You can't have them in your grubby little paws just yet, but as soon as the new Motorola DROID phones from Verizon are ready to ship, you can get them at a big discount from Wirefly. If you pre-order one of the devices now, you can save $50-100.

2013-08-06 12_06_12-DROID ULTRA by MOTOROLA - Red for Verizon Wireless - Wirefly.com and Android Pol

The DROID Ultra (red or black) is going for $149.99, which is $50 off Verizon's price. The Mini is also $50 off, at just $49.99. The DROID MAXX is where the real savings are with $100 off the carrier price, bringing the total to $199.99. For phones that aren't even out yet, these are pretty awesome deals. The same deal is available to both upgrades and new lines.

2013-08-06 12_07_11-DROID MINI by MOTOROLA - Black for Verizon Wireless - Wirefly.com and Android Po 2013-08-06 12_07_41-DROID MAXX by MOTOROLA for Verizon Wireless - Wirefly.com and Android Police

The new DROIDs share a lot of DNA with the Moto X including the X8 mobile computing platform and a slimmed-down interface. They could be hot devices. Wirefly doesn't have a ship date yet, but phones will go out via FedEx for free when the time comes.

[DROID Ultra (Red), DROID Ultra (Black), DROID MAXX, DROID Mini]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Poopfloats


  • LiterofCola

    I'd be all over this if I didn't have to buy the Maxx at full retail :/

  • Bryant Tran

    Just pre-ordered. Thanks!

  • Scott

    I wonder how the battery life on the new Maxx is compared to the Razr HD Maxx.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Well one is rated at 32 and the other 48

      • Scott

        Well I meant real world performance. I can get over 6 hours of on-screen time over a 48 hour period on my Razr HD Maxx.

        • Michael Pahl

          My Razr MAxx HD is HEAVILY modded, but i can easily get 48 hours. I would be willing to bet the Droid Maxx will run fairly close to 10% longer than the Maxx HD considering higher CPU clocks, but new tech (like core parking).

  • Derek

    Preordered the Maxx. Great deal!

  • BOB Dudek

    Les than the MO X... What the hell.

    • victorvics

      they both are Motorola device so they really dont care

  • prestone1

    will see what happens tomorrow, then consider. great eye AP

  • loony2nz

    $709 full retai? ::: faint :::

  • Mike Reid

    Discounted before it even ships ??? I'd be cautious with such a deal no matter what the product is.