LG has finally unveiled the latest addition to its "G" series line of flagship phones: the LG G2. They are clearly aiming at Samsung with this device, but is it enough to stand up against every other flagship on the market?

As with all modern smartphones, the screen on the G2 dominates the front face. But LG has taken steps to make this even more prominent - bezel size has been minimized on all sides to make this phone nearly "all screen." Thanks to LG’s use of on-screen buttons, when the display is off, the front of the device looks incredibly sleek. When powered on, the 5.2-inch 1080p LCD is stunningly sharp and bright. On the bottom you’ll find the microUSB port, headphone jack, and speakers, and the top features only a small IR blaster and microphone. The back cover is non-removable and contains a 3,000 mAh battery, and there is no microSD card slot.


The standout hardware feature of the device is the well-leaked button placement - both the power button and volume controls are located on the back of the phone, right under the camera module. LG believes that this is a more natural location for the buttons as it's where your index finger rests when talking on the phone (as little as that may be). This creates an interesting situation and sets the G2 apart from other high-end Android devices. The sides are completely clean without any breaks for buttons, and the volume buttons can be used for shortcuts - volume up can launch LG’s QuickMemo app and volume down can launch the front-facing camera. Double tapping the screen when the phone is locked will turn it on (a feature referred to as “KnockOn”), negating the need to feel around for the power button on the back. Other than this, the design of the device is fairly non-descript. The whole thing is coated in shiny plastic that picks up fingerprints with ease.

wm__DSC4655 wm__DSC4659

The G2 runs Android 4.2.2, but it is certainly not obvious at first glance. For better or worse, LG’s custom skin has touched nearly every part of the operating system. It feels a bit bloated, but this comes with the benefit of having tons of features and customizability. The aforementioned KnockOn feature is one of the most convenient, but the G2 also includes a sort of multi-window functionality called Slide Aside, Guest Mode, a universal remote app call QuickRemote, and “Plug and Pop,” a feature that activates whenever headphones are plugged in that presents a list of shortcuts to media apps you may want to use. It seems a little overwhelming, but most of these do seem to have real use cases, and can also be disabled if you have no intention of using them.

wm_Screenshot_2013-08-07-17-10-50 wm_Screenshot_2013-08-07-17-07-18 wm_Screenshot_2013-08-07-17-10-20 Screenshot_2013-08-07-17-01-23 Screenshot_2013-08-07-17-09-19

A 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor powers the device, and for the most part it seems as fast and smooth as any other flagship. Even with a myriad of apps open most actions remained lightning fast. However, a few actions randomly seemed to lag, although whether this is due to LG’s heavy software or pre-release bugs I couldn’t determine. According to the benchmarks, however, the phone is blazing fast. The G2 scored a little over 20,000 on Quadrant, compared to the 12,000 scored by its predecessor, the Optimus G Pro, and a 24,000 in the AnTuTu benchmark. You’ll want to take these scores with a grain of salt, though - the same tests run on other units have produced widely varying results. Droid-Life’s tests yielded scores of around 16,000 and 28,000 for the Quadrant and AnTuTu tests, respectively, while Android Community’s yielded around 20,000 on the Quadrant and 29,000 on the AnTuTu. Bottom line, the exact scores may be inconsistent, but this is definitely a powerful phone.

LG spent a good amount of time boasting about the G2’s camera, and from what I saw it deserves the praise. The 13 megapixel camera is enhanced with OIS (optical image stabilization) technology - in short, blur from the shakiness of your hand is reduced. The camera produced consistently clear shots, although I did notice some slowdown when focusing.


Also shown off at the event was an accessory more than a little similar to Samsung's S-View flip cover for the Galaxy S4, but with even more features. When closed, it creates a small window on the screen that displays the weather and time, but it can also be swiped to display a small music player and a series of different watch faces, in addition to showing incoming notifications.

Screenshot_2013-08-07-16-50-52 Screenshot_2013-08-07-16-51-41 Screenshot_2013-08-07-16-51-32 Screenshot_2013-08-07-18-14-11 Screenshot_1970-01-02-02-07-21

Ultimately, from the short time I had with the device, it seems that LG is more than ready to compete with the likes of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The number of unique software features and the streamlined look of the G2 is enough to set it apart, but time will tell if it can compete in market share. No firm launch dates or prices have been announced, but you can expect to see the G2 in the U.S. in mid-September, starting with AT&T. You can watch the full unveiling event on YouTube, here, or in the embedded video below.

