Sprint announced the Flash back in November last year, when it launched with Android 4.0. Well, it's finally getting an update to Android 4.1... 9 months later. Ugh. The new software version is N9100V1.0.0B15. Improvements aside from things like Google Now and expandable notifications include enhancements to the camera app, which now includes blink detection, flash mode toggle, an EXIF data menu, and a detailed settings menu.

You can start checking for the update on your device now, though the rollout may be staged over the next week or two.

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David Ruddock
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  • vaghoust

    carrier bloatware is like cancer on the mobile fragmentation,and their contracts are so typical

  • firesoul453

    Nexus for life

  • Mike

    Still waiting for my update..

  • qsnine

    According to direct conversations and emails with Sprint and ZTE, there is no upgrade!!

  • Ann Lazebna
  • HippieComplex

    I have V1.0.0B18 and it's only Android 4.0.4. So how is this supposed to be 4.1 when the version I have is 3 points higher than this supposed 4.1 version. *sigh*