There are more than a few music players available for Android, but you could search the Play Store for days without finding one quite so full-featured as Music Player (Remix). The developer seems to have thrown every possible bell and whistle into the local playback app, and topped it off with a swipe-based interface and some impressive extras. It's available in the Play Store for $4.99, with a 14-day trial app available as well.

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The core app is fairly typical as far as music players go, with some playlist management that's particularly interesting. The interface is based on swipes: swipe up from anywhere in the app to view the Now Playing screen, swipe from the right for your library, and swipe from the right for playlists and favorites. The Now Playing screen gets a bit of customization with five assignable shortcuts for functions like lyrics, bookmarks, sharing, and even a quick link to search for the song on YouTube.


But what we're most impressed with is the pop-up control system. From anywhere in Android, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen and open the Mini Player, which includes playback controls, track seeking, and full playlist management. It's a full-featured player, much more powerful than the typical notification controls. Just swipe down to hide it again. (If the whole swipe-happy UI seems familiar, you might be a former WebOS user - this app was a favorite on ye olde HP TouchPad.) The video below shows off all the feature of Music Player (Remix), but if you want to see the nifty Mini Player, start at 4:35.

The app includes a ton of other features, like a full tablet UI, homescreen and lockscreen widgets, Last.FM scrobbling, lyric and art fetching, expandable notification controls, auto-generated playlists, and even an in-app Wikipedia browser. Bookmarks within songs can be placed manually, or appear when you exit. (This is great for audiobooks, by the way). In short, Music Player (Remix) is worth the $5 price of admission.

Thanks to developer Hedami for the tip!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Salazar Slytherin

    Is it better than power amp? Been using that one forever now

    • Hedami

      Only you can decide that for yourself, that's why I offer the 14-day free, fully-functional trial version. But I hope when people try out some of the unique features (mini-player, autolists, user interface, faves, etc.), they'll like it.

      • Andrew Vera

        thanks hedami for bringing this app to android!switched over to a nexus 4 recently. I've downloaded all your versions from the sprint pre and the hp touchpad. keep up the good work!

        • Hedami

          It's always great to hear from folks who used the app back in the webOS days. A lot of the features in the Android version were inspired by all the feedback I received from webOS users back in the day.

          • daburghit

            I absolutely loved the webOS version of Music Player Remix. I'm not sure I'll be ably to pry myself away from the Google Play Music app, though...access to my clouds songs is key. I really wish Google would create an API for that.

          • sheila752

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    • unbearablepleasures

      That was my question also. Power Amp has been so good to me.

    • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

      but IMHO N7 Music Player is way much better than PowerAmp

  • abqnm

    Now Google just needs to figure out its deals with record companies so they can offer APIs for Google Play Music. I see all these great music players that do me no good because I don't keep the music on my device.

    • Hedami

      That would be great! However, I suspect they may never do so. They probably would prefer if people continued to use their apps so they keep browsing through their online stores and sign up for their monthly "All Access" service.

      But if Google or Amazon ever do make their music service APIs available, I'll definitely add support for them.

      For me personally, I don't stream my music. I have a huge CD collection that I converted to MP3 and I just store everything on my SD card. I'm more interested in music from the 80s and 90s, but if a song or album comes out that I like, I just buy the MP3s in the Amazon music app. And when the download is complete, Music Player (Remix) notifies me that new music is available. I tap the notification, and I'm listening to my new music! (for those interested, the "new songs" notification can be disabled if desired).

      • abqnm

        I became really reliant on steaming because 1. I had a Galaxy Nexus with no expandable storage (now have an S3 so I could store some on the card) and 2. I have grandfathered true unlimited data with Verizon. I also have about 15k songs so that plays into it as well. I started ripping CDs back in the late 90's when mp3s were new so I amassed quite a collection before I ever even moved to digital downloads. I have tried options such as using Subsonic and streaming from my own server, but that was worse than Google Music.

        Either way, the app looks nice and I will keep it in mind if I decide to start using the SD card for music or Google gives devs some music APIs (not really holding my breath here, but I can hope).

        • RTWright

          I stopped depending on Streaming because it's too easily interrupted by low signal and or loss of signal all together. I have an Unlimited plan as well, but it's no good when you have crappy signal ( Sprint ). I'm like Hedami, I use my SD card, I also have a HUGE CD Library of my own from when I worked in the Music Retail Industry.

