Much has been made of the fact that Motorola's shiny new flagship is made (or at least assembled) in America. But there's a downside to this: it looks as though aspiring Motorola customers in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the rest of the world will have to do without. Motorola has made it clear that the Moto X is only for the US, Canada, and Latin American markets.


That isn't to say that the company is not concerned with the worldwide marketplace. According to a Cnet interview with Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside, at least one model will be created with a lower price (and probably a wider distribution) in mind.

Moto X is the brand that we are most focused on. And there is more to come. You will see additional products within months... The experience of devices you can get for less than $200 is subpar right now. We want everyone to have access to affordable smartphones.

That seems to imply that Motorola is hoping to rally around a single, focused product line, as HTC has done with the One and Samsung has done with the Galaxy S series (well, sort of - they call everything an "S4," anyway). TechCrunch spoke with Motorola's Vice President of Product Management Lior Ron, who said that the company will be consolidating its existing consumer offerings.

We’ve done a lot of devices before... Now we’re going to do a few — very few. Everyone of those devices is going to really matter for consumers.

This cheaper Moto X (or whatever name it goes by) would almost certainly be manufactured in Asia, as are all Motorola's other current smartphones, and probably lack the customization options available in the United States. Though Motorola hasn't stated so explicitly, it's likely that international versions of Verizon's DROID Mini, DROID Ultra, and DROID MAXX will be produced - the company has made similar moves with the former RAZR line. These would probably be considered acceptable substitutes for the X, since the internal hardware is very similar between all four phones.

Still, it's a bit of a blow that the reformed face of the company won't make it outside the western hemisphere. We'll be on the lookout for announcements from Motorola in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Cnet, TechCrunch

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • WHO?

    I wish they would stop putting the speaker grill on the back of phones. Who actually lays there phone on the screen.

    • Jason


      • MindFever

        Zieg heil grammar Nazi !

    • RajivSK

      Well actually, I do lay my phone on the screen on my mattress at night so I'm not disturbed by the notification led. Which incidentally faces the speaker upward so I can clearly hear my alarm in the morning. Furthermore, I always have my phone in my pocket with the screen facing my leg, to avoid any accidental bumps against the screen, this also causes the speaker to be facing outwards so I can clearly hear incoming calls and texts. Besides, I shudder at the thought of listening to music through phone speakers anyway, so for me, this is actually a preferable speaker placement. But to each his own I guess..

      • Elliot Kotis

        Moto X doesn't have Notif light.

        • RajivSK

          I don't have a Moto X... My reply was to the question "Who actually lays their phone on the screen?".

          • http://mikeshouts.com/ Mike Chua

            most people wouldn't, but with the Moto X i would assume most people would. just look at the awkward curved back. would you prefer your phone to be see-saw while laying flat on a tablet? just saying...

    • Frekko

      So $500 million for marketing this product that too only in USA and canada?
      are u kidding me?

      • ArberBeq

        Odds are they meant all first world country with a gdp per capita of over 25k/year

        • adi19956

          eg the EU, Aus and NZ... Or not. What is wrong with Google and Motorola?

        • 86123maxxi

          Singapore has a GDP of OVER $55,000/YEAR. And so does almost every West European country.

          • John O’Connor

            I don't know what gdp statistics you are quoting but a quick Internet search will show you that few, if any, nations have a per capita gdp income over 50k. http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.PCAP.CD

          • 86123maxxi

            Ah well at least my country Singapore has a GDP/capita of 51k.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    I cant belive it... not just USA but Canada AND Latin America!? FINALLY!

    • Mexnoob

      Lets see, I will not belive it until I see it in a Mexican Store.
      But I most admit that I will not leave my S4 for the Moto X

      • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

        Except for HTC's and Google's pathetic distribution problems, what phone has exactly not make it into Mexican stores rather fast?

        Mexico has many problems but getting smartphones isn't one of them.

    • Diego Salvador


  • yahyoh
  • Omar Al Matar

    *Looks around* No One? No One? Idk what's the comment policy here but since no one's saying it, I'll take the hit because it's unbearable.

    Motorolla, Here's to you *Raises Middle finger* A very #HOLOYOLO fuck you, From everyone.

