Just yesterday, Google posted to its Android blog about Android Device Manager – a tool that will help Android users keep their phones and data safe by offering location and remote wiping/locking features that third party solutions have until now been filling in for.

This morning, users started reporting that the service was rolling out to their devices already. Indeed, Android Device Manager is getting introduced by way of Google Play Services version 3.2.25, but it's not complete just yet.

For now, it seems ADM is limited to a checkbox in the Device Administrators menu.

Screenshot_2013-08-03-12-47-26 Screenshot_2013-08-03-12-47-19

Of course, we're digging in to the new Play Services apk. Ron's found several strings that refer to options that simply aren't present yet.

<string name="mdm_settings_locate_title">Remotely locate this device</string>

<string name="mdm_settings_locate_summary">Show device location on Android Device Manager</string>

<string name="mdm_settings_locate_disabled_summary">Unavailable because Google Settings > Location > Access location is turned off</string>

<string name="mdm_settings_wipe_title">Allow remote factory reset</string>

<string name="mdm_settings_wipe_summary">If you lose your device, you can lock or erase it with Android Device Manager</string>

<string name="mdm_device_admin_desc">If you lose your device, Android Device Manager can lock or erase it remotely. But first you must grant some administrator rights.</string>

<string name="mdm_device_admin_desc_2">Allow Android Device Manager to lock or erase a lost device</string>

<string name="mdm_help">Help</string> <string name="mdm_reminder_notification_text">Set up remote factory reset</string>

For now, there's not too much more information available. ADM's real functionality will be more useful (and visible) once the web interface and Android application show up. We'll keep you updated as more details emerge. In the meantime, download the new Play Services for yourself below.

Update: Since noticing the new Photo Sphere's button looks decidedly low-res, some users report that perhaps Google's rolling out different Play Services apk files for devices with different screen densities. We aren't sure whether this is the case, but if we come across any new information, we'll update the post again.

Update 2: Since it's likely Google is distributing multiple Play Services apks, we recommend that you uninstall updates then update directly from the Play Store once the update has reached a wider rollout (probably in several days' time). Until then, using the downloadable apk shouldn't hurt anything, but it may not be optimized for your device.

via Reddit

Thanks Moritz for the APK

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  • Michael Ta

    it's been too long Google.. but better late than nothing.

    • Minymina

      Its not like Apple has a simmler feature.

      • http://www.baronsofbullshit.com/ seriosbrad
        • Guest

          F**king Auto correct from my phone, thanks

        • Michael Ta

          annnnddd he deleted his account.

          • http://www.baronsofbullshit.com/ seriosbrad

            His username was Minymina, not sure why he's letting a typo get to him so far as to delete his account LOL. His profile even had 8000+ "likes".

            Edit: Actually, I don't think it was a typo or auto-correct. "simmler" would not be in any smartphone dictionary for the phone to auto correct to.

          • Michael Ta

            too ashamed of -10 votes I presumes lol.

      • Michael Ta


        and yes they do, dated back to June 2010 (3 years ago)

        if you would have look up before you speak, that'd be great.

        • Thomas’

          Irony motherfucker*! Do you speak it?

          *) reference/quote, not an insult.

  • Edward Germanotta

    Google is weird,,,

  • Jooyoung Hong

    Are play services updates silent?

    • Danny Holyoake


      • Niclas

        Reminds me a bit of Django :D

  • PhaseBurn

    While I'm glad to see this coming to all Android devices through Google Play Services, I find it amusing that this feature has actually been available since Android 2.3 through Google by way of the Device Management application. Yes, that means it only works with Google Apps accounts, but those were free back then too. In a lot of ways, this new service seems like a watered down version of that - remote wipe, locate, lock, set off an alarm, etc are all available currently there. Bet the Web interface will look similar too.

  • TY

    If this thing recognizes the phone via the IMEI, it would be amazing. Even after a full wipe, the phone will be locked again after it connects to the Google server.

    • Hiren Vasani

      are u sure?

    • guestthrowaway

      Although it is illegal to change an IMEI, it is still possible

      • graduategamers

        How do you know? What have tou studied? This is a genuine question am learning

    • S Mahmood Alawi

      probably wont...
      and as you can see.. it must be activated..
      so it wont be effective after a wipe.

      also, using IMEI opens the drop to abusers,
      who'd sell the phone and lock it, wipe it..etc

      • Elias

        A factory reset should be the only thing to disassociate a given device from that account. Phones should keep that account info for tracking purposes on the bootloader/recovery, and ask for the Google account password before allowing a factory reset. So people couldn't factory reset or flash a new rom on a stolen phone - and even if they could, the bootloader/recovery would still be keeping the device associated with that account for tracking purposes.

        BTW, account should be tied to IMEI and MAC address, as there are devices without cellular radio.

        • S Mahmood Alawi

          you can keep on dreaming

  • poopfloats=)

    poop floats!

  • http://mitchs.co Mitch Samuels

    Hey, I posted this on Reddit not too long ago, but I may have found something.

    If you go to http://google.com/android/devicemanager it gives a weird 404 page. Not the normal Google 404 page. Maybe they're reserving that? Maybe it's activated for certain people already. Probably not though.

  • victorvics

    I would stay away from this play store services because google makes multiple apk for multiple devices. this might not be the right one for you

  • Craig

    Ok So I downloaded the APK. SO if I check the box, it will then erase data, Lock phone etc. Little confused. If i lose my phone. Where would I go in a check the box? Am I missing something

  • Jason8

    You know, your damn mirror sites are terrible.

  • Jcash

    I cant install play services - citing lack of space. im obviously not lacking any space. any ways to force install it? thanks!

  • shortez

    Well done. That fixed people detais bug that didn't sync for month here (and from what I saw, dozens of other peoples on google support forum) Thanks !

  • WarRaven

    I'm looking forward to this implementation, I use AVG and find it somewhat slow an twitchy.

    Hoping Google knocks if out of the park.

  • Jim

    If you use Hangouts with Jellybean it is easy to get the latest Google Play Services. Uninstall the updates to Google Play Services. Hangouts will then complain it needs a newer version, and take you to the Play Store to update it! I've done this with my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus.

  • Angel Calvillo

    too bad someone steals device goes to security setting and simply unchecks the damn box

  • I hate google

    Ok! Has anyone read the permissions you'ref forcedto give them with this "service" !?! And if you uninstall, it's not clear if play store or their apps will work... Even if you paid for them, like you paid for your f phone and your mobile provider! I cant wait for an alternative!!!

  • Sayan Joseph

    error incompatible with other application(s) using the same shared user ID. play services wont installl. my phone is XOLO A500 android 4.0.4 how will know which the other application is so i can remove it and get services.