          I am a hardcore PowerAmp supporter and user, however I'll give this one a try too as I love to try out new Music apps as well. I'll install it here in a few and give it a good run through. I really do need to replace my headphones dang it.... lol

  • spydie

    the coolest music player on the planet is the eye candy of Next Launchers widget, Next music player. (Next Launcher required).

  • Erstam

    Do people really still use non cloud music other than maybe saving a playlist to device? Is this for people outside the us maybe?

    • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

      In Brazil 3G (coverage and quality wise, not to mention data caps) sucks, when it doesn't it is expensive, and, well, maybe I'm old school but I just looove my MP3 collection :}

    • Wow

      A lot of people still play music from files stored on their devices. Especially when the device offers a lot of storage or offers expandable storage. It's not going to go away anytime soon. Streaming services such a Spotify/Pandora tend to be more popular than cloud storage

    • dontpanicbobby

      Heck man, I still by CDs. What is this cloud thing you speak of?

    • mesmorino

      You do realise that there is a world outside the US, right? And that even in the US basic Internet access is not as ubiquitous as you seem to think it is, let alone cloud access?

    • Joshua

      I refuse to use anything but local storage for music. I spend way too much time in areas where coverage is impossible to obtain (planes, subways, shit like that). As such, anything but local storage simply doesn't work for me.

    • squiddy20

      Please. I'm 20 miles from the nation's capitol and have virtually all my music stored locally. Sure, I do supplement with Pandora, but mostly I just listen to the stuff I actually own. Don't be such an ignorant ass.

    • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

      I have a 1 GB data cap. Let me calculate what it would cost me every month if I streamed in a bitrate of 192.

      1 hour of streaming is 86.4 MB
      I travel 2 hours a day
      I work 5 days a week
      There are 365/12/7=4.3 weeks a month
      86.4*2*5=864MB a week
      864*4.3=3715MB a month I would require

      Without music streaming I use about 800MB a month so my data bundle should be at least 4.5 GB

      That would cost me around 56 euro's a month for a 5GB bundle. I currently pay 38 euro's a month. That is a 18 euro difference each month. Since it's a 2 year contract I save 24*18=432 euro's by having a 64 GB micro-sd card which would cost around 50 euro's.

      I'm sorry, I do not really need cloud music for on the road.

    • Nick Klenchik

      Actually, you're the minority. 90% of people I know still use local storage

    • Tatsuya

      lol cloud

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Mother of God!!!

  • robert wilson

    does it do gapless playback?

    • Hedami

      No, not at this time. Originally I implemented the gapless playback available on Android 4.1+ devices, but it was causing playback issues on certain devices. So for the time being, it's been removed.

      • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

        @hedami:disqus does it edits IDV3 Tags

        • Hedami

          Editing tags is on my to-do list. It's a pretty popular request from users. And it's something I'd like to have myself.

      • Dani

        Are there any fast forward and rewind buttons (specially from the lock screen) to make the life of us, podcast listeners easier?

        Haven't been able to find a decent solution since Google killed their podcast app.

        • Hedami

          If you're using the mini-player as your lock screen controls, then you do have a nice option. Just long-tap the top of the album art (the pause/play tap area) and fine-tuned controls will appear where you can go forward or backward by 5, 30, or 60 seconds. Works beautifully for podcasts, audiobooks, and other long-format audio files.

          To remove the fine-tuned controls, just long-tap the top of the album art again. These fine-tuned controls are available all through the app (anywhere where you have album art player controls).

          • Dani

            So basically, to confirm:
            Having the screen off I would need 3finger actions to be able to rewind 5seconds?
            - wake up phone
            - long press in screen lock widget
            - short press in desired fine-tuned controls.

          • Hedami

            Once you enable the fine-tuned controls (via long-tapping the top of the album art), the app remembers and keeps them enabled. So it would only be 2 actions:
            1) wake up phone
            2) tap the desired fine-tuned controls

            Try out the trial version (linked above in the article) and give it a go.

  • mechapathy

    Oh wow! Glad this app finally came out. I remember seeing that video around xmas time and being intrigued.

  • samuelmaskell

    Is this at all related to the old WebOS app?

    • Hedami

      Yes, I'm the same developer of the webOS app called "Music Player (Remix)". The Android version is an upgraded/redesigned version of that app.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      As the article mentions.

  • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

    I actually really dislike the look & feel of the app. Swiping from the sides really feels weird in Android and having the settings "embedded" in the sceen instead of a seperate activity also is weird.

    The UI puts me off, it just doesn't feel like it belongs on Android in my opinion.

    • Hedami

      There is a separate preferences/settings screen. Open up the right-side sliding panel and tap on the gears icon at the top.

      • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

        I'm not saying that there isn't a settings menu, I'm just saying it's implemented in a "weird" manner. I also really dislike the brushed steel as a background. For me, most of the design in the player are misplaced. It feels like it would belong on a different platform.

        • Hedami

          Not everyone has the same tastes...I respect your opinion. The design of the app is definitely a bit different in certain ways compared to other apps, especially in regards to the user interface.

          I intentionally wanted to think outside-of-the-box when developing the user interface. One example is on the Now Playing screen. Instead of having the icons all the way at the top (like a lot of Android apps do), I placed the icons below the song/album/artist info since they would be easier to reach on larger devices, especially when using it one-handed. And the icons are configurable (also different than most other apps) since I knew that everyone may not agree with my default choices. So users can decide which icons to display and which ones to leave in the overflow (...) menu.

          A lot of the aesthetics in the app can be configured (top-left icon on the right-side sliding panel). This includes app wallpaper, menu colors, and widget color & opacity. But it may be a good idea to also allow users to adjust the background image of the sliding panels (the brushed steel).

          Speaking of aesthetic customization, one of the coolest things to try out is the "Use Device's Wallpaper" option in the aesthetic customization menu (mentioned above). This will set the app's wallpaper to your device wallpaper. If your device is using live wallpaper, it looks spectacular. And you can even interact with your live wallpaper from within the app!

          • http://www.jeroenheijster.com/ Jeroen Heijster

            I usually like it when apps do their own thing, for some reason I just can't get used to the swipey nature of this app. I also just noticed that the left icon in the right pane is to customize the app's look. The icon actually confused me as a developer and as an end-user since it is not a default icon. I feel that the options would be better suited in the preferences menu under display.

            Another suggestion would be to not make the controls invisible in the app. It took me some time to find out I could control the player from there. Perhaps having the buttons 80-ish% transparent would work. The album art would still be visible and the user sees the controls.

            I really love the widgets, They fit Android really well. A personal request, also make a 4x4 widget.

            In portrait mode the icons have no text under them. This makes it confusing what the buttons do. In some cases I can guess, but with others, such as save bookmark, I would have no idea. Perhaps those icons should be replaced, I agree with the developer page on this that the contextual icons should be neutral, flat and simple (http://developer.android.com/design/style/iconography.html)

            I have to say that I respect you for responding to what I write and for the work you put in the app. I hope you can take some of my feedback into newer versions :)

          • Hedami

            I'm definitely adding a "welcome" screen in a future release to introduce people to the different (hidden) controls on the Now Playing screen. It's definitely not something people are used to in other apps. I always found that separate player controls were a waste of space and not very finger-friendly. So I removed them and replaced them with finger-friendly overlay areas on top of the existing album art which is much easier to use when holding the device one-handed (and docked in a car). I took the extra vertical space and added the customizable shortcuts (above the album art).

            A 4x4 widget is on my to-do list. It'll basically be the "4x2 classic" with an added scrollable Now Playing list.

            In regards to the icons, I can understand how some people may not get what they are at first. Most apps implement a long-tap to display a helper label. Long-tapping my icons allow you to customize their function. I may edit the shortcut customization popup to indicate what the current function is.

    • Dario

      What! Like Android has some special place in UI heaven? I will grant you, it takes getting used to but to say this doesn't belong on Android is a bit pretentious. The side swipes are cool as heck. Definitely out of the box thinking and long overdue on Android, in my opinion.

      • Hedami

        Exactly! Since Matias Duarte left Palm to join the Android design team, Android itself has been transitioning to a swipe-centric UI. All of Google's apps now feature sliding panels. I just took it to the next level by providing sliding panels from all 3 edges of the screen (top is reserved for the notification panel).

        Also I've implemented swipe gestures in the Now Playing and Playlist lists (for removing and queuing items). webOS started this UI paradigm that Android is now starting to pick up (ex. removing notifications, deleting emails, etc).

