Last Updated: May 20th, 2014

Well, it's finally here, folks: the Moto X just broke cover from a press embargo, and we can get down to the nitty-gritty of the real device. As heavily leaked, it's not the showstopping device that you might expect as Motorola's flagship: with a 4.7-inch, 720p screen and Moto's custom X8 chip (1.7Ghz dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU) it falls on the high end of the mid-range. But that's what the company is aiming for: a phone with as wide a release as possible.


The hardware itself is quite similar to the DROID Ultra, with the X8 system-on-a-chip, 2GB of RAM, and a slightly smaller screen. The phone will come in 16GB for $199 on-contract, with no MicroSD card option. Standard GSM-LTE and CDMA-LTE models will be available for America's "big four" carriers plus US Cellular and most international carriers. AT&T gets the best deal out of the bunch: an exclusive 32GB model for $249 on-contract, and the Moto Maker customization website, which allows customers to pick a custom-colored backplate (even one made from wood) and personalized text.


The phone is assembled in the United States, in a plant in Fort Worth, Texas. This is what allows the AT&T version (and again, only the AT&T version) to be insanely customized. At launch two color options will be available for the front, 16 for the back, with more opening up later. Motorola claims that once a custom phone is made, it will be shipped in four days are less. There are "more than 2,000 possible combinations" of colors and materials, with real wood backplates becoming available "later in the year." Other carriers will get a selection of colors, but most will start with the black and white versions you've already seen.

MotoX_Black_Side MotoX_White MotoX_ColorPinwheel

Software is Android 4.2.2, a bit of a disappointment after Google released 4.3 to Nexus devices last week. The reason is that it has a ton of software customizations from Motorola: pretty much all the things that we saw in the new DROIDs from Verizon. Likewise, the rear camera is the same 10MP ClearPixel shooter. The battery is 2,200mAh, and Motorola claims that this will last for 13 hours of talk time or an entire day of mixed usage. One last thing: the Moto X uses a nano-SIM, as seen in the iPhone 5. Motorola's specific additions to the software include an "always on" voice control feature for Google Now, Active Display alerts that use the Super AMOLED screen to display only certain pixels while the rest of the screen is off, a quick-launch camera flick gesture, and a variety of apps and user interface tweaks.

The Moto X (and the new Verizon DROIDs) get access to both Motorola Connect, a function that allows Google Chrome users to see texts and incoming calls in a desktop browser, and Motorola Migrate, an Android app for transferring SIM contacts, call logs, and other data to new phones. The Moto X will also give its owners a free 50GB expansion to Google Drive for two years.

MotoX_ATT_Cabernet-Purple MotoX_ATT_RoyalBlue-Black MotoX_ATT_Spearmint-NeonYellow MotoX_ATT_Turquoise-NeonYellow MotoX_ATT_Violet-Purple


The launch date for the Moto X is a vague "late August/early September" for the United States and Canada, and there is no word on an unsubsidized price.

Source: Motorola, Sprint, AT&T

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Michael Pahl


    • Cole Mickens

      4.2.2 and it's not stock AOSP. :(

      • IamTheFij

        Looks like it's stock plus a few small features. Kind of like how CM is stock plus some extra features.

        That said, Google Play Edition should be coming out as well.

        • Cole Mickens

          But that's what Blur basically already was... I mean, it's stock Android, plus carrier specific modifications. I LIKE the changes, but I also plan on running CM... so why would I buy a phone based on the features of the stock ROM?

          Now, if 4.4 drops with those extra features and the Play version is unlocked, we'll have a different discussion. But at that point... I have a perfectly functional Galaxy S4 in my pocket.

          • IamTheFij

            My point is that it not being Stock AOSP is a pretty poor argument. I have a Nexus 4 and I don't even run Stock AOSP.

            On top of that, the features they added definitely sound like an improvement. Which is good. Most users (especially the ones they are targeting) aren't going to root their phones. They aren't going to flash CyanogenMod.

            For people that want a phone that's easy to use and personal, this is their phone. This is a phone I'd recommend to my wife, mother, brother, friends, etc... Anyone who's not into rooting and tweaking their phone could be VERY happy with this phone.

            I am not one of those people. I'll stick to Nexus because I'm always going to want to flash and hack away, but I understand that I'm the minority.

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            I agree - OEM specific ROMs aren't the horrible cesspit that they used to be. The HTC One for example, everyone I've spoken to who has one says that the HTC specific features are some of their favourite features on the phone.

            Looking forward to seeing a hands-on for this one, then I can make up my mind whether I should buy one or not.

    • Elias

      No microsd and no front facing speakers? At THAT price?? Ha!
      A fair figure would be $300 for the unsubsidized 32gb.

    • NathanDrago

      Excuse me, but... aren't 200$ the price of 2 months of contract? Is it really that much?
      Because 200$ for a phone is nothing.

    • Simon Belmont

      This perfectly captures my feelings on the Moto X. It also reinforces my patience for the Nexus 5.

      I was really hoping for a reasonably priced off contract phone, here. I'll be more than happy with my G'Nex running Android 4.3 until this fall.

      • Michael Pahl

        Flash crossbreeder

  • projectmisha

    So many fails here. Contracts. Who does that any more? Launching with 4.2? and on and on

    • Falzo

      Almost every carrier in North America

      • blumpkin pie

        just because the carriers do contracts doesn't mean you as the customer have to. Just like I wouldn't buy a computer from my ISP I won't buy a phone from my service provider.

        Phone market should work this way:
        1. pick phone and buy
        2. pick carrier and receive service on the phone you bought in step 1.

        Unfortunately ATT is the only nationwide GSM network the USA has; but there are plenty of MVNO using their towers and the gophone plans are pretty good these days. The best part about prepaid is there is a competitive market for refills on ebay and other online marketplaces. My "$60" gophone plan has been costing me about $45 on ebay by buying at the right times.

