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The folks on the CyanogenMod team are always adding new devices to their ever-increasing list, and over the last few days they've added no less than eleven more. According to a pair of Google+ posts, there are new officially-supported phones and tablets including two Barnes & Noble Nooks, a ton of Motorola devices, and a few Samsungs thrown in for good measure. Here's the full list:

*These builds may also work for the DROID RAZR MAXX HD. Double-check at your developer forum of choice.

cm builds

The CM build boxes seem to be running a bit slow, but nightly ROMs should be appearing on the Get.CM download website over the next few days - the Motorola devices already have one build. With the exception of the C-Spire version of the Galaxy S4, all ROMs are in line to be updated to CyanogenMod 10.2 eventually. 

Source: CyanogenMod Google+ 1, 2

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Thomas’

    Will CyanogenMod 10.2 keep all the devices supported in 10.1 (aka, is it an incremental update) or will they start over again with few devices?

    • Björn Lundén

      The maintainers are working on updating CM10.1 devices to 10.2 and it's progressing quite nicely last I heard. We will be dropping support for Tegra 2 devices though due to the lack of NEON like we announced a few months ago.

      • Thomas’

        Which unfortunately answers my questions, since i have an old Tegra 2 device ;-)

        But yeah, thanks.

        • Simon Belmont

          Yeah! I'd be happy it lasted this long.

          Google officially dropped support of Tegra 2 devices at Android 4.1 (a lot didn't even get that). NEON is important!

  • cy_n_ic

    CyanogenMod. Updating your device long after its end of life date. With voodoo and bbq

    • Simon Belmont

      Haha. My 2010 B&N Nook Color that's running CM10.1 agrees with this comment completely.

      It's amazing how well this 3+ year old hardware handles Android 4.2.2. It's awesome.

  • midoBB

    however there is no support for the octacore samsung galaxy s4

    • Daniel DS

      Your problem for buying an Exynos powered device, mate

      • namaste

        Yeah, no. His 'problem' is that lolsung is selling *only* the exynos version in the countries that it is selling it, like India. I'd say his problem is buying Samsung at all. :-P

        • jz100

          What a stupid biased reply. I could say the same about your crappy tablet.

    • yahyoh
  • max_choco

    Support for Razr I xt890 please...!!!!

    • Solust

      Unfortunately I don't think it will come for the Razr i unless you can convince some developers to make it. The way it worked with the Photon Q was that there were unofficial builds for months and the developers for that build applied for official support once it was fairly stable. I didn't see any build for the Razr i unless I missed it somewhere while I was doing some research.

      • anerik

        We know that already, but they could at least start something up for developers to unite and do it togethewr.

        • Solust

          They currently support 103 devices with 10.1/10.2 so I'm sure they keep fairly busy. The Razr i uses an Intel architecture which multiplies development time. People developing unofficial ROMs for your phone don't get paid so I'm sure what developers you do have weighed the options and decided against it. I'm not sure what exactly they could "start up" if nobody developing for your phone has any interest in developing CM for it.

          • anerik

            Many people developing on razr i tried without succeeding to build cm/pa/4.2, and just left it there... My point is if all those developers got together maybe they could pull it, even an unofficial build.

  • anerik

    Well that's about it for razr i i guess

  • Curtis Mozley

    Need a build for T999L!!!

  • Scott

    Xt926, badass!!

  • mechno

    will CM for xt907 also work on xt 905 .please tell

  • Shoaib Zafar

    Why thete is a stable 10.1 for galaxy s and no stable, not even release candidate for galaxy s3

    • firesoul453

      Which one? I've been useing cyanogen mod for my galaxy s3 for a long while now

  • sounder

    Still no love for the SHV-E300S. :(

  • Glen

    If you were buying a new device now and wanted the best Cyanogenmod support what would you go for. Camera and battery life are the priority for me

    • Glen

      Any thoughts CM people?

  • http://www.mobileosworld.com/ Xen Lee
    • Simon Belmont

      Hmm. It'll be built into Google Play Services, so I'm going to guess "yes" on that one.

      Any device running Android 2.2 and up should be able to use that. Pretty cool.

  • Lisa Wesp

    Hands down CyanogenMod is the BEST.

  • Dan

    Did the CyanogenMod wiki get hacked? Language support is completely messed up. The language shown on the page is always different from the language shown on the left-menu and in the header at the top of the page. It's mildly humorous when the two languages are english/spanish or some other combination that's vaguely understandable, but it's nuts when you're trying to work in english and some part of the page is always japanese.

  • Razo_E

    Wow, the Galaxy Relay finally got some support! I've since moved on to the S4, but I still have it in my drawer. Time to update and play with it!

  • ben

    Any update for the Samsung Galaxy Grand duos

  • lbnan

    i already buy Motorola Atrix Hd Mb886, but there is need
    of unlock code to work it. I set up codes accessible on
    safeunlockcode.com , any person utilize them?