  • http://www.kizi1.org/ Kizi

    music is indispensable in everyday life of us. thank you

  • http://www.yepi2.info/ Yepi 2

    music is indispensable in everyday life of us. thank you

  • Venkateswaran Ganesan

    Has great features, the UI needs refinement though. If the UI is more simple and elegant, it could go a long way.

  • http://www.marklaflamme.com/ Mark LaFlamme

    Wow. There's a lot to play with here. What strikes me is how little is borrowed from other music players. This one is definitely unique, with a lot of features I've never seen before. I'm definitely going to spend some time with it and see how it feels. I was thinking I didn't like the widget and then bam! An option to customize it, right down to the transparency. I have a feeling this one has a learning curve, but it just might be worth it in the long run. That mini-player action is pretty damn cool. I just wonder how hard it is on the battery. Seems like something has got to be running all the time if it's that accessible. Regardless, real nice app. It's good to see something different out there.

    • Hedami

      Thanks! Yes, there's definitely a lot to discover within the app.

      The app has a service running (via the notification icon) just like any other music app that plays music in the background. This same service detects when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen and will create the mini-player popup window. So it won't use up any more battery than any other music app that plays music in the background.

      And for anyone who doesn't want to use the mini-player, they can disable it on the app's preferences screen. You can also specify on the preferences screen when the app's service (persistent notification) will be used. And of course, you can always kill the service by tapping the "X" icon on the notification (Android 3.0+).

      • http://www.marklaflamme.com/ Mark LaFlamme

        Ah, excellent information. Thanks. I'll make my adjustments and keep on playing.

  • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

    That swipe up player is useless to Nexus users or anyone with virtual keys unless they have someway to workaround..... :P

    • Andrew Hime

      I manage to trigger it accidentally a fair amount on my Nexus 7.

      • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

        how is that even possible? does the activation area cover the navigation key? or right above it?
        I would be cool to have it activated from the side though a lot of side launchers are out there so I guess the choice should be left to the user

        • Hedami

          I may be adding more choices in the future (concerning the location of the detection area).

      • Hedami

        You can adjust the detection area by going to the "Mini-player" Preferences screen (tap the gear at the top of the right-side sliding panel). If you trigger it accidentally, make the detection area smaller.

    • Hedami

      For those with virtual on-screen keys (like the Nexus or many tablets), you can to start swiping from the top of the virtual on-screen keys.

  • Andrew Hime

    Bought it on webOS, bought it on Android. Only reason I bought it on Android is because my Pre 3 won't play certain Opie and Anthony rips. A little overblown compared to the old version, but still miles ahead of any default player.

  • Jonathan McKenzie

    Does this have cross fading, that essential to me had some form of it since my winmo days

  • Aborto

    I like it, very unique payer, it doesn't feel quite like anything else I have tried on android.
    The fact that it has a proper tablet interface earns it a sale from me.

    Unfortunately its not very smooth on my xperia tablet Z, the slide out panels are all a little laggy, not too bad but noticeable.

    I also think it could use playback controls onscreen at all times, at least on a tablet where there is no shortage of room. (ignore me if there's an option for this, I haven't played around with it much yet).

    • http://dilsplace.net Dilpickle1

      It took me a few minutes to get it, but if you tap on the art work you will see it actually does have on screen controls. (top half for play/pause, bottom right for forward and bottom left for backward)

    • Hedami

      The tablet interface has only been properly implemented on the Now Playing screen. Proper tablet interfaces will be implemented on all screens in a future release. They will include on-screen controls.

  • Rolltide3332

    I'm not denying that it's good but, until it plays lossless, I will have no use for it. Quality is everything. Poweramp is still king in my book. I will still keep an open mind for competitors.

  • PaulMonroeJr

    Still probably NOT better than Poweramp. That's the best music player I have ever used on android. It has transferred to all of my phones since the Hero.

  • TechGuy22

    POWERAMP user as well. nothing come close. gonna try that one and see

  • Chris

    does ist folder-play?

    I hate IDV3tags. I have 7 podcasts from JohnB but Apollo mix them in 3 different JohnB (yeah, same name), and I don't want to edit every file first...

    • Hedami

      No, not at this time. All browsing and searching is via the music tag info.

      • Chris

        I'll buy as soon as it support - there are no really good and good looking players with folder play :(

        • RTWright

          Apparently you have never tried PowerAmp, it plays from folders....