        Hopefully in 5-10 years when all carriers have LTE in 100% of their footprint then there will truly be a competitive market where you can take the same phone between all carriers. CDMA/EVDO was a horrible abomination :(

        • Sir_Brizz

          The problem in the US is that you are still paying for on contract phone purchases even if you get phones off contract.

          • Matthew Fry

            'cept on T-Mobile.

          • blumpkin pie

            sure, if you do a standard postpay plan. Prepaid plans are far cheaper, that's how you get a lower price for buying your phone.
            If you have multiple lines the economics can vary, but for a single line post pay prices are ridiculous. Seems like every carrier wants to charge ~$100/mo for using a smartphone. Prepaid prices are generally $50/mo or less.

          • Sir_Brizz

            Post paid plans are ridiculously expensive no matter what. Even the cost of family plans is utterly outrageous.

            MVNO are getting better, but they still can't deal with device creep. T-Mobile is the closest to being where people should be as far as cellphone plans are concerned today. They are no longer trying to hide the cost of the phone in your plan, and if you like your phone after the contracted payment period is up, you can keep going while paying a lower price.

            The downside to other carriers is simply that you can't get a lower price when you are out of contract. I don't always want a new phone when my contract is out, but I don't get any cost benefit for letting it ride without resigning a new contract. I'm better off buying the latest iPhone and selling it new in box than sitting in out of contract land.

        • The Phenom

          T-Mobile is GSM too

          • blumpkin pie

            they are not nationwide. They have no towers in Alaska [and possibly other states too]. They also have the misfortune of using AWS frequencies for HSPA+ which not all devices support.

    • Stylus_XL

      4.3 was released just over a week ago, they clearly haven't been given enough time to implement it.

      The pricing is the worst thing. Totally unrealistic.

      • Thomas

        They are owned by the same fucking company how hard is to give it to them before hand.

        • xsirxx

          Legally? very hard.

        • Matthew Fry

          It's more complicated than that and you know it. 4.3 has been out for like a week. Google doesn't just sit there twiddling their thumbs. There were probably changes to 4.3 up to release.

          motorola is in a damned if you do/damned if you don't scenario if they release now. If they put 4.3 in without adequate testing you'd be pissed. If they put in 4.2 which they've tested with for the last 6 months and know is solid you'd be pissed.

          • the_banned_one_returns

            Then phone isn't even for sale yet. They still had another month+ to get it done.

          • Matthew Fry

            And they might release an update on day 1 but they're not going to promise 4.3 before they know what it entails.

        • Stylus_XL

          Ah, so you want Google to break Android's 'open source' fair playground philosophy by giving Motorola access to the latest Android OS before its released to AOSP, upsetting their hardware partners in the process? Very wise advice, Thomas.

  • solbin

    So much hype. So much disappointment.

    • http://www.toysdiva.com Toys Samurai

      The biggest disappointment is the $199 on contract price.

      • Freak4Dell

        Definitely. I don't have any other problems with the phone, and I still want to buy it, but pricing it the same as the high end phones is ridiculous. I was always skeptical of the $300 rumors that were floating around, but I did think they would have been able to do around $400 or so off contract and $100 on contract. On the bright side, now I'm not going to be spending a large sum of money today.

        • Stylus_XL

          I can't see how they could justify charging more than $350-$400 off contract, if it was priced more modestly I would have bought one. But anything more than that is practically an insult. It will be interesting to find out what the off contract price actually is but it's not looking pretty.

      • Michael Pahl

        and locked bootloader

      • bungadudu

        How can an outsider, with mid specs can hope to get market share when priced as high as the flagships?

        • Iggies

          Ask your average iPhone owner to list the specs of their phone. Ask the average Galaxy S4 owner the same question. Count the number of blank stares.

          • Floss

            It has the 4Gs and the Wifis

          • John O’Connor

            I want the more GB's, LMAO


          • IamTheFij

            Usability is king.

            No matter what you all think of the iPhone, it's users don't care. The phone does what they want it to do and it runs everything on it fast. Doesn't matter if the SGS4 has a faster CPU, the iPhone does it's job.

            That's what they are going for with the Moto X. It's a phone that's not out there to be some super soldier, but a phone for you that's there to make your life easier.

            Here's hoping it does that. I think it's a great concept.

        • Christopher McKellar


          "The phone reportedly includes Qualcomm's Krait 300 CPU architecture as opposed to the Krait 200 (née Krait) in the Snapdragon S4 Plus. The part number is what you need to pay attention to here—there's an MSM8960T that combines an Adreno 320 with two Krait 200 cores, but that extra D in MSM8960DT apparently denotes a similar chip with a new CPU architecture."

      • Matthew Fry

        The biggest disappointment is that this came (albeit roundaboutly) from Google.

      • Veridor

        This. Was really hoping for $299 or less off-contract.

    • Raymond Berger

      Yeah, someone should just make the always listening thing a mod we can put on the S3/S4 and other high end phones.

      • WestIndiesKING

        the way the processor works it wouldnt be battery efficient.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Yeah I hate it when I make things up and then get mad when the things I made up don't happen.

      • solbin

        Well, to be fair, it really wasn't the peoples' fault for making things up and the phone getting so much hype.

        Motorola saying that it is an "industry changing" phone, and "as big of a game-change as the first iPhone", people would generally expect more than what we got in the announcement.

        • simp1istic

          Not to mention almost every tech blogger and journalist hyping this thing up like fucking crazy. Stupid us for believing them.

        • Steve Freeman

          Yeah, it's a letdown in every single category imaginable.

        • IamTheFij

          It is though. It's a huge change in mentality of Android manufacturers.

          Changing the race from a specs race to a usability race. That's what the iPhone does and that's how Apple markets it.

          Whether it actually changes the industry, we'll have to see, but I think it's definitely a unique and, in my opinion, a refreshing viewpoint.

          • Chris

            Yes but is it $600 worthy? Your point is valid to an extent. The only thing is, is that everyone knows Apple for ripping their consumers off just because they have made a name for themselves. Kind of like AlienWare, but less fail.