    • RajivSK

      I wonder if Google had any hand in this, as they're clearly not interested in foreign markets. Still waiting for movies, music, wallet, voice, play store hardware and now apparently moto devices. I live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, how can they not want my money?

    • porter86

      I will stick to my Galaxy Nexus too. So annoying, I will get the HTC One if Motorola aren't interested in my custom!

      Probably better anyway - http://versus.com/en/motorola-moto-x-16gb-vs-htc-one

    • Guest

      Imagine how I feel right now... At least on the bright side, my digitizer still works after 6 months :)


    • Chris

      Imagine how I feel when I saw the pricing... Well, on the bright side, my digitizer still works... slightly :)

  • Gloria Tortorella

    Americas only = Nonsense.

    • NoBullet

      Entitlement = Nonsense
      Do you realize how many phones don't make it to the US?

      • Raffaele Procentese

        The whole "you can't buy that here" thing is dumb nonsense. I should be able to buy whatever I want, wherever I want. We're in 2013 for god's sake.

        • NoBullet

          The hell does the year have to do with anything. This is only possible because of the carriers, which doesn't apply all over the world.

          • Raffaele Procentese

            Carriers don't make phones, manufacturers do. Carriers are simply one mean of distribution for people who can't afford buying a phone full priced. The very fact carriers are becoming an exclusive mean of buying a phone is total bullsh*t.

      • MindFever

        But ...it is still nonsense,don't you understand young padawan?

    • TylerChappell

      Sorry hun, but America doesn't care about other countries other than itself. That's the way it's always been.

      • MindFever

        Unless they have oil,then they're like "set phasors to KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

  • Old man V

    Motorola has no presence in India. No point investing in their phones here. Shame!

  • http://dabuxian.com/ Dabu

    It's okay, Motorola, I'd not buy it anyway :)

  • ANex

    All those publicity for nothing. *rolleyes*

  • lordmerovingian

    Seriously, what is the point of this phone and why is there so much hype about it? It just seems like any other run of the mill decently spec'ed Android phone, no more no less. Changeable (sorry, customizable) faceplates and whatnot..where's the standout whiz bang feature? What gives it a boss name like Moto X..?

    • Justin W

      The point of this phone is that it's the first device fully made and designed by Moto with Google's ownership and Dennis Woodside as CEO. The Jha era is out now, and this is just the beginning.

      While the device isn't "bleeding edge" spec-wise, why should it need to be? If it can run smoothly and the hardware matches the software perfectly, this device will give the user a great user experience. In my opinion, this is why Apple has been so successful in selling one phone compared to every other manufacturer making multiple different phones - their software is tailored to the specific device, as should be the Moto X.

      • Hans Pedersen

        I guess, what he's wondering, at least what I am wondering is; what's the reasoning for the same price level as a GS4 or HTC One? Am I missing something here, because this phone doesn't seem to warrant that price level?

        So yeah, it doesn't have to be bleeding edge. Though, if they're not using the latest tech, why price it as if it is the latest and greatest?

        To me, this looks everything like a huge failure unfolding. Something in the proportions of the Palm Pre 3.

        • RenatoFontesTapia

          The Palm Pre 3 wasn't even sold.

          The price is the same so people will see it as a phone in the same category as their competitors.

          • Hans Pedersen

            Is that how the market works now? I price my mid-range product like the high-end ones, and expects it will be widely accepted and a hit? Renaming the dual-core S4 Pro to something that really is way over the border for false marketing won't help one single bit. =)

        • Prasad Tiruvalluri

          I think the reason this is so costly is that it is made (assembled) in USA (just a guess). Also the customizations must cost too.

          • Michael

            Exactly, while they could have had this phone assembled overseas(Non U.S.) and spent far less for phones, they chose to assemble them here which instantaneously jacked the price to pay the U.S. workers.

        • didibus

          I'd say US assembly jacks the price real high. Also, possibly the dev time that they spent to make all those apps and small customization. I know HTC One and Samsung put in dev time money too, but they always only make it to "functional", where I feel Moto went in the extra 80% to make it "bug free", a la Apple.

          Also, I'd say the R&D for the X8 is probably included in the price of the Phone.