  • Amer Khaznadar

    It felt a bit gimmicky to me that's it's starting to get in the way of usability. But nothing too bad to stop me from trying it over a longer period and see if I get used to it.

    One thing that should be fixed is the miniplayer lockscreen. It's huge and can't be minimized on my phone so it's covering 80% of the unlocking circle. (Running CM10.1 if it matters).

    However, the feature that I really love is downloading and saving lyrics to tags. That's my biggest gripe about Poweramp. (I mean seriously, it needs a second complete music player just to display lyrics!?)

    • Hedami

      Swipe down on the mini-player (from the top of the mini-player) to remove it. Then you'll be able to unlock your device.

      But I knew some people may not like the larger mini-player controls on the lock screen, so I provided different lock screen options. For instance you can use basic controls (Android 4.0+) by going to the "Lock screen controls" Preferences screen (tap the gear at the top of the right-side sliding panel). Also in Android 4.2+ you can use the 4x2 widgets on the lock screen.

      • Amer Khaznadar

        Ah! I've tried swiping up and pinching but I didn't think of swiping down.

        I did go back to using the basic controls, but it does seem interesting to me to have the mini-player behave the same way as the basic controls:
        At first it gets displayed in a minimized style (perhaps like the 4x2 widget) and it expands when swiped down (to become a full mini-player).

        At any rate, Music Player (Remix) might not be for me, but it is refreshing to see a dedicated developer who isn't afraid of trying something different and who takes the time to listen to users.

        • Hedami

          Actually I'll be adding a smaller version of the mini-player that will be draggable on the screen. So it's coming!

  • http://www.yepi6.org/ yepi 6

    I used to use the power amp and I saw so good then

  • Mircea

    Looks great, mini player is great, also the player in status bar. I have just one complain: when I go into the settings menu (or any other menu) and I come back to the main screen the playing cursor restarts/redraws for a second and then jumps to the current second/minute (the music doesn't restart).

  • mesmorino

    Here's my experience with the app:

    I started it, and music started playing (maybe because I had my headphones in?) I immediately started looking for the music controls, so I could pause the music and figure out how to use the app. After about a minute or so faffing about with sliding things here and there, I finally tap on the album picture, and the song changes. I tap it again, and it changes again. I tap and hold, and I get a whole new menu, with a tooltip explaining how to use this. Music is still playing. I finally tap on a separate part of the album picture and the song restarts, so I tap on yet another part of the album picture and the music stops. Sweet silence, at last.

    Verdict: Needs a help menu system, and clearer and unambiguous audio controls. It also need to not fuck about playing music upon start up, It's my music on my phone and I'd like to choose when to play music and when not to. Worse it doesn't even respect system sound settings: Even when my phone is on silent, starting the app plays music out loud. Bear in mind that "autoplay when loading app" has been set to off this whole time

    I start the music up again and try to get to the equaliser so I can make it sound nice. The equaliser doesn't work on my phone. Big no no.

    At this point I'm tired of feeling like I'm having to prise usability out of the app, like I'm struggling with it so I uninstall it.

    I like the sliding, and being able to download lyrics. I also like being able to get to the player no matter where I am in the menu system just by sliding up. I don't like the looks of the app. I particularly dislike the player control system, I think it needs to be always visible at the very least. Or maybe have a visibility toggle switch

    All in all, I like it, but not more than Poweramp. It's just got a bunch of niggles that sour the experience for me. It's very feature rich, but without a guide to help you get the most out of these features, discovering them or their usefulness is a bit of trial and error

    • Amer Khaznadar

      I had the same experience with the music autoplaying and me not figuring out how to stop it. Luckily I always leave my media volume muted (P.S: media volume is not related to whether the phone is silenced or not).

    • Hedami

      The very first time you load the app, it launches a "Shuffle all" and plays. I'll probably modify it to not auto-play since it could be jarring.

      But it won't auto-play on subsequent loads, unless you set this option on the "Miscellaneous" preferences screen (tap the gear icon at the top of the right-side sliding panel).

  • http://www.kizi-2.net/ kizi 2

    I will learn about it, hope it will be good

  • meelyg

    Tried this app but no stream to device so uninstalled.

    I use Doubletwist player because it can stream play to DLNA devices like hometheatre or TV.