            Now, Motorola is trying to enter a similar method of marketing, except for the fact that nobody has given a rats ass about them since the first RAZR flip phone... Hence why they should sell this at an affordable off-contract price, give the company a polished name once again, and THEN maybe they can consider ripping off the consumers.

            Until then, they have entered a rabbit hole.

          • John O’Connor

            I would love a manufacturer to come out and do both. Apple has been owning the usability race (much to our android dismay) but specs do count for something after all (to some of us)

            perhaps the gnote3 will be some hybrid bastard child in between the 2 extremes. i was expecting more from the x as well as any other and will probably purchase on for at least one of my lines to see if it is something worthwhile.

            in the end i am still very disappointed on the "carrier exclusivity" regardless of timeframe and the fact that there are no other storage options at this point in time especially when you consider the device is coming in at a subsidized price equivalent to other devices with similar/greater specs and more storage or option for add-on storage. don't get me wrong, they really would have lost a lot of customers if they went under 16gb seeing as 10-12gb are user accessible, but i was hoping that by this point they would be moving to a 32/64gb norm considering the lack of external storage support

      • the_banned_one_returns

        Sorry ... this doesn't even live up to the hype put out by Motorola themselves, much less any rumors from sites across the net like AP.

      • Greyhame

        Dennis Woodside spoke to it. That's a solid source. The hope of a cheap phone didn't pan out, so the disappointment is understandable. Motorola had a chance to turn the industry on its head. They talked up their device like it was going to do just that.

        Swing and a miss.

        • brkshr

          If price was the deciding factor for "turning the industry on it's head". Why haven't the Nexus phones been the ones making waves?

          • Greyhame

            The nexus was only available on two of the for major carriers and lacked LTE. This has neither of those drawbacks.

          • mechapathy

            Well, yeah, that and the fact that not many people outside of our Android-interested/obsessed community have any idea the Nexus 4 exists. Or the Nexus One/Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus. And when they are sold in carrier stores, they aren't pushed nearly as much as Samsung or Motorola or HTC flagships. And have you ever seen a Nexus 4 ad on TV? I mean, strictly N4. Maybe T-Mobile has had a commercial or two that has included it, but it probably wasn't the focus. You have to get the people who didn't know about it to want it, and that partly involves commercials with feel-good music, and people whose lives are just a royal fuckton better cuz they own a Nexus 4.

      • brkshr

        I like how everyone hears the price then automatically the phone is complete crap now. Everything that was leaked is a lie... If it was the price everyone wanted (unrealistically), the phone would have been great. I think time will tell that Moto did a great job with this one. I don't like the price point either, but I'm not about to completely dismiss this as a good phone because of that. I think that everyone is just butthurt because they actually thought that this phone was going to be $300 off contract & they don't understand how great the new CPU/GPU architecture will be. All they hear is "dual-core".

        • John O’Connor

          Not necessarily, since we do not yet know they full MSRP. the fact that it comes in at a subsidized $199 is off putting to some since they still have a contract lock-in and it puts the pricing in line with other higher spec devices which may be desirable to a lot of consumers.

    • Kenny O
    • Kenny O
      • Em A

        Classic, had me lmfao

  • Naga Sridhar

    Nothing else we did not know. I wish and really wish they have the customization option for the unlocked model. And also, what will be the unlocked model pricing. And most importantly, locked bootloader on this one too?

  • http://ctrl.lv Elvijs Jaunzems

    The ugliest publicity image wallpaper ever

  • Nick Saulino

    LOL at everyone who's been freaking about about this phone.

    But seriously, sorry. I hope you get a nice phone.

  • Josh Phillips

    Off contract price?

  • Bryan McGee

    So this is pretty disappointing. We all knew it was going to be midrange, but I think most of us had our fingers crossed that they had some trick up their sleeve. But ohhh, pretty colors!

    • Todd

      Yeah, but customization is stuck only on AT&T.

    • Steve Freeman

      Hell, I would have been perfectly happy with mid-range if it was $200-$300 OFF contract.

      • Bryan McGee

        I agree. The spec/price ratio is way off. They're charging more for less while banking on people buying into the "cool factor." Hey, it works for Apple, right?

        • Steve Freeman

          You're right... Yay, now we can be sheeple too!

  • Dinofan01

    I was really holding out hope there would be some great feature announced or they would actually announce a competitive Nexus 4-esque price but my gut feeling was correct. It ended up being a forgettable phone. There's too many sacrifices made for the sake of battery for me to consider buying this phone at that price.

  • simp1istic

    That is one terrible background they're showing with it. Also a ridiculously disappointing product even ignoring all the rabid fanboy hype.

  • Anthony Restaino

    I was looking forward to it until I saw the $199 price-tag ON CONTRACT... it's going to be ridiculously expensive off contract.

    Guess I'm waiting for the next Nexus phone...

    • solbin

      Off contract Moto X price on AT&T: $575 for 16GB, $630 for 32 GB

      • Razma


      • The Phenom

        For all that might as well go get a google edition of the S4 or the HTC One

      • the_banned_one_returns

        BAHAHAHAHA! What a fucking joke.

      • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

        That really is nuts if it's true, what a shame :(

  • 16bitz0r

    Seems like Nexus 4 Plus to me (Faster, yet hopefully optimized dual-core cpu is better than unoptimized quad like the one in the N4).
    If its battery life & performance would be greater than the current nexus 4, then we have a true winner.

    • David Thoren

      Not for the price difference.

    • briankariu

      At $500+ off contract, I will pick the unoptimised nexus 4 ten times over. I was willing to pick it up if Moto had sold it at $300-350 range and replace my N4, but now,,,lemme just wait for the N5

  • Wazzifer

    Excuse my French but fuck this.

    • Steve Freeman

      With a pine tree.

  • Mike Larrabee

    Assuming this has a standard 500+ off contract price, there's zero reason to get this over the Maxx for Verizon. Sigh...

  • Velmeran

    High end of the mid ranges; yet a price that reflects the high end range of smartphones.
    Go figure.