  • 16bitz0r

    I'm so throwing my poorly optimized (stock) Nexus 4 for this baby. even though it comes with 4.2.2.

    • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

      Other than BLE, there's really nothing new in Android 4.3 that's worth having over 4.2

      • PhilNelwyn

        What about fstrim?

        • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

          That's a kernel feature. It can be added to 4.2's kernel without having to upgrade to 4.3.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Yeah, tell that to my aunt...

          • David Nolan

            And lets also let her know why fstrim is an important feature for her.

          • PhilNelwyn

            She was really happy when she noticed the gain in performance of her Nexus 7 after updating to 4.3.
            I think that's all she needs to know. ;)

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius


      • cy_n_ic

        Not worth having!? Bro, do you even holo?

      • RajivSK

        Definitely the permissions manager. I so love being able to shut facebook up once and for all by disallowing it's notifications. Also, no more unnecessary use of location services. My battery is relieved.

      • blahmoomoo

        I discovered a nice bug fixed in 4.3 that I haven't seen people talk about: the Play Music lockscreen widget no longer glitches out. If this was also related to a bug where if I play music for a while over Bluetooth, the Bluetooth controls stop working, then that's a great plus too.

        Kind of minor, but now I don't have to waste time to unlock and fix that since I skip through my music a lot (need to trim down my playlist later).

        I wonder if they also fixed the Bluetooth control issue, where after a while of playing over Bluetooth, Bluetooth music controls would stop working.

        Oh, and the other new things like permissions manager and the music information over Bluetooth thingy are nice too.

      • Elliot Kotis

        Really? Are you stupid, android 4.3 fixed I don't know how many bugs, the ui is smoother, less lag, more speed. The updates were under the hood, but...they were there.....yes they were definitely there.

  • Ark

    No price anywhere. I'm guessing that can't be a good sign.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    KnockOn is neat. It'll get copied.

    Guest mode is neat. It'll get copied.

    Samsung basically already did the call answering thing.

    LG's notification bar is a hellscape of buttons and switches that I simply can't cope with. Until they clean up the UI I really couldn't consider actually buying one of their phones. LG just hasn't proved to me that they're taking UX seriously at this point. They figured out making everything perform smoothly, but they can't seem to focus in on a consistent aesthetic. They want to put ALLTHETHINGS.jpg in their flagship phones, and it's only to the detriment of the experience as a whole. They're stretched too thin.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Added 10 more shots to the post, one of which is the notification area pulled down: http://cdn.androidpolice.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-08-07-16-51-41.png

      What a clusterfuck.

      • CoreRooted

        O...M...G... What the hell is that?! Seriously?! I'm half surprised it's not scrolling 2 or 3 pages down!

      • SomeGuy112

        I don't understand why they need two toggles that control the sound/vibrate characteristics of the phone. What's the clockwork cog icons do? Hopefully there's a option to remove rodundant crap in there

        • Vito Lee

          The cog next to the date takes you to settings. The cog next to volume control takes you to sound settings. Excessive? Yes, very much so.

      • simp1istic

        What a fucking nightmare

        • Idon’t Know

          I like this phone but that is too much shit.

      • Vito Lee

        And this is why I'll wait for the Nexus version of this (if rumors are true). This is probably why Google went with a separate panel for Quick Setting stuff. Hopefully KLP will bring along with it customization and maybe even an API to let devs put their own sort of things into the Quick Settings.

        • solbin

          Quick panel is seriously the best thing that ever came to android.

        • Idon’t Know

          Ditto, really wondering if this is the new Nexus phone too and if it will be on Verizon. I would snap that up in a second.

      • fonix232

        I agree with everyone who says it is overfilled. All the other guys are either 8-year-old little twats who like everything that's new, or blind, or masochists. The "QSlide apps" has to go, just like the sound/vibration bar, and I could do without the brightness control too.
        I do not see the reason why not to use the stock 4.2 combined notification-shortcut UI, to have this monstrosity instead.

      • PhilNelwyn

        That must be a joke... what's got into them?
        I hope that all this has to be turned on in the settings, and they did it for demonstration purposes, it cannot seriously be like that by default.