    Odd that hardly any music players new or old offer this feature

  • LuisTerrazas

    This is what I loved about webOS and the community of developers from it. Developers that were always and have always been very interactive with their end users. KUDOS Hedami. Loved your app on my Pre and my Touchpad and now on Android. -Thank You! AKA Remix2000 from WC Forums

    • Hedami

      Always enjoyed interacting with the webOS community especially in the PreCentral/webOSNation forums. Got lots of ideas and sugge stions there.

      • LuisTerrazas

        I used to spend a lot of time there as well. Keep up the great work

  • CJ

    Is that a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with Ice Cream Sandwich? I've been thinking to downgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.0.4--been seeing lots of screenies online that have retained their ICS builds. Buuut, 4.2.2 is just around the corneeer! What do I do? -_-"

    • Hedami

      The tablet screenshot is from a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 running ICS. Think 8-9" is the sweet spot for tablets.

      • CJ

        oh, okay. Anyways, what do you recommend? Should I stay at 4.1.2 and wait for 4.2.2? OR downgrade to 4.0.4? Thanks bro! :)

        • Hedami

          I'd stick with 4.1.2. Jellybean has some nice enhancements compared to ICS. My Tab 8.9 will probably never see an official update to Jellybean, so I'll be stuck with ICS. I'm hoping we'll see more 8" offerings, especially a Nexus model. If a "Nexus 8" ever came out, I'd probably pounce on it.

          • CJ

            Ohh.. well let's just hope that the Nexus gods are seeing this lol :)

  • Hollywood Cole

    So far I really like this app. I've tinkered around with it a bit, but didn't see if there was a way to play the songs directly from my SD card. In other words, I have the folders sorted on my sd card by Artist and would like the option to go there to play them. As of now, it appears that it just reads all of the files on storage and arranges a playlist that way. Eventually, I was still able to get to the album I wanted, but I had to take 3-4 unnecessary steps imo to get to the entire album.

    • Hedami

      If you open up the right-side sliding panel you can view "Albums". They're listed based upon the tags in the music files, not folder structure. You can also tap the "Search" button in the right-side panel and search for a song/album/artist/genre/composer (or long-tap the menu button on most devices to initiate a search). But again, the search function is based upon music tags, not folders.

      • Hollywood Cole

        hmmm. Ok. I just think that the folders option is better because for instance, i have a folder with a lot of different R&B songs in it, but because the app is tag dependent, it lists every single song and the album the song it comes from vs the "R&B folder" that I have.
        But i do like the app so far though

  • EmeraldFLame

    When I download the trial I get a "Package file is invalid" error. Any reason why this may be happening or how to fix it?

    • Hedami

      It sounds like you're having a download issue with the Play Store. I'd recommend rebooting your device and making sure you have a good network connection.

      • EmeraldFLame

        Tried a reboot along with clearing the data from Google Play and still no luck and getting the same error. Connected through a strong wifi connection and getting 20Mbps both down and up so my connection is good. It's a shame because I really wanted to try this one out, it looks like its exactly the music player I have wanted.

        • Hedami

          There have been plenty of people downloading the app, so I think you're experiencing a Play Store issue. Just try again later and I'm sure you'll be able to download it.

    • Jens Lange

      Check the available space on your device. I know this error too well. You might move some bigger apps to your sd or delete some unneeded apps. Try this even if your device says it has plenty of space left. In my experience the threshold is around 300MB. Always have at least this free.

  • Lexster

    Unfortunately, the one thing I see is missing is the ability to choose music folders. I have podcasts and other music I tend to not want to show up in my main listing of songs. I love that Poweramp does that. I like the interface of this one, so if that gets added, I'd definitely consider switching.

  • StuPC

    I've tried most of the music players available for Android at one time or another. This is pretty interesting - I think the UI still needs some work, but the swipe-up gesture to call the player is pretty impressive and *very* useful.
    Could you add some customisation for the information at the top? I often like to know the bitrate and album year...
    Also, those options above the album art, it would be nice to be able to hide them altogether...