  • zephiK

    Duo-Core, 720p screen, Locked bootloader, $199


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The X8 chip is plenty powerful.

      • Ian Santopietro

        No one's arguing that. I think the big clincher is the price. It's just too much. No one wants to pay $200 for a subsudized phone anymore.

        • Matthew Fry

          On contract. But you can do it off-contract on AT&T and still pay the subsidy

          • David Thoren

            AT&T has an abomination of "off contract but subsidy" mechanism. You still pay contract pricing for your plan. It's stupid.

          • Matthew Fry

            That was indeed my point :-)

          • David Thoren

            Well.. in that case... solidarity brother!

        • David Fulde

          This. I LOVE the phone's size, and it's features. but 200 bucks on contract? Nope. (Also, rogers exclusive in canada it seems)

      • the_banned_one_returns

        Sure, but it's still dual-core vs. the quad-cores in the other $199 phones. One has more storage and a premium build. GS4 has millions of features, removable battery, SD slot, etc. iPhone has the name and the app store. Moto X has ... always listening voice feature that will scare some people and ... .

        For a reasonable price I would have been all over this phone. Not at $199/249 on contract though.

      • briankariu

        Yeah its powerful, but it will be going against the juggernauts of the Android realm. Phones that pack 1080p screens, quad core procs, microsd slots and very good design language (hint: HTC one). Now @archon810:disqus would you buy this over the HTC one if they are both selling at the same price point?

  • rahlquist

    Ok so no 1080p, no microsd, no quad core cpu, no high end 3d gpu, requires the same price on contract as an HTC One or S4. So basically its a 2 year old phone at today's prices. If thats not failsauce I smell, I dont know what is.

    • skitchbeatz

      it's more like a 1 year old phone.. not 2.

    • btstump

      Apple keeps releasing two year old tech and making a killing. Maybe Motorola is taking their cues from them. :-P

      • Matthew Fry

        As much as I want to agree with you, the Apple GPU still blows everything else out of the water except probably the Tegra 4. That GPU is a beast and is one of (if not the only) thing I'm jealous of.

        • Stacey Liu

          What are you talking about? The Adreno 320 is better than the iPhone 5's GPU in most real world tests. The PowerVR only wins in silly abstract tests like fill rate.

          The iPad 4's GPU is a monster, but we're not comparing tablets here.

          • Matthew Fry

            You may know better than I. I just look at the benchmarks. Either way, btstump was saying both the Adreno 320 and SGX543mp3 are 2 year old tech which they are not.

      • the_banned_one_returns

        Apple can do that. Motorola cannot.

      • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

        That's because Apple has a cult-like following. Motorola most assuredly does not.

    • deltatux

      The GPU used in the Moto X is exactly the same as the one found in the Nexus 4 and is rather high end as it supports all the latest OpenGL ES/CL extensions. Quad core is overhyped, a higher clocked dual core is better than a lower clocked quad core. Most applications don't even take advantage of quad core. 90% of the time my Nexus 4 shuts off the other two cores.

      • briankariu

        And how much is the year old, quad core nexus 4? #motofailsauce

  • acer1096xxx

    Man they screwed up big time. First of all, the moto x should have been only $99: easy and affordable. Also, selling the phone for $199 is a huge rip-off when it's only mid-range specs. And then, of course, the only appealing feature, the customization, is limited to AT&T. There's absolutely nothing appealing about this phone other than a few gimmicks or if you're on AT&T.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    There goes the rumor of it launching today (not that we ever thought it would pan out).

    • the_banned_one_returns

      There goes the rumor of a good price on a phone with good (not high end) specs.

  • Todd

    16gb onboard is all? If I want more I have to go to AT&T, crappy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

      Yeah, that's the deal-breaker for me. No way no how will I ever go (back) to AT&T. Screw that noise.

  • jamaall

    should be $149

  • BrianLipp

    1. AT&T exclusive crap deal
    2. Still a contract phone, super expensive off contract

    Guess the GNex, Verizons best phone, will be sticking around

    • EH101

      GNex?! Verizon's best phone?! Someone has been drinking the Nexus flavored Kool-Aid. The Note 2 that I upgraded to from the GNex destroys it in every category except for pocket-ability. It's perfectly fine to like your current device, but to blatantly lie when claiming it is superior to today's and even last year's flagships is a joke.

      • BrianLipp

        well, it still runs perfectly fine, and thanks to the awesome dev community, i dont have to wait for fucking Verizon to "approve" STOCK android updates. If its games and other intensive apps, w/e, i have a tablet for that.

        • EH101

          You're one of the lucky ones I see. My GNex ran like crap for the last few months of its use even using AOKP and other ROMs. The 32gb internal storage was the only thing I really liked(ok, loved!) about it, after the new factor wore off.

          Btw I also don't have to wait for Verizon to approve any updates, because there's really nothing to wait for. Except for the double notification pull down thing, I can't think of anything useful in new versions of android. And if I ever get that itch, AOSP based ROMs are just a max 10 minute download away.

          Side note: How is your usb port holding up? I had to go through cords like crazy since they, for some reason, would just get loose with that phone. New cord solved the issue every time for me. didn't have that issue before with my Fascinate, and don't have it now with my Note 2. Weird.

          • BrianLipp

            Mine was starting to get sluggish too, but i cleaned it and did a fresh install of 4.3 version of Shiny ROM and its running great again.

            USB port is being a little finicky with the original cable, but it works fine with the Nexus 7 cable because the part that plugs in is a little longer so it stays in easier.

          • EH101

            I've sold mine so can't check if 4.3 would help it, sigh.

            And that's probably exactly the issue I had with the cable. Never thought that the plug itself wasn't getting far enough in there, good thinking.

          • Robert Macri

            4.3 has made the GNEX awesome, once again. Its like night and day vs 4.2.2

  • mgamerz

    I am ready to read comments of people whining about the price of a phone being sold by a company who is in the red being too high while expecting said company to go into the black.

