If you know the name of the app you'd like to download... press one. If you're still using Google TV... press two. [Beep] Yes, that venerable service, Moviefone has been ported to Google TV. Why Google TV? Because it was there, and Moviefone has long since evolved beyond the phone line.

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The Google TV version has a different UI than the regular Android app cousin, but that makes sense. The Google TV version is more of a lean back experience. There are bigger thumbnails and navigation more suited to a remote control. Otherwise it's the same basic premise -- It gives you show times, reviews, and clips, but it's on Google TV now.

The app is free, but Google TV devices aren't exactly flying off the shelves right now. Take a look if you are one of the few and proud.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Adam Zweimiller

    Your headline made me choke on my donut.

  • Jamaal Dozier

    Actually Google TV devices are flying off the "shelves" these days. Take a look on Amazon. They have come a long way, from the Logitech Revue days. There are now multiple manufactures who are making quite a profit. For instance, LG reported that they sell over 10,000 GTV's a month.