    Nice work, Hedami - I'm definitely going to give this a try as my main player for a few days! :-)

    • Hedami

      I plan on adding a "View info" option in the "..." menu next to a song (or on the Now Playing screen). This will include info such as bitrate, etc.
      But speaking of the info at the top of the Now Playing screen, you can tap the song/artist/album info to display the number of times you've played the song and when you last played it. Music Player (Remix) keeps track of this data mainly for some of the autolists (available in the left-side sliding panel).
      I don't anticipate adding an option to hide the shortcuts on the Now Playing screen. Think of it as a persistent action bar, similar to what you see at the top of other apps like Gmail or YouTube. The only difference is in Music Player (Remix) you can long-tap each of these shortcuts and assign your favorite functions (lyrics, album art downloading, youtube search, album/artist search, bookmarks, etc.) that normally reside in the overflow ("...") menu.

      • StuPC

        Fair enough - sounds like you've thought long and hard about all of this! :-)
        One more suggestion - could you add more options for wallpaper? I'd prefer just a black or a white background - nothing fancy, just very plain and ultra practical...

  • Richard Ashton

    I have to say it looks pretty ugly. It's a bizarre mash up of 'holo' and and ugliness.

  • Dave Courtemanche

    As nice as this app looks, I'm not seeing any option for headset controls, like double tap for next track, and play/pause. This might be a deal breaker.

  • wanderer

    Powers is the top music app

  • Stoycho Balchev

    get's difficulties when you using PIE controls

  • Angmancy

    Thanks for the introduction of this one.

    For me its the GoneMad Music Player (GMMP). I've accidentally found it but now I am stuck to it. Even though it's not that known it has me covered and gets updated quite often ;)

  • http://www.mobileosworld.com/ Xen Lee

    I hope this is In built in keylime Pie. By the way it has been spotted on Some Nexus Devices http://www.mobileosworld.com/2013/08/who-wants-some-key-lime-pie-nexus-7-and.html

  • biggerguysf

    Been reading through the comments to get a feel about this app, and must say I'm amazed at how many people would rather bitch about its' differences than just say, "Not for me, but thanks." Especially when the dev is on here trying to answer questions for them. And it's not particularly helpful in an article about Music Player Remix to hear about how the great Power Amp app. Just sayin'...
    I think I'll give it a try just for that reason alone.

  • dobbsy

    This app just randomly turned itself on and started playing music. I wasn't even in the same room as the phone.

    • Hedami

      The only time the app starts playing by itself is the first time you run it after installing it (it'll start shuffling all music). Other than that, it should never do that unless it detects a "play" command (from a homescreen widget, notification controls, mini-player, headset controls, etc).

  • Ralph1001

    Dues it support bluetooth A2DP? I see no bluetooth option.

    • Hedami

      Yes it should work. I don't personally have a bluetooth device to confirm, but some of my users have told me it's working for them.

  • Ralph1001

    Does it support bluetooth A2DP? I see nothing in options for bluetooth.

  • suprah

    wish this app had folder setting allows me to see music files from a sdcard view like poweramp. Since going to album and songs gets tedious. I like folder view to see music folders and choose from them

  • Hedami

    For new users of the app, be sure to check out the app's Help screen (tap the "?" at the top of the right-side sliding panel). It has some good help resources such as the "FAQ" and "Remix Tips". Speaking of the FAQ, it includes hints to the 2 hidden easter eggs within the app. If anyone finds them, be sure to send me screenshots on Twitter (@Hedami or @MusicRemixApp)!

    • suprah

      wish this app had folder setting allows me to see music files from a sdcard view like poweramp. Since going to album and songs gets tedious. I like folder view to see music folders and choose from them. File browser or some sort

  • uniquename72

    Can I search for music by folder on my phone, or set the app to ONLY discover music in a specific folder (or 2)?

    This is why I switched from my old player to Samsung's built-in player, despite the lack of other features.

  • Hedami

    Thanks to the feedback I received here and in emails, I've added a welcome tutorial introducing the user to the Now Playing screen. Considering some of the unique features of the user interface, it's definitely going to be helpful for new users to view this tutorial. The tutorial can be skipped (for those already familiar with the app) and can be viewed again on the app's Help screen.

    Also based upon the feedback I received here, I've modified the app so it won't auto-play the first time it runs (after being installed). Once the tutorial is completed (or skipped), a Shuffle All list will be loaded, but will not auto-play.

    The new version of the app (version 1.4.4) was just submitted to the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store, so it should be available soon. It also has a bunch of other enhancements and bug fixes. The full changelog has been posted here: http://forums.androidcentral.com/android-applications/206430-music-player-remix-13.html#post2995545