HTC pushed the Android 4.3 kernel and framework code earlier today, and the update just started showing up for both Google Play Edition devices. Now Samsung is getting in on the whole open source thing. Yes, it has posted the new kernel source files for its Google Play Edition phone.

2013-08-02 20_38_24-Open Source Release Center

The MR1 version is Android 4.3, and it clocks in at 206MB. Developer types should feel free to download and tinker. Grab it at the link below, but be aware Samsung's servers are on the slow side.

[Samsung Open Source]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Guest

    Well done, Google.

  • David Marion

    I'm glad that Samsung is finally doing this. From my understanding, CyanogenMod has been having difficulty with Samsung devices because of the lack of source files. Once I upgrade my S2, (probably when the S5 comes out) I'm thinking that the CM team won't be so discouraged to develop for that device.

    • ProductFRED

      Only for the Exynos models. Not the Snapdragon. The lack of documentation on the Exynos chipsets hinders development.

    • ANex

      We need graphic drivers more than kernel source. Samsung hasn't realised them yet. S3 have some graphic glitches because of that. Fortunately Steve Kondik said he is helping out on the driver issue. (though not much progress made yet)

    • KyleRay

      Yeah.... the Anti Samsung iDiots in and out of the Modding community seem to always be out to find fault with them. When the reality is that since one of their own abandoned them to take a job with Samsung, they expected special treatment from a proprietary hardware company striving to protect their own investment in co-operation with ARM on Exynos chips. You see..... Qualcomm is not a direct ARM hardware licensee like Samsung and they have partnership agreements to consider. Unlike Qualcomm who only licenses the ARM instruction sets!

      That Cynogenmod dev is just a disgruntled fat mouthed HTC fan and most of all a Samsung hater from the word GO! :-D

  • Dillon Shepherd

    I had my doubts about timely updates to the play edition devices. Great job Sammy and Goog :)

  • KyleRay

    How lame can this writer be to insinuate Samsung has never been in the Open Source Game as he calls it when they wee the first manufacturer to dive into wholeheartedly years ago. They continue to be the biggest contributor to Android development as a member of OHA by blowing HTC totally out of the water along with LG.

    They've not only contributed heavily to Android development, but even their own OS and recently updated their Revolutionary F2FS file system for Flash (1ST EVER FOR SSD Drives) Friendly File System for Linux and Android. Now Android not only leads in shear activation numbers, but leads the way into the Future of Solid State Memory Drives! .......and their development of the best and fastest memory modules is now....... LEGENDARY!!!