        • MindFever

          The reasoning is "fuck you pay up bitch "

      • Steve Freeman

        "why should it need to be" Because the specs and the price don't match up. When you can get a S4 or HTC One or (soon at least) Droid Ultra or Maxx for similar prices, especially off contract, only people who don't know any better would get this. But they're probably already getting the S4.

  • mgamerz

    I have never seen such entitlement. People are acting like apple fanboys about the Moto X. Pretty much every other phone manufacturer has exclusives.

    • Klunst

      Name one exclusive Flagship.

      • mgamerz

        HTC One X.
        Pretty much all Samsung devices outside of the US with the Exynos chip.

        • MindFever

          Lol? All those phones are sold worldwide wtf r u talking about

  • cesar suarez


    • Hans Pedersen

      At least, most of us over here can afford a phone that's not connected with a cord. And glass in our windows.

      • j

        you're kind of a fucker, aren't you?

        • cesar suarez

          I'm not realistic

      • cesar suarez

        poor you die with envy because we have the moto x original and not a cheap copy with few specifications, something that Motorola will be closed in several countries in Europe not? I say no but looks sick

        • Hans Pedersen

          Yeah :) I will cry myself to sleep,shaking my fist at my mediocre GS4. :)

          • cesar suarez

            Please I will be Latino but I have a SGS3're not talking to anyone you know!

          • MindFever

            I tried the GS4 today...it really feels mediocre and laggy. So I believe you! My Nexus 4 on the other hand sings with happiness and mocks your creature

      • MindFever

        ...just fuck you man :)that was uncalled for...also fuck you

    • Evan

      Even though I might agree with you that finally one company except from Samsung take Latin American markets on their plans in some way @hans is correct, do not forget most of us are barely jumping from no phones to dumb phones (talking about "third world countries") and hopefully if the moto x is sold at the right price more people will jump straight to smartphones goodies because carriers tend to price them more than 40% above that some other markets.

    • gosa

      Y a ti que te falta en la vida por escribir comentarios come este? Una mujer? Un dia sin tequila? O que?
      - Menos mal que entendimos todos que hay gente un poco mas normal en tu parte del mundo... (ademas entendimos que el mundo consiste en mas que las americas)
      -Paso de ti!

      And to the rest of you - never mind this guy - he's probably high on peyote or something. I'm quite sure that he is not representative of the rest of the population on the "other side of the pond". (Or at least I hope so)

      To get back to the subject:

      I don't know what Motorola is thinking exluding the rest of the world. They do know that we are quite a lot of mobile phone owners in for example Europe, right? I haven't been that interested in their products recently, but I did own a phone by them once (a symbian phone - A920 I think it was) and until now I haven't exactly excluded them in my reading/searches...

      - "Entering Motorola & Cesar ignore mode.."

  • Issa

    FUCK YOU MOTOROLA. I was anticipating Moto X all the way from singapore!!!

  • GraveUypo

    lol what a stupid decision.
    well i could buy one but i won't.

  • unbearablepleasures

    Smart business moves.

  • Jarl

    glad I didn't wait for this moto bullshit and bought the HTC Butterfly S, up yours Motorola and up yours Google, epic fail

    • Justin W

      "Up yours Google"

      And you buy an Android device...

      • Jarl

        did you forget who owns Motorola these days?

        • will lee

          Looks at what HTC Butterfly is powered by. Yep, powered by Android. Google wins either way, man.

          • MindFever

            No shit

      • Mothreja Jay


        But on a serious note, someone really needs to replace Larry Page. The guy seems to be of a limited mindset of a CEO of a Global company. Seems kinda off, don't you think?

        • Aleebaan

          At least not on a Ballmer level.

          • Mothreja Jay

            True Dat!

          • MindFever

            When I hear the name Ballmer I immediately think of mummies ...emBALMER... Dafuq right ?

  • Rolando

    I hope they really try to get them to all the markets posible in south america... Specially Venezuela. I really want this phone.

  • cy_n_ic

    The best part of this devices existence is the rumors that it churned. Its not interesting anymore.

  • John O’Connor

    And yet nobody recalls how Goog and Moto made promises to partners for several things not to occur before 2015. hmm

  • iampun33t

    WTF..?? Why do some American Companies think that other markets are inferior..??? This is what Apple did at first and then they realised that they couldn't do without the global market..!! Moto is going to have the same realisation.. Anyway, Google has been doing this to many International Markets for a long time..!!!

