While we haven't heard much on the Android 4.3 update news front for the One or Galaxy S4 GPE other than "soon," it sounds like soon really may mean soon. HTC just released the Android 4.3-based kernel source and framework files for the One GPE on HTCdev.


The corresponding software version for the source and framework is 3.06.1700.10, while the kernel version remains unchanged at 3.4.10. You can download the kernel right here, and the framework files here. The Android 4.3 update that goes along with it will presumably be coming shortly. We hope.


David Ruddock
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  • Danny Holyoake

    And the bitching was silenced.

    • DavidW

      You must be new to the Internet.

  • Anon

    Now if only they went AOSP like Sony.

  • Garry DeWitt

    Not bad HTC.

  • PhoenixPath

    The last kernel seemed to be interchangeable, if I am not mistaken, between the GPe and Sense version, so this might mean we could be seeing 4.3 for the Sensible One soon as well?

    ...okay, maybe not from HTC and *definitely* not from T-Mobile, but perhaps the dev community?

    Or am I just talking crazy now...?

    • Simon Belmont

      Doubt it. Sense based updates take a long time.

      I'd be surprised if there was an update to Android 4.3 on the HTC One before Android 5.0 shows up in the fall. Just my wild guess here.

      • RaptorOO7

        Unfortunately I have to agree. While the rumors of the US getting 4.3 instead of 4.2.2 are nice yet questionable I don't see 4.3 Sense based updates arriving anytime soon. Typically 4-6 months minimum before you would see anything and then the carrier support will be questionable at best.

        • Simon Belmont

          Indeed. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if HTC just skipped Android 4.3 entirely and went for Android 5.0.

          That would be best case scenario. Worst case would be it going to Android 4.3 and then taking ANOTHER 4-6 months to get to Android 5.0 (if at all).

  • RaptorOO7

    Sweet, we must be looking at 4.3 soon, or hopefully soon, or maybe soon or not anytime soon.

    • PhoenixPath

      My thoughts exactly. :)

  • Justin Williams

    I wonder what new features htc might squeeze in the 4.3 update, obviously not expecting anything wow but new things are always welcomed. Battery life would be nice if they could sort that out.

  • Ricardo

    Brian Klug from Anandtech got the OTA update already
    Edit: the build number is JWR66V

  • sam

    already out !!!! check out xda