    • solbin

      They had a prime chance to sell a ton of these at the right price. The way things are going, contracts are going away, and there is a demand of affordable off contract phones. If they priced this thing right, they would be making a lot of money. The way it is now? Good luck competing against the highest end of phones at the price they are wanting to sell it at.

      • Justin Foster

        Exactly, and if they're gonna play the high-price game, they better wake-up and realize Samsung has a lot more gimmicks to draw people in.

      • mgamerz

        Did you honestly think that there'd be Verizon/Sprint versions that are off contract? Has anyone actually made a phone for those carriers that is sold off-contract and not through one of their stores/subsidiaries?

        • solbin

          Just because it is sold in the stores doesnt mean you can buy it off contract. They could have priced this accordingly, $49/$99 on contract, $299/$349 off contract.

          • mgamerz

            Again, Motorola is in the red. Selling phones that need to make up millions, billions in R&D at pretty much at-cost isn't going to make any money.

          • the_banned_one_returns

            NOT selling phones because you priced a mid-range phone the same as high-end phones isn't the way to get in the black. The price of the X is a FAIL, pure and simple.

          • mgamerz

            By that standard the iPhone shouldn't sell at all eh? Its time android manufacturers actually focused on software. Hardware isn't going to always increase to power their terribly optimized OS customizations.

          • the_banned_one_returns

            I've said it more than once... Apple can command a premium price and get it. Motorola cannot.

    • Ark

      Yeah, by that logic they should just have made every X cost a million dollars.

  • Raymond Berger

    We need a developer to make a mod so we can have that always listening Google Now thing on other phones like the S3/S4 and other high end phones!

    • Baleeted


    • Nimer55

      I think the problem would be batter life. Motorola has put a specific low-energy chip whose sole job is to listen for those keywords. It's my understanding (or at least Motorolas marketing seems to indicate) that doing this with current chips in cellphones would kill the battery.

      • Raymond Berger

        Well I really don't know enough about hardware to know but it seems to me like if I had a quad core phone it should be able to use just one of those cores to do something like that and keep it at a lower clocked speed.

        • esper256

          One core would still kill the battery. You need a custom ASIC to do it 24x7 at low power.

    • Paul_Werner


      Not sure how well it works though as I tried it on my Nexus 4 and was not impressed. It wouldn't pick up anything most of the time but when it did the screen stayed off. When I unlocked it after turning it on then the Google Now page was open waiting for me to say a command after I either said Google or pressed the mic. YMMV

  • Jose Torres

    I find the lack of microSD support disturbing

    • David Thoren

      I really find it hard to believe that so many people use so much space on their phones that a microSD is a must... I don't really limit myself that much and I get by quite well with a 16GB N4. Granted, I don't use it for watching movies or loading lots of multi-gig games.

      • Michael Pahl

        I have soaked phones before and the SD card lived... just sayin

        • David Thoren

          Oh? And what would you have lost? All of my stuff is cloud based, or has a cloud backup these days. If I lost my phone, I would get a new one, log into my google account, and be up and running in minutes.

          • solbin

            As nice as the cloud is, many carriers data plans don't play too well with it. If given the choice of having a SD card and not having one. Who would choose not to have one?

          • David Thoren

            You don't have to just backup / download off of the cloud. Wi-fi makes MUCH more sense.

            I just stopped caring about the SD card. If I REALLY need extra storage with me, there are portable options that can give you a wireless file-store.

          • Michael Pahl

            I hear ya. But its handy to keep app backups as well as my TWRP CM 10.1 backups on the SD

          • David Thoren

            I keep Titanium backups in Drive (let it do that while I sleep), I keep one TWRP backup once a week (with a copy in Drive), and the latest nightly in case I need to reflash (saved my ass a couple times... nightlies are dangerous creatures =D).

          • Justin W

            I think people just hate change. Backups sent to the cloud make so much sense because then you have repetition on a massive scale, and you'll always have that data available until you delete it.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

          Same here. I just did that and fortunately, the SD survived.

      • solbin

        Like you said, games are quickly becoming larger and larger. Being able to load a good amount of music and movies/tv shows is important to a lot of people. I have a N4 as well, and would love to have a SD card to be able to store more on the phone.

        • David Thoren

          You can literally store DAYS worth of music on the N4. Limit yourself to a couple of large games or delete them when you are done with them. Movies? That's where you would have to make the judgment call for yourself.. it's not a huge need for me because I never have time to watch something like that.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

            What a pain in the ass! Why should I when an inexpensive option is technologically available?

          • David Thoren

            What? Deleting games you are done with? Having what you feel like available? /shrug. Like I said, I just don't see where the sdcard is such a must that people won't even consider how much space they actually use. I've had phones with lots of storage and SD cards. I just realized I didn't use that much storage.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

            Here's the crux: An SD card offers.... wait for it... choice. Why should I have to do things the "Google approved way"? That smacks of Apple's crap.

            I keep some things up in the cloud, but I prefer for my sensitive files to not be up on someone's server. Financials, contacts, and music; not porn by the way. I also prefer the speed that I get accessing things locally vs the cloud.

            Finally, my tab of choice is a WiFi only model. But since it's a Nexus 7, I'm screwed if I want to go somewhere that doesn't have WiFi available... And I do that regularly. I have the 16GB version, and it's really tight for me. I'm probably going to move over to the new Nexus 7 and go up to 32. That's probably going to barely cover my current needs. I've seriously considered a device with an SD card as well, but the best one out there at that size is probably the Galaxy 7.2, and the screen on that thing absolutely sucks. So of course I'm not happy.

            I don't "get done" with games that quickly either.

            The cloud is a decent place to stick a book or two and some music. It's not the solution to storage (yet) that Google wishes it could be.

          • Ruben

            Apart from not having any time to watch movies, why would anyone prefer to watch a movie on a 5" screen rather than a >42"? I feel like people forget what a phone is all about... It's becoming such a rare thing to actually call someone with your smartphone some companies sell bluetooth handsets with their smartphones.