      • BB BB

        Wow looks like someone can preview a whole 3 email notifications. Seriously hope this can be turned off.

      • Baleeted

        This kinda ruined the phone for me.

        • Mr. Right

          Do you know how stupid you sound?
          You - in my head: Omgerd i won't buy this amahzing phone cuzZ im tooh lazeey 2 make A swipe dooown wit my FinGurZ.

          • Baleeted

            I dislike the UI. I was hoping they'd make it more stock like and get rid of stuff like the QSlide app bar. But they didn't.

      • Dartho

        No signal?,! Must be the sprint variant

      • RevolcFael4

        Maybe you can change it in the settings?

    • JJ

      KnockOn has been done on various custom ROMs for a year or so, and isn't Guest Mode basically what 4.3's profiles are?

      • Mkvarner

        I would call it profiles with much easier switching.

    • angel_spain

      KnockOn is something I saw in some custom kernels in Nexus 4 (touchtowake, slidetowake,...), and it drains battery as hell. I can't wait to see how LG's solution works in this aspect.

      • simp1istic

        Touch control on my nexus has not reduced battery life in any meaningful way whatsoever.

    • simp1istic

      Lumias already do the double tap to wake, as do plenty of custom kernels.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik
  • Jay T

    LG should totally make a phone called the LG GL. Just sayin'.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It has to have a screen on both sides.

      • fonix232

        Also one of the screens needs to have a mirror surface. But strictly in a way so it can be switched off!

        • Greyhame

          Yeah, and it needs........ Wait. What? ;-)

      • Jay T

        And when you double tap the screen it switches to the other side.

      • iGamer777

        Samsung once made such a thing. One "phone" side and one "media". That was before all that smartphone madness kicked off.

  • Mike Harris

    "The back cover is non-removable and contains a 3,000 mAh battery, and there is no microSD card slot."

    Why, why, why can't we just have one nice, high-end phone with a removable battery and a microSD card slot? Don't get me wrong - a 3,000 mAh battery is a very good start, but it's just not enough by itself. I would either have to get another one or two batteries to carry with me, or I'd have to get a ZeroLemon extended battery. I do understand the manufacturers' need (or desire) to keep phones as slim as possible, but then they have to give us the ability to swap batteries out when they die too quickly.

    I thought this might be the phone I looked forward to, but I guess not.

    • RajivSK

      I presume you find the S4 ugly? I'd say it falls firmly in the 'nice, high-end phone with a removable battery' category.

      • Mike Harris

        I have the S3 right now and from what I've seen, the S4 is not much of an upgrade, so I've decided to wait patiently. Right now, I'd say it is at the top of my list, but I'd like better.

        • RajivSK

          Better? To do what? The S4's camera is amazing, it's extremely smooth (running google edition rom myself), the battery actually lasts, and it has a great screen. Until phones can run full fledged programs like photoshop or 3ds Max I don't know who would notice the difference between the s600 or 800. If a phone with manual focus or manual exposure time would pop up, I'd sell the S4 in a hearbeat. Right now? It's all fine really. No spectacular differences.

          • Mike Harris

            I want better, meaning I want a better reason to upgrade from the S3. "To do what" is irrelevant. I don't know why you brought up PC programs, but if your argument is that cell phone technology is stagnant and we should just take what's available, fine... I'll stick with the S3, which has been a solid phone for me.

            Somehow I don't think that's what you meant, though.

          • wolfkabal

            Don't worry Mike - I agree. The S4 seems like a minor upgrade of the S3 and doesn't warrant the upgrade cost. Something more innovative is what's in order and THIS was it. Up until those exact reasons you mentioned. Removable battery and SD card are two requirements for all my phones - regardless of how "high-end" they are.

          • simp1istic

            My gs4 stock rooted mates firmware is a laggy mess

          • Alexei Watson

            I tried a few times; it seems this is just a random collection of words.

          • simp1istic

            Jesus that was awful I apologize. My GS4 (Stock firmware rooted) is incredibly laggy and just not smooth.

          • Alexei Watson

            haha! All good :) yeah the stock GS4 firmware is bloated out of this world. bad samsung.

