HTC hasn't completely forgotten its older devices as it continues talking up the HTC One. The One X+ is finally getting an update to Android 4.2.2, which is actually newer software than the current generation One in the US runs... but that's beside the point. The OTA is hitting Taiwan first, but we've already got a full system dump and a ROM based on it.

The software features are essentially the same as you'd see on other HTC devices running 4.2.2. Be aware this OTA is only compatible with the One X+ with SID HTC__621 (read: not the AT&T version). Here's HTC's official changelog:

HTC One X + Software Wireless Updates | 2.17.709.2

HTC Sense version: 5
Android version: 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Software Number: 2.17.709.2
Updated: August 8, 2013 This update includes the following new features and performance improvements:

  • System improvements
    • HTC Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2 upgrade
    • New HTC BlinkFeed Home
    • New lock screen style: electronic gadgets
  • Power improvements
    • Added display the battery meter in the status bar options
    • New sleep mode switch
  • Notifications panel improvements
    • Quick Settings panel: use two-finger gestures with 12 sliding open the Notifications panel fast setting
  • Photo Gallery / Camera improvements
    • AE / AF lock: Long tap the screen shot on the screen to start the exposure / focus lock function
    • Video Highlights living micro film: With 12 kinds of styles of music theme, automatically edited into a stunning 30 seconds video
  • Music improvements
    • Music Channel: You can view the lyrics and music visualization screen * (* support content based on actual lyrics database shall prevail)
  • HTC Sense Input
    • Support more Chinese words

2013-06-20_15.33.21 2013-06-20_15.33.26 2013-06-20_15.33.38

InsertCoin ROM

The system dump is available for download on this XDA thread, if you are so inclined. If that's a bit much, there's also a ROM already based on this OS update. InsertCoin 5.0-1 is available for testing, but it's only compatible with the international HTC One X+ (sorry AT&T customers).

[System Dump, InsertCoin ROM, HTC Taiwan; via Twitter 1, 2, 3, 4]

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  • Matthew Fry

    That's a fun background

    • xnifex

      looks awesome, i wonder where he got it.

  • BB BB

    Geez! By the time they update the OneX I have already moved on to other phones. This is why I like the Nexus series of phones if I absolutely need the latest. Sure the OneX+ gets 4.2.2 but what about 4.3???

    • saltyzip

      I have to agree with you, since owning Nexus devices for phone and tablet I feel it is now a backward step to buy a non Google branded device. In addition to getting the latest updates, I feel they meet the sweet spot of price vs performance.

      Not everyone will support that view and I completely understand that, but for my requirements and budget it's Nexus all the way.

      • someone755

        I'm also thinking that, but I can get a Nexus device at the same price (or higher!) than, say an HTC One in my country.
        Plus, I like the option of switching ROMs, and doing so with AOSP and a skinned version of Android (TW, Sense, Sony's Timescape...) is the best option. (No MIUI pls)

  • JazliAziz

    Did the One X ever receive 4.2.2 (Sense 5)?

    • saltyzip

      Nope, my wife has an unlocked HTC One X and it has 4.1 on it.

      She still likes the phone, and doesn't have a clue about android updates, so she doesn't miss what she's never had.

    • AHWH

      Well it shouldn't YET and it will by September, at least for the unlocked.

      • Floss

        According to?

        • AHWH

          llabtoofer and SFR (French carrier). I think both are credible sources when HTC is being quiet.

  • Justin W

    So, when is the US Unlocked version getting 4.2.2? All the other unlocked international versions have it already :(

    • Andy K

      oh no we don't, only Taiwan is getting it at the moment

      • Justin W

        Well apparently the US Dev edition isn't getting 4.2.2, it's skipping it for 4.3, so we'll likely have to wait another couple of months anyway.

  • Chris

    now what about the EVO LTE?

  • xnifex

    LMAO I love the wifi network name!

  • carlisimo

    I'm hoping this eventually comes out for the One S, but I know better than to count on it. I just like what I'm seeing in Sense 5, and aesthetically, Sense 4+ is kind of a mess.

  • mathewmakio

    Google doesn't even show any image in this post....it has it's own picture put in LOL damn you must feel special

  • Brad Prince

    Update for the one x should be awesome

  • per

    Update today, HTC one x in Denmark :-)

    • per

      4.2.2 of course...

  • Foqaan Shaikh

    please share the battery backup and camera experience after this update. Any improvement noticed by anyone?

  • Wajith

    I already got it in India