          • Todd

            Phones aren't just phones anymore, so your statement is really a fallacy. And if you watch a smartphone screen close enough, it actually fills your field of vision better than a 42" tv.

          • Ruben

            If you have to hold your phone close to your eyes order to fill a great part of your vision you can't relax and sit back in a comfortable couch with a drink and a bag of popcorn / crisps... We're talking about movies not YouTube videos ;)

          • ravenas

            This is why I stick to Samsung products. If you're going to use your phone as a camera you'll need storage space. HD video and HD photos take up space fast! Want to watch a podcast? Video for a 1hr Show is 300 mb. If you travel to a sports game or other congested area your download Speeds drop to Crap. God forbid you go Off the grid at all! Take the auto train for DC to FL and you go thru BMFNowhere GA. And let's say you're on one Of the bloodsucking leech carriers who charge you a firstborn Son for data? forget Streaming anything w/o a bank loan.

            Mobile devices must Start at 32GB to be Realistic. 16GB's only doable with a micro SD slot.

          • Ruben

            I don't get your point... The Moto X is available with 32GB of storage! This phone is not made for tech enthusiasts this phone is made for the average user and 16GB is more than enough.

      • Jose Torres

        I'm one of those users who have a phone as a secondary PC of sorts. I NEVER stream my music and I always keep them ( 40GB+) and my documents locally, cellular is too unreliable.

        • David Thoren

          I NEVER stream my music either... I just keep what I'm feeling the mood for rather than a YEAR's worth of audio at once. I guarantee you you have not listened to 80% of that 40GB+ in the last month.

          • Jose Torres

            "I guarantee you you have not listened to 80% of that 40GB+ in the last month."

          • David Thoren

            40GB at CD quality (160kbps) comes in somewhere north of 570 hours of music (almost 24 straight days). Without repeats.

            You (should) sleep 8 hours per day, so we can pretty safely say that to get through all 570 hours would take you 36 days. But you still have to stop and interact with people, eat. work, etc. It'd still take a month just to listen to half of it. Is it possible? Yeah. Likely? No. Human nature would have you repeating songs / albums if the mood strikes you, or skipping songs that you didn't feel like listening to, or taking off your headphones to hear what someone is saying.

            Yeah, I'm pretty confident when I say you haven't listened to 80% of that in the last month.

      • fixxmyhead

        Lots of PORN

      • aaron cooper

        I get by with a 8GB Nexus 4.... I still have 3.5 GB to use up, even after launch day... So, I'm ok !

    • The Phenom

      It is now the standard on any phone Google releases for no mirco sd port/support. I simply prefer any device I own to have a sd slot. Lot less to worry about to transer a SD card that lose a device and possibly all data on it with it.

  • Dillon Shepherd

    $200-$250 ON contract
    No 4.3
    September Launch
    720p screen
    Less than "revolutionary" battery life
    Limited customisability at launch

    This is the "game-changer" Google and Motorola promised?

    No thanks.

    • David Fulde

      September? so... when the new flagships are coming out? Wow. I mean, the nexus 5 (Here's hoping it will actually exist) comes out in what... November?

    • jonathan3579

      I agree. The only game that's changed for me is the waiting game - I'm now waiting for something else.

    • jamaall

      hell, their droids are better. since i'm on verizon of course i'll get a droid over this sh*t. the main selling point was customizability and you can't even customize it unless you're on at&t

  • daburghit

    Well I'll continue to hope against hope that the 2013 Nexus 7 4G supporting Verizon's 4G network might be an indication that the Nexus 5 will also support Verizon's 4G network. I know, I know, I could just go to T-Mobile or AT&T, but that's not in the cards for me for now. *crosses fingers*

  • Razma

    $200 ON CONTRACT, Locked Bootloader, 32GB AT&T Exclusive, Customization AT&T Exclusive...

  • fred

    It's also a US exclusive guys, no European availability planned at all.

    • fshk

      I'm not even mad, let Murica keep this shit ;)

    • Daniel Petersen

      Yeah - I got really disappointed because of that :(

      Taken from the article: "But that's what the company is aiming for: a phone with as wide a release as possible."

      Try releasing it on more continents!!!

    • deltatux

      Never knew Canada was part of the US... it's available in Canada as a Rogers exclusive for $189.99 on a 2 year contract.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

        We secretly Annexed Canada in '88. Shhhh... don't tell them.

  • Justin Foster

    Moto X= Moto Xperiment. I'll wait for the revision(s).

  • Ark

    Feeling patriotic? Get this shitty phone for the same price of the best ones. But hey, made here!

  • Michael Montanez

    Only mad at 2 things... $200 ON CONTRACT and that AT&T gets the EXCLUSIVE moto maker customization option! BULL SHIT!!! Now if a dev would be so kindly to rip the "always listening google now" feature so that I can use it on my GS3 and new Nexus 7 i'd be happy till the next Nexus phone comes out.

    • QwietStorm

      Completely stupid that they would do that only for AT&T.

  • http://www.bfolkers.com Brian Folkers

    C'mon guys... 'MURICA.

  • Ruben

    We already knew all of this except for the price and lack of expendable storage... I still think it's better to focus on a smooth user experience with a dual core CPU like in the Moto X than having a laggy octo core Samsung Galaxy S4 with high benchmark scores. I already expected the device not to have expendable storage just like the Nexus devices.

    You'll get a device which will be just as fast if not faster than the other flagships around for the same price, I don't see why everyone is complaining so much. Everyone is complaining about the specs you get for $200 on contract but they forget that the research that has been done in order to optimise the software and design the custom chips also has it's costs... Whenever Motorola makes enough money to cover these costs they will be able to release a future phone with the same software without having to spend so much money on research again. That way their future phones will be affordable and snappy at the same time!

    • Michael Pahl

      Same specs are latest Droid's so i bet they all get updated fairly quickly.

