or even its creativity. It's the presentation. Firing a gun feels satisfying, power-ups look powerful, and dying is gruesome. It has all the delivery of an excessively violent Saturday morning cartoon. That it's an obscenely casual experience only enhances that feeling.

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Nun Attack: Run & Gun is free to play. Sure, you could drop close to $5 bucks on double coins, reducing the amount of time it takes to afford things, and you sign into Facebook to gain a few extra virtual dollars, but as far as obnoxious IAPs go, this game is relatively classy about it. Enough care has gone into the presentation and the controls are responsive enough that the game feels like more than the shameless money grab that many of these casual experiences often are. Anyone who has the faith and devotion that it takes to slay these demonic hordes can snatch up the game from the Play Store below.

Source: Frima Studio

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  • Gustavo Parrado

    these are as of now my preferred free to play tactics, buy a X2 coins for the price of the game if you want.

    • Ray Sunghwa Woo

      $5 is I think asking too much for "double coin".

      • CasperTFG

        Agreed. Still waiting on the $4.99 double coin price drop re Subway Surfers.

  • PhoenixPath

    HTC One GPe: Crashes after loading screen. Reported to dev...hope it helps others at least.

  • http://www.geekchoice.com/washington-dc Dagmar Schneitz

    All of a sudden, church just got more interesting!

  • Marius Oprisan

    Too bad they keep asking to rate it after every game played, even if you pick no, instead of remind me later. I thought no means never. Guess that doesn't apply to these developers. It's a shame they beg for reviews constantly

    • Primalxconvoy

      Review them negatively, stating that the nagging in-game prompted the 1 star rating. Our have you refused to join Google minus just to re-access review status like have?

  • Carlos David

    What if I want to report the game to Google Play, It is offensive to Catholics, should be a way to do it.

    • CasperTFG

      Mary, mother of baby Jesus...that denomination has larger issues than a time killer in the Play Store.

      • Carlos David

        And your point is?

    • Carlos David

      Ohh 5 negative ratings, mother of tolerance! Go, vote up for a game about your family.

    • Mario Rodgers

      Christians. Always at the ready with their weak backbones and fake persecution complex.

      • Carlos David

        It is not about persecution, it is about respect. Do you like a game offending your family or your mother?

        • Mario Rodgers

          No I don't respect religion. I don't respect Christianity.I don't respect the Catholic Church. I'm not religious and am in fact even anti-religious and yet I still have fun playing both Nun games because they're seriously well made. Overlooking the fact that a game making fun of a lone average person is nowhere near as likely as a game making fun of a character icon, a religion, or a set of ideas both real and fantasy, my dislike of a game has nothing to do with a game's right to be protected under free speech, within the constraints of obscenity and libel laws, and sold or offered based upon reception. If you're that separated from the ability to divide reality and fantasy that you can't determine a real injury from a cartoonish parody that features werewolves and vampires and no mention of any higher power or attachment to any particular religion other than the characters bearing the garments of nuns, then you are one seriously stupid individual.

          • Carlos David

            You are very brave man right? Go, put a parody about any musulman leader, go to any country with official musulman religion and do that, why respect with afraid? why catholics should be caricaturized always, and don't other religion? Is easy to be braver with who doesn't complain. Thanks for exposed yourself like disrespectful guy.

          • Mario Rodgers

            So if any time someone makes a parody of Islam, a few Muslims leaders react with violence, I should respect something like that and believe in censorship and restricting free speech? Dude. Get the fuck out of here. Your English is atrocious and so are your arguments.

          • Carlos David

            Ad hominem

          • Mario Rodgers

            No. It's exactly on point. You're trying to make cases for "respect" and censorship to avoid offending a group and have offered up nothing substantial for either. And in fact bringing up Islam only hurt your case by illustrating why religion deserves to be made fun of. But the point still stands that everything in this game is pure fantasy. Werewolvesand vampires aren't real, but beating them is the sole point of the game. Other than the nuns, no other connection to Catholicism is made. There are no references to their beliefs, their rituals, or any talk of God. It's just nuns, weapons, and monsters in a cartoony style.

          • Carlos David

            If I am offended, I have the right to claim, you don't have the right to be disrespectful or insulting if my opinion don't likes you. Go and play with your ponies.

  • Primalxconvoy

    Hmmm, iap's and no hardware controls.

    Tempting but...no.