    • MindFever

      They hate our weird looking money I suppose :) Motorola RIP... So many pissed off potential buyers. That's has to be one of the biggest epic fails this year

  • Forget_you

    customization is exclusive to at&t. I wonder who is the dumb-ass at moto that agreed to that. One of the main customization options people were looking forward to is only for a single carrier . Such a shame and a total screw up.

    • http://planetmew.com/blog/ Christopher Glass

      Stop spreading lies. Verizon already confirmed they'll customize when they launch with it.

      • Forget_you

        Yeah "later on in the year" . Even though it is time limited it is still an exclusive which is stupid. And no one knows if other carriers are going to get it. It is stupid to put a wait period for other customers

  • Erica Mathis

    This phone should be the sub $200 phone, THAT would have been the big deal the brand needs for people to take notice. You have a mid-level phone with a high-end price tag. Makes NO sense. $199 on contract for this? You can have your choice of all the high end phones out there for $199 on contract. This phone should be $199 off contract. that would have turned the market on it's head.

  • ins0mn1a

    > at least one model will be created with a lower price

    now given that they can't put lower specs in it than they already put in moto x, it sounds like it's gonna be the same thing, just made in china and no colors, for $200. sounds to me like a better deal than what the US is getting.

    • werewolfc

      new Moto Xc - c from cheap... lol. Let's hope they aren't lying about this. It would be nice to have a decent phone at a decent price from Gogorola, event with smaller screen size, a medium spec camera and no customization options. I don't mine: give me black and i'm happy

  • RenatoFontesTapia

    Just bring it to Mexico... please please bring it to Mexico =)

  • Amer Khaznadar

    My interest has been going up and down like a rollercoaster with all the rumours, I suppose the ride is finally over with my interest at 0.

  • Freak4Dell

    You know what would have made the sub-$200 phone experience better? Pricing this at under $200 like it should be. No, not $200 off contract. This is worth more than that. It's not worth $200 on contract, though.

  • RenatoFontesTapia

    They should probably sell an equivalent everywhere else.

  • totok

    yeah, like we're outside americas are expecting the device..

  • eilegz

    affordable price? not at all, at least it should cost less than nexus 4, but we have no idea how this will cost unlocked but if on contract it cost 199 already what can we expect

  • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

    Another one of those America only BS? And to think I waited past the rumors, all the devices I could have opted for I picked the Moto X only to be told it's not available outside US? Fuck you Motorola, I thought you changed for the better, yeah it's "better" you stayed broke. You're making it clear not outside US, and we're making it clear, "Fuck. You."

    Good luck competing with the iSheep over sales, when clearly the world would have opted you as best comeback for the year.

    • GetOverIt

      Yeah, you should be rather pissed at yourself for being stupid enough to believe rumors.

      • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

        Well, congrats back at you, the fact that you're here too also proves how stupid you were to believe rumors.

        • GetOverIt

          That my friend is a complete and utter failure in logic. I'm here enjoying the rabid fanbois and their stupidity :)

          • MindFever

            ...obviously he is not a fanboy since he said he is sick with Motorola (implying he was sick since before this). So your logic needs tuning. Also wtf,are you saying it is cool they will sell it in the US only? What a fucking jerk :)

      • MindFever

        Wow ,what a fucking jerk

    • Josh Shaw

      "Another..... America Only" Since when is anything "America Only"..? Besides freedom, guns, chivalry, and homophobia.

      I also think it'd be possible to buy a Moto X from the US/Can/Mex market, and pay shipping for it to your country. If you went through all the "trouble" of waiting shipping costs on a 4lb box shouldn't stop you.

      TL;DR: Quitcher Bitchin'..... 'MERICA

      • Gloria Tortorella

        Ignorance is running wild in this comment.

  • Jadephyre

    I'm not even disappointed.
    We don't need another soap-bar phone, there are already enough of that out there that Samsung churned out.
    As long as HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony keep selling their phones here, i'm happy.

  • cristian donose

    Is no problem for me . I dont want it. So, now we have the Moto X.. come on with those Nexus 5 rumours :))

  • Bakaouji

    That's ok, we don't want one anyway.