      • Idon’t Know

        Cheap looking and feeling.
        Touchwiz is an abomination.
        Garish screen with pixels you can see that is useless outside.
        Samsung is a scumbag company.
        Lots of people want an alternative which is why Samsung and to reduce production by millions of units.

    • CoreRooted

      Battery, no idea... SD Card? Google is getting more and more forceful about no SD card support going forward.

      • RajivSK

        Yeah google is indeed. But android is still open and at least Samsung is making an effort for keeping it around. If they continue to be market leaders in the android space then maybe others will reevaluate and add a slot again in the future.

        • CoreRooted

          I doubt it. I think the only reason Samsung is doing it is because of Tizen. LG,HTC, Moto, Sony, etc are all pretty much reliant on Google's support of Android. Samsung wanting to replace Android with Tizen is no secret and so I can see them continuing to include SD cards whist Google is trying to get all the manufacturers to drop them. If Samsung plays things the way they want to, they'll be competing against Google in the mobile space and SD card support would be a deciding factor for a lot of people.

        • BB BB

          I guess SD cards are like floppy disks. Nobody wants them according to the Google Nexus, HTC and Apple. But then why the hell can't they put out a phone with at least 128GB of internal storage?

          • Chris

            Why stop at 128? Let's get a terabyte, then i wouldn't be worried about SD cards :P haha

          • BB BB

            Samsung is working on a new NAND chip 384 GB which will basically eliminate SD cards to some point. They are layering 16GB on top of itself 24 times. So if the biggest 64GB chip can be layered 24 times that will yield over 1.5TB :-D

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            I'll take one!

        • Arpit Kumar

          Well "the reason" they have SD support is because Samsung has a massive SD card manufacturing unit. They would do everything they can to make sure it's profitable too. As a matter of fact Samsung makes consumer electronics to make sure it's manufacturing units do good business

    • BB BB

      because in 1 year when the battery starts acting up and you run out of storage, they don't want you to simply replace a battery or pop in extra storage for media, rather replace your entire phone with one that has those features like the S4.

      • Idon’t Know

        You must be buying some shitty phones if the battery dies in a year.

        • BB BB

          Yup I have had a tonne of lemons. HTC and BBerries. But at least on Samsung and BB I can swap out a new battery.

    • Patrick Bateman

      how about you use your phone less and communicate with people in person...

      • Chris

        Dude, this website is pretty much exclusively about mobile tech, therefore, people are going to be talking about mobile tech and what they want and expect of it. So stop being a douche, if you aren't a phone nerd like most of the people on the site, don't come here anymore.

      • Mike Harris

        Wow, that makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for your helpful, not-at-all-out-of-place, insightful reply.

  • PamelaLibrarian

    I thought the button was stupid. But now that I see more details, I think the placement actually makes sense.

    • Ryan O’Neill

      Except when the phone isn't in your hand. The KnockOn feature is cool, but it's just that: a feature. A work-around that LG had to implement just so the phone might be usable again.

      • ins0mn1a

        actually it doesn't seem like a workaround, it sounds like a superior solution to me. when the phone isn't in my hand, i have to 1) search for a side button, 2) hold the phone in place and 3) press the button. waking up a touchscreen device with a touch gesture seems much more natural than pressing things.

        i always assumed that there is some technical reason this wasn't implemented (e.g. a possibility of false input while the phone is in your pocket/bag, or a need to switch the touchscreen sensors completely off when the phone is sleeping for energy reasons etc), but if they can do it well i can't wait for this feature to be ported to other devices.

        • Ryan O’Neill

          You've got a good point - tapping the screen is a very convenient feature (I wonder if I can do that with Tasker...hmmm). But I'd still rather have my buttons on the side like normal, even with the KnockOn feature :)

          • Christopher Lee

            You need a kernel tweak to handle that most of the time (since it involves powering the touch sensors while the screen's off). Works amazingly though on the Galaxy Nexus with the PGM2 app.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    The ability to customize the buttons is awesome. More OEMs should do this.

    • duse

      They don't provide an option to remove Menu, nor an option to add Recent Apps, so not actually very awesome. Like Samsung, they seem to have the inability to understand why the bottom Menu key is such an awful UI concept and needs to die.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I hate the overflow menu button - on a large device like the G2, it's largely unreachable. I think all the nav should have been on the bottom, and I am sorry the Android team decided the inferior top nav is the right way to go. Not only do you cover the screen while reaching for it, you also can't comfortable do so on large screens, the existence of which is one of Android's biggest strengths.