      • Ruben

        I totally agree with you. Motorola is making a great decision by investing in software which they can use freely in all of their phones instead of having to put expensive hardware in each device. As long as the result is a smooth user experience no one should complain!

  • ProductFRED

    This thing is such a fail.

    - AT&T-exclusive (initially) customization, but the saving grace is it's temporary and you have 2 weeks to switch out colors

    - 32GB is an AT&T exclusive (REALLY?)

    - AMOLED is necessary for active notifications (pixel by pixel lighting), but the reviewer said whites look pink and white balance overall is off. Not really a con, but SLCD is much more attractive.

    - It's not stock Android; it's also not Android 4.3 (4.2.2)

    - A Google Play Edition is coming out: [url]http://www.theverge.com/2013/8/1/4579278/google-play-edition-moto-x-announced-coming-soon[/url]

    - "X8 processor" is really a Snapdragon S4 Pro with 2 unrelated chips that are only responsible for always-on voice recognition (GEE, THANKS NSA!)

    - It's $199 on contract. $99 or even $150 would have sufficed, but I think $199 and a two year agreement for old hardware is asking a lot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

      I could get along with almost everything else, but the 32GB AT&T exclusive is full of suck. Now I have to decide between the One and the G4. I might just get a G4 and put Cyanogen on the damn thing and be done with it.

  • the_banned_one_returns

    It must suck to work at Motorola right now ... the feedback on this thing is HORRIBLE on various sites.

  • MeCampbell30

    Motorola's phone is bad and they should feel bad.

  • RSA

    I think i will have to wait for Nexus 5. Moto X should be named Moto "Suck'X'"

  • KingRando

    Nexus 5 for me

  • Michael W.

    Will be waiting for the Nexus 5, or whatever they decide to call it. My Nexus 4 with android 4.3 runs like a locomotive and the battery has been substantially increased (especially with bluetooth 4.0 LE). No thanks Moto.

  • Dt17

    Shows over. It's shows that google just wants to make lots of money just like the rest and marketing/hype is expensive. Next fellow who tells me google is god because it makes andriod for free is gonna get smack by me. Eyes on Apple September's iphone launch.

    • ltredbeard

      google is god because it makes andriod for free

  • Danny Davis

    Just read off contract $575 / $630 16 / 32 respectively

  • jamaall

    droid maxx for me then, they're pretty much the same phone, except the maxx has more batter and a bigger screen and more space. why not since its only $100 more? This should have been priced $149, since it can be considered between the Mini and the Ultra

  • jaren parker

    you all seem to forget how fast the price will drop. they are pricing it at $199 and $249 because all the diehards that pre-ordered or planned to get it day of with buy it either way. they are just playing the suckers. holiday season is right around the corner itll be a penny on amazon in no time. its the interenet, theres always a deal somewhere

    • MeCampbell30

      So will the HTC One and S4. Both better phones.

  • LifesGreat

    i know not everyone is not happy with the phone but, i think they price it like this because of the all the ways you can customize the phone. a lot of people will buy this phone or wait until their carrier get the customization options.

  • TylerChappell

    My HTC Droid DNA is superior to this device. And I find that amusing. Especially in the camera and screen departments.

  • jonathan rodriguez

    Sigh.. :-(

  • krsnprvn

    This might true...

  • TSON1

    Yay, this is just like the Nexus 7's Snapdragon S4 Pro, it's actually just a slightly toned down Snapdragon 600. I was a little afraid, to be honest.

  • Imran Al-Imran

    The price because it is made in usa

    • MeCampbell30


      Snapping on colored plastic isn't really making a phone.

      • CJ

        snapping on colored plastic while earning min wage vs snapping on colored plastic while earning a dollar a day

        • MeCampbell30

          Adding more minimum wage jobs to the US workforce does squat for the economy. But if it assuages your conscience feel free to overpay.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

          $1 a day is a living wage in some places you know.

    • GeorgePR

      it is not "made", it is "assembled". It is probably made in china or some asian country, there is nothing motorola inside it

  • GryphKid44

    What happen to driving down smart phone prices? I thought that was part of Motos goal. I guess not. 200 on contract for a mid range isn't driving down prices at all.

  • mfcfan

    Moto X more like Moto Fail.

    Game changer? Having different colors? lol

  • Stacey Liu

    Krait 300, Adreno 320, actually useful software features like active display and always listening (unlike the bullshit stuffed into other OEM skins), nice design and form factor, sensibly sized display… I'm liking it. The problem is, I already have a Nexus 4, so the upgrade seems pointless.

    The price is a little steep too. If I had a GNex I would buy it.

    Please don't respond if you're going to say anything about the core count or resolution.

  • GeorgePR

    I've just factory reset my atrix, with only rom toolbox installed, I have more than 50 system services/apps running. WTF?! I'm quite happy this s**t is not coming in Europe. much better and cheaper choices from asian than american these days

  • Asaf Moraz

    This phone doesn't have any advantage on the Nexus 4 besides the 32GB of storage. Super Amoled? r u kidding me? No thanks...

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

      LTE and Battery.

      • Asaf Moraz

        Ok, but still, i think it's not worth it's price.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

          Of course, that's a decision for you to make. I'm starting to veer away from it because I want removable battery & Storage, personally. Maybe the Optimus G2

  • MeCampbell30

    I can safely say that you're insane if you pick the Moto X over the HTC One at the same price. I just don't understand the appeal of colorful plastic.

    • CJ

      battery life

      • MeCampbell30

        I hear feature phones have great battery life. You should pay $600 for one of those too.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

          There's a big difference in having a feature phone and having a smar phone that gives 95% of the experience as the HTC one, but gives a significant boost to battery life.

  • http://404err0r.com/ Henry Park

    Well... not on Tmo... screw this than......
    I love my Nexus 4 I guess I will stick with this for 2 years xP

  • Rahul Garg


    Price. Are u fucking kidding me. WHY would I choose this over a Google HTC ONE or Google S4, for almost the same off-contract price. I'd rather buy 2 N4s (which I did, black for me; white for the girl :))

    SOC. Seriously? A bastardized S4 Pro!! My Nexus 4 is beaming with pride right now.

