Guardian Cross is different from most most Square Enix mobile games. It's still a role-playing game, but it's centered around trading cards and is available for free. This is striking for a game company that charges some of the highest prices to be found in the Play Store. The game is already available for iOS and has accumulated over a million downloads, so expect both an addicting and relatively accessible experience.

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In Guardian Cross, players will hunt and collect over 120 Guardians (cards) and use them to assemble the strongest party (hand). The game is developed by a staff with diverse experience working on the Final Fantasy series. There's music by Naoshi Mizuta (Final Fantasy XI and XIII-2) and character design by Akira Oguru (Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy Dimensions). There are even limited edition cards based on Final Fantasy XI and XIV.

Players can enjoy multiplayer co-op with friends or take part in weekly player-versus-player events. It's all the fun of a traditional trading card game tournament, only without the high cost of collecting cards and those pesky travel expenses. Gamers can complete Guardian Cross without spending a dime, but they will have to pay to enjoy some of the premium content.

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  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    free? i was expecting it to cost $5 per month and $99 for life-time updates for the first 5000 customers.

  • yalla

    Has anybody managed to get past the first enemy(aka Bad port)? I just try to dowload all the resources but he keeps hitting me with Force close and stopinng the download.

    Why couldnt they have all files in the play store download to begin with?

    Also, this game features an annozing sidekick by the Name of "legacy menu button"

    • yalla

      Loading circle of doom ft. Japanese error messages

      • Yalla Tschikowski

        ok fuck this game. after restarting it 200 times it finally managed to start. I entered the name for my team and now everytime i try to start the game i get 5 sec blackscreen + force close. this is not a game this is a app to demonstrate force close messages.

        Nexus 4 running 4.3 btw

    • Taedirk

      Bonus points if they blame it on 4.3 again. Still can't get Chaos Rings to work on my new N7.

    • barefootbandit8

      I guess I'll pass then. Can't stand those menus on my One.

      • Matthew Fry

        I spoke to the dev of DiskUsage (which strangely has an overflow button on the top and the annoying menu button) he says there's something wrong with the One and to prove his point, he had me pull the app up on my Nexus 10. Lo and behold, there was no legacy menu button. There's something that Google does that others do not, although he hasn't figured out what, that causes the One to believe a menu button is necessary.

        Anyway, I guess my point is, it might not just be the devs fault if their app has both an overflow button and the annoying htc button.

  • morey koe

    can android guardian cross use a invitation code from ios??

    • Glitchy

      I was wondering the same thing, so far its not taking my iOS invite code for the android download

  • Matthew Fry

    Glad to see the IAPs restricted to premium content. Any app that has multiplayer pay to win should be shunned.

  • Hibachi

    This game seems very entertaining so far. Use this unique code to unlock helpful and enjoyable content for both of us. Code 0B96597. Also add me in game and I'll offer some pointers. Social>Invite Friends>Search team name Hibachi

  • tehone

    Umm, how is the Nexus 4 not supported? (and the Nexus S is, according to Play Store)

  • http://papped.webatu.com papped

    They really need to address the lag... it's crazy.

  • DirgeExtinction

    Not compatible with Nexus 4 running 4.3 AOSP

  • Buterbisquit

    This game force closes so much. Still stuck in coliseum tutorial

  • hustle

    Use my friend code VB99662 and we both begin with special card :)

  • XIII

    I don't get why everyone's complaining, it works fine on my Galaxy S3 4.1.2 Omega ROM, abit sluggish yes, but crash? Nope

  • rdc37

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    This will get you a strong card from the start, which should really help you to progress in the game.

  • rdc37

    It seems to be rather buggy. It should have probably been released as a beta. I keep getting Japanese error messages. However, if I do get it to work, it is kinda fun to play. Although, it seems slow compared to other (more graphic intense) games. If you get it to work, use my code CH34828 to receive a rare card. If anyone is interested in trading cards, my username is rdc37.

  • Slayer X

    Use code SR17987 for free Super Rare 4 Star card to start you off :)

  • gene cestina

    Please use invitation code XZ34517 and we'll get a rare card. For android users only though :)

  • Roger


    Use my referral code, will give additional 3 star card and also frequent silver slime gifts ! Add me in game at 'gohxinyan' !

  • kurono

    Enter invitation ID RD47043 and we’ll both get a rare card! (Android)

  • Rissi

    Use this code when you start the game: MF36073 (capital letters). Then you will get rare cards. Add me in game for good stuff: Rissi.

  • Justen

    Use Code RJ86821 for a free RARE card!

  • frank

    Use invitation code BD28485

  • Sam Miltion

    New Trading Website For Guardian Cross :)


  • thundergoat

    why is the game not compatiable with samsung galaxy ace duos s6802 / how to make it compatiable