        • simp1istic

          I still terribly miss my bottom action bar in Gmail, but after using a gs4 and having no idea whether or not an app has additional options its painfully obvious that menu has got to go.

        • duse

          I agree that the concept of bottom nav is good - like simp1istic I also like the bottom/split action bar that apps like Gmail used to have, and Voice still has, it's easy to reach and use, and unfortunately they're moving away from that too. However, how does just having Menu at the bottom help? You still need to reach up top for action bar items, the spinner, back/up, the notification drawer, etc. You will still be reaching up there so much it doesn't make a big difference. Plus, that is not a good enough reason to keep it considering its many major issues. Like simp1istic said, some apps don't have/need extra options. Users of phones like the GS4 have to poke around seeing if Menu does anything. If it doesn't they may think the app's broken, etc. It's also strange having both on-screen and off-screen UI elements for an app. It's also not a consistent UI with tablets and could confuse the increasing number of people switching between layouts.

          tl;dr - I agree bottom UI elements are convenient, but a lot of it is going to be up top no matter what, and Menu still needs to go.

          • JLM

            If you use custom ROMs, try one that has Tablet Mode like Paranoid Android. Everything is at the bottom, and the screen on my Nexus 4 is big enough that it all fits.

        • TY

          The menu button destroys discover-ability. Potential workarounds I have thought of:
          1: Option to move all the action bars to the bottom. (Best solution, since the action buttons are supposed to be more useful then those in the overflow menu. Moving only the overflow is not complete at all)
          2: Display the overflow button no matter what.
          3: Show an indicator on the "menu" button when overflow is available. For example, make it glow for a second.

  • Riste Ajtov

    "Buttons are dead" - said Mr. Jobs... "Maybe we were just putting them in all the wrong places" - said LG.

    • Idon’t Know

      The iPhone has three buttons and a switch and Jobs never said that.

  • dhruva

    did they make an onscreen menu button?

  • RaptorOO7

    I find the AnTuTu benchmark a bit of a joke given the fact that they are comparing it to such outdated devices. Like pitting a Ferrari from 1950 to one from 2013, not a fair comparison regardless of heritage.

  • SomeGuy112

    I kind of wish they stuck with or improved upon the sparkly glass back of the original Optimus G. Yeah I know lots of people hate glass because it's fragile but at least it gave LG phones a unique look and helped them feel more substantial in the hand..

    Now it's just going to feel like any other plastic phone although I guess the button placement will make it feel and look unique. The phones specs look amazing though!

    • wolfkabal

      Completely agree - my opinion - if you're going to make a closed system phone (non-removable back) then you'd better make it out of something better than just plastic. That to me just seems lazy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

      Meh. Give me tough over pretty on a phone any day of the week. Pretty goes away too quickly if it's fragile.

      • SomeGuy112

        I see where your coming from but it just seems like they put more heart into designing the exterior of the original Optimus G. The G2 just looks like some variant of a Galaxy S phone with buttons placed on the rear

        The Galaxy S phones sell like crazy so it makes sense to follow in Samsungs foot steps but there's just something more special about a phone when you know it was crafted with unique intentions.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

          I'm very much of the school that if it's durable, fits in my hand with decent overall ergonomics, and has an awesome screen with killer performance and battery life, well... I don't know that it could be Hot Pink with Hello Kitty all over it, but it doesn't have to look like much more than a black slab to me. But that's my thing, not necessarily yours.

  • Gnex

    Press renders for the Verizon version have just been released

    • rdeleonp


    • Bleakvision

      You forgot dat MEGAPIXELS!

    • Thomas’

      This never gets old!

    • Jason

      Almost spit coffee all over my Nexus 7...

      Thanks for the laugh...