  • Kriss

    Last time Motorola released phones in europe all we got was locked bootloaders and super-slow updates(compared to us customers).
    For all I care Motorola can stay in the US.

    • Jadephyre

      Couldn't have said it better myself.
      A bootloader unlock was said to come to the regular Motorola Razr, and all that appeared was a "Developer Edition" of it, which was of no good to me, i'm not shelling out 600 Dollars so Moto can say "see, they accept this".

      Stay in the U.S. and build CDMA phones, choke the customers there, we don't want that crap.

    • Mithra

      Totally agree, Motorola already lost me as a customer with their blatant lies over the Razr.

  • Paweł Gładysz

    Wasn't it supposed to help Motorola get back to the "top" ... ? Limiting X sale only to American markets sounds totally awkward from that point of view...
    Motorola has just shot itself in It's both feet whilst just before the long journey...

  • Rolf


  • AudioV

    Moto! Europeans are rich and only wants top devices. Don't give us a crappy budget model when we want the best!

    What's the point with Moto X when there already is Droid Mini, Ultra and MAXX? The Moto X is pretty much identical to Droid Ultra apart from screen size.

    • Chris

      they love the queen and the damn royal baby so much

      • Cerberus_tm

        What baby? Was it on the Internet or something?

  • chickentuna

    Thank god the motohype X is over. Now on to the Nexus 5 rumors

  • CyanogenMod User

    Thats fine we don't want a shity product like that anyway, even the old Nexus 4 out performs this rubbish by a long way.

  • Asanka Amarasinghe

    Never cared for any Motorola phone, not gonna start now because of some stupid customization options!
    So all the people complaining; you are not missing out on much...

  • Nicholas

    Why all the anger lol? Not like Moto was that big outside America in the first place.

    • http://mikeshouts.com/ Mike Chua

      it was... when it had the water bottled-sized mobile phone! lol

  • chris

    Very few devices... except you Verizon, you get 3 more for your very own! *fist bump*

  • Solust

    It seems like a lot of people are forgetting that Motorola had to pull out of a very large number of markets in order to stop bleeding a very large amount of money. The reason they aren't going into as many markets with the Moto X is that they can't afford to. Google still has to justify the Moto purchase and the only way they can do that is if they make a profit in their own territory. I think that there will be more global devices once Motorola reestablishes their core market.

    • Cerberus_tm

      All you need to do is hire some transport company to ship phones around the world from the big warehouse at home. How hard can it be? What does it matter to Motorola who buys their phones, as long as they get sold? What evil befalls them if Europeans or Koreans should buy them? There's something fishy going on. It's not inability.

      • Solust

        You don't just hire some transport company to ship the phones. There are regulatory hurdles to get through for each country. Legal research is needed as well to make sure you don't violate any new regulations and don't run into patent issues in that country. Legal teams aren't cheap. Then you have linguistic differences which requires you to hire a translator and possibly someone to actually make the changes to the firmware and software. You also need to take into account cultural differences to be able to ballpark demand for your device. If you ship too many/few, you lose money.

        • Cerberus_tm

          You don't need to hire more translators: that is already part of Android. In case there is no translation for a certain language available, that's the buyer's problem. People can decide whether they are prepared to use English or French or Hindi instead for themselves.

          You don't need to assess demand in advance: you can just ship as the orders pour in. The farther people live away from the warehouse, the longer it will take to ship the phone, and the more expensive it will be. But that's not your problem: buyers can decide for themselves whether they want all that. The same applies to tariffs.

          You don't need lawyers if you are just selling the phones in your own country, with the ability to ship worldwide. It's how 100000 sellers on Ebay work, it's not hard. Those people don't have legal teams.

          • Solust

            I don't think you realize how many of these apps are modified. Some might have hooks into Android but for instance if you use MoreLocale2 on a phone with only English/Spanish support you'll notice a number of holes where these modified apps are still in English.

            If you still want a device you can import, nobody is stopping you from doing that. In fact that is exactly what you are describing. You'll notice how much shipping costs for importing a device overseas as well. Chances are that you will have to import through a provider on Ebay though because the rules start changing when you are a large corporation and it would require a lawyer to sell phones in any given country.

