Sony is pretty cool about supporting the open source community by contributing code back to AOSP and helping developers tinker with devices. So it's no surprise that the company has already dropped source files for the Xperia Z Ultra.

2013-08-05 00_10_23-Open source archive for build 14.1.B.0.461 – Developer World

The Xperia Z Ultra is, of course, a very large phone. It's not just big like other phones are big – it's obscenely large. The Z Ultra has a 6.4-inch 1080p screen, and it's not a tablet, it's a phone. Like the other flagship Xperia devices, it's water and dust resistant.

No matter how you feel about the device, developer types can feel free to paw around in the code. It's a hefty 228MB download.

[Sony Mobile]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://gameluv.com/ Shawn S

    Pardon my newbage but does this mean someone could theoretically get their sweet looking Albums app/media player out of it as an APK?

    • Railwayman

      XDA-Developers is your friend. The apks are there - both Album and Walkman.

  • Sebastien Kray

    6.4 inch screen? You'll look like a clown holding that thing to your head. All you'll need is big floppy red shoes and oversized sun glasses.

    • https://www.facebook.com/max.chen2 MC_Android

      I personally don't like holding my phone against my ears anyway when I do have a call. Headphones with in-line mics makes phone calls so much easier. If your phone is anything bigger than 5 inches, I do agree you look kind of stupid holding it up against your ears, unless you're in the NBA :)

  • EliasAlucard

    Yeah, this is why I buy Sony; open source rocks, and the most pro-open source company gets my money. Keep up the good work, Sony.

    • ipsmart.blogspot.com

      (Hot) Manual Installation ROM Android 4.2.2 eXistenZv1 of the phone Xperia i1 Honami on Xperia Z