  • fonix232

    I really like this phone. The design is good (though could use some of the Nexus 4 materials regarding the exterior), the features are neat, the hardware is good, and if this is the alleged Nexus 5, I can see a lot of people buying it.
    Though it has a few problems:
    - LG Crapware
    - The bottom bar options misses the FREAKING MULTITASKING BUTTON. Get it in there, now!
    - The ugly grey&lightblue theme. I simply like the Holo feel, and do not understand why LG had to do a makeover. Also, what's up with the bottom bar? Sometimes it is transparent, sometimes it is white-ish, and sometimes black. Make a unified look for that, godsdammit! Also, if we're at it. Instead of the buttons taking up valuable screen real estate, make them see-through and hover-over-content. While it is not useful in areas like the Launcher or games, on lists, or in Google Maps it would be a great feature to see "under" the bar, and see not just black (like the CM-solution for the soft buttons' alpha), but the actual app, on full screen. Very much like you see the wallpaper on the homescreen.

    Now hopefully this device gets in stores in Europe by the time I'm getting a new phone (around mid-September, maybe later a bit), otherwise I'll have to take the octo-core S4.

    Also, can we expect a little brother to this? Same hardware specs, but a bit smaller screen (4.5 or 4.3)? 4.7" is okay, like on the Nexus 4, but 5.2" is way too big for me, and for a lot of other folks too, I believe.

  • Graham Parkes

    Lost my interest in this phone when I read no microSD slot and non-removable battery.

    • BB BB

      Very True. But you would hope 3,000Mah is enough to get you over a day of use. I know the Note II gets well over a day of use. They definitely need a SD Card slot since there is no implementation of NAND 128GB storage. That screen looks mint though

    • Lamm


    • HitokiriX

      All other reports I've seen said that is does have a microSD slot

    • Idon’t Know

      Get used to it. Both are dying because nobody uses them. Yes I know you say you do.

      • Taglogical

        I refuse to "get used to it" so will wait for a device that can _at least_ replace my Bonic... Wait until your battery dies and you have to send your phone to the manufacturer with all your data locked inside... then you'd wish you could utilize a removable battery and/or SD-card slot.

  • BB BB

    The LaG2 unofficial benchmark only scores a little higher than 5% faster than the S4. How is that possible? G2 S800 27750 S4 S600 25,900. Optimus Skin is horrendous but I like the transparency of the bottom bar. Needs Multi-Tasking button.

  • BB BB

    Kock Knock...Who's There...The LaG2 Optimus Skin that makes me slower than an S600...All jokes aside this phone looks sweet, rooted it will be a dream. Wish the BlackBerry Z30 would have half of these specs

    • Chris

      The Optimus skin is probably the least laggy OEM skin i've used to date... The only one i can't compare is Sony, cus i haven't gotten a chance to see the XZ in person.

  • brutalpanther

    I am ready to pick this up the day it hits the states.But not on AT&Ts crappy no roaming service.And the G pro would have done a lot better in sales if someone besides AT&T sold it.I had a 2 week trial with the G pro and it was suuweet.So I can't even imagine how good this G2 is going to be.If I was head of any company I would have every carrier open to my product.I mean the whole point is sell,sell,sell.Right

  • Anon

    I think the S4 got between a 12,000-13,000 score in quadrant

  • Katia

    The Koreans are seriously addicted to plastic e.g. http://ow.ly/nJqtQ if you know what i mean.

  • cesar suarez

    The one thing I don't like about the Optimus UI is HOW much of a rip off of Touchwiz it is, I'm not a samsung fanboy (infact I own a nexus 4) but it's like... surely you could of come up with something else? They both use the ICS google search bar, both have a very similar weather widget, similar icons... LG could of come up with something better.

  • Toinou

    i HATE Touchwizz, but I honestly think LG's UI is even more terrible. Great way (that and the plastic) to fuck one awesome phone, LG. I'll pass.

  • MSmith79

    If they come out with a Google Edition of this phone, it will be the best phone ever released in my opinion. Otherwise though, the lack of a recent apps button, the stupid addition of Quick-Slide, and the horrible mess of the notification area, completely kills this phone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      I think this will be the basis for the next Nexus, so I doubt they will.

      • MSmith79

        Definitely won't be a Nexus phone. Google wants a $350 price point for Nexus. This is a $600+ phone

  • Alok

    That score surprises me.

    The Sony Ultra scores ~35k on Antutu.

    Same specs though.


  • Idon’t Know

    This looks a lot better than that POS S 4.

  • Krzysztof

    Why did my HTC One just scored 23646 on antutu? When G2 has much more powerful processor