    GPU. Okay, Adreno 320 is awesome, I like it. But it's more than 7 months since it's been out. You gotta innovate man! Put a Tegra 4i or whatever just something LATEST.

    Always ON. No. Just No. I don't want my phone to listen to every thing I say. I thought we gave MS enough crap over something similar.

    720p. I need 1080p. No Fuck that. I need fucking 4K on my fucking phone. Sue me. I sure as hell don't need you to tell me that 720p is just fine. I seen the HTC One and S4 and I can see more text and sharper text on those screen than my N4 for sure.

    The usual. No SD card, no removable battery.

    Android 4.2.2. Fuck u Motorola.


    Availability. This is great.

    Colors. Bless u Moto for atleast trying to remind people that it's okay to have a blue/red/orange/whatever_fuckin_color I want on my phone. Remember the pink Moto Razr? Girls loved that shit.

    Simplistic. Well it seems to be easy to use. So that's good I guess.

    Assembled in 'Murica. Fuck yeah.

    Motorola is taking the Apple route here it seems, but they are forgetting the biggest thing. Apple does what Apple does because it's Apple. Now here's something Moto is good at: BATTERY

    Why not, take the Droid Max, which you already make, put stock 4.3 on it, let us mess with the bootloader, put in an awesome camera and have a 1080p screen (I don't remember if its 720 or 1080 already). How difficult can this be? It sure as hell is a lot easier than coming up with your own NLP core for sure. Who needs that shit anyway? And they forgot this, so you've already lost around 95% of the market share of non-native english speakers and wasted your resources on bastardizing the already out-dated S4 Pro Chipset. This is just plain stupid.

    TL;DR - color me unimpressed

    • douglasaharry

      Uhh the HTC One off contract is $600+ the Moto X is $300 off contract.

      • Rahul Garg

        Can you please corroborate that claim? I read on theverge.com that the off-contract price is 550 something and above.

        • n0th1ng_r3al

          Apparently nobody knows for sure now since the off contract price hasn't been officially released. Some sites are reporting $600, some $300. $600 makes no sense in a smartphone with those poor specs, especially that 720p screen.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

            Selling a phone for $199 on contract that would cost $299 off contract makes no sense.

          • n0th1ng_r3al

            What was T-Mobile selling the Nexus 4 for on contract originally?

      • MeCampbell30


  • Knlegend1

    The camera so slow

  • Richard

    It's funny because Gizmodo (primarily an apple lover) is pegging this thing as "awesome"

  • Asaf Moraz

    Looks like a nexus but it's not...

  • techgui

    it will be $100 on contract on or b4 black friday

  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

    If it's not $350 off contract, I'll wait for next Nexus.

  • Enes Taşdemir

    HTC First all over again.

  • topgun966

    I can't be alone in being extremely disappointed in this. Very VERY high price for a mid-range phone at best. Sorry, but these customizations isn't exactly what we where looking for. Looks like Moto under Google isn't going to change much :/ /me sits and waits to see whats next for Nexus.

  • valapsp

    off contract price?

    • NathanDrago

      There is none.

      • valapsp

        actually there is. $580 and $630 for 16GB and 32GB respectively.

        • valapsp

          Pretty sure that's not gonna attract people..

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    As I expected it's gimped with no expandable storage and no replaceable battery. If I were willing to accept these limitations I don't know why I would choose this over the Nexus 4.

  • cAdvent

    Like the focus on battery friendly always-on features and hardware. It is the next logical step for mobile devices. Too expensive though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

    I slept on this, so that I could form an opinion that wasn't off the cuff.

    I'm pretty disappointed in this overall.

    1> I was hoping for something priced like the Nexus 4, but for Sprint.
    2> If you can't give me an SD slot, at least give me 32GB (again, on Sprint)
    3> Customizable: I couldn't really care about the shell. I'm going to put a case on it anyway. I learned that lesson with my last phone. I wanted REAL customization, such as memory, storage, and chip options.
    4> It does look nice. But that isn't close to enough
    5> 4.2 Very small disappointment. It'll get moved up soon enough, but you'd think Google would have been able to work internally to have this thing come out with 4.3... It's not like this is Samsung or HTC. It's their company.
    6> For $199, what makes this any better than the HTC One? (The only thing that comes to mind is possible battery life and the fact that it's smaller) Hell, what makes it preferable to the Galaxy S4?
    7> Unlockable bootloader? Hello?
    8> I really think Motorola had the chance to break the mold with this phone. Instead, it's just another phone on contract. Sure, you can make a decision to make it pretty... Whoo. And it MIGHT have pretty good battery and performance. But it's STILL just another phone on contract. This isn't nearly as compelling as a Nexus 4, honestly. The entire concept of the Nexus 4 is what makes that phone so attractive. This just seems like a cookie-cutter phone with a little extra icing.

  • Raj

    What about tmobile users...buying a midrange phone at high end prices.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Really love the Motomaker.......HTC and Samsung need to take some pointers

  • Dave

    this stinks of carriers 'not allowing' Google to sell at leaked prices. $300ish off contract is based on them using last year's parts so doesn't seem far fetched at all. for the same price on-contract I and many others will wait to see how it compares to new Droids with better specs

  • Christopher McKellar


    "The interesting thing about some of these scores is that the difference in clock speed between the Snapdragon S4 Plus and the Moto X's SoC—from 1.5 to 1.7GHz—is only 13.3 percent, but the difference in some of these scores is larger than that (something nearer to 25 percent, most of the time). The phone reportedly includes Qualcomm's Krait 300 CPU architecture as opposed to the Krait 200 (née Krait) in the Snapdragon S4 Plus. The part number is what you need to pay attention to here—there's an MSM8960T that combines an Adreno 320 with two Krait 200 cores, but that extra D in MSM8960DT apparently denotes a similar chip with a new CPU architecture."