          • Cerberus_tm

            I don't know what MoreLocale2 is. I use my phone in Dutch and in English depending on my mood and on which application I use (I use the Xposed mod "App Settings" to use Maps/Navigation in Dutch always, because of the pronunciation). In some applications, I occasionally seen an English word when the phone is set to Dutch. But what does that matter? More importantly, that is on Android 4.2.2. Lots of phones use that. It is not a problem, and not specific to the Moto X. Imagine if your favourite bar said, "we're closing, because we can't get the right shape of beer glasses that we think look the prettiest". That's how it feels!

            But Google is stopping me! I can't import anything. It refuses to accept orders from other countries. I can't order the Nexus 4 from the German Play Store.

            If minor Chinese companies can sell their phones all over the world, like the Oppo Find 5 and many others, and if Ebay can do it, and if Google can do it with most of its phones, why not with this one? It seems rather arbitrary.

            But whatever, I don't like the Moto X any more! I don't want it anyway! *stamps on ground*

  • Dan

    Everyone who's shouting at Motorola about this is a moron.

    Google and Morotola would love to sell their products to every person on the planet. That should be screamingly obvious and it's pathetic that you can't understand this. If a hardware or software product isn't available in a specific country, it's because tariffs or regulations in that country make it uneconomical or illegal. Blame your government, not the manufacturer.

    It's stunning that so many people are able to type, and yet are too stupid to realize something so simple.

    • Roger Siegenthaler

      content wise I agree (play store and wallet)
      hardware isn't that hard, it's been done all the time.

    • John O’Connor

      I must agree here. It seems that people are reaching when they assume the Americas consist of the U.S. only. (And maybe Canada or Mexico)

      The Americas consist of North America ( 3 countries), Central America (7 countries), South America ( 12 countries) and a few dozen protectorates or dependent nations. Look no further then your own local governments and complain to them. The United States is not the entirety of America or the Americas

      • http://mikeshouts.com/ Mike Chua

        as much as i wanted to agree with you, but... why do they call U.S. citizens as Americans? (which means Mexicans, Canadians and the likes are actually Americans too? just saying) and not something like United States-ians or something? that's where the "misconceptions" comes in. who doesn't know Americas consist of other countries? well, mostly. on a side note, it seems that CEO Dennis Woodside's statement of "at least one model will be created with a lower price (and probably a wider distribution) in mind" seems to imply that other countries outside of Americas can't afford it. correct if i am wrong.

        • ElfirBFG

          United States of America. Americans is apt titling for its citizens.

          Canada. Canadians fits much better.

          Mexico has Mexicans. Argentina has Argentinians. Brazil, Brazilians. And so on and so forth.

          The continents are North America and South America, and together they are known as 'The Americas', a pluralisation of America, the shared name of both continents. No nation within The Americas, aside from the USA, contains the word America, and thus are not referred to as Americans, but rather by their nation's demonym.

          Confusion can arise when one refers to all the persons within the Americas in one fell swoop. However, given the rarity of such references, we've all come to terms with the fact that something along the lines of 'People of the Americas' is much more fitting than 'Americans'. This is no more or less confusing than 'Asian' being used as the title for people of East and South-East Asia rather than people of Asia as an entire group. In some parts of the world, 'Asians' may refer to a larger group, but for the most part, it rarely includes: Eastern Russia, India, Pakistan, or basically anywhere other than: China, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, etc..

          And no, a cheaper model with wider distribution has nothing to do with thinking people outside of The Americas cannot afford it. If anything, there are far more European and Asian nations with consumers able to afford the Moto X unsubsidised than say, Brazil(mobile prices are astronomical here). I'd say it is more so Motorola/Google playing it safe. North America is where the product is being manufactured and where the majority of their consumers exist. Expanding beyond NA is expensive, so it makes sense to push distribution outwards from there at a controlled pace. South America is an emerging mobile market, one with no major domestic manufacturers, so it is an obvious stepping stone. If Moto can bring a budget device into SA and sell their device at 1/2 the cost of their competitors, they're bound to take over.

  • ElfirBFG

    No different than how Japanese manufacturers like Panasonic and Sharp only release phones for the Asian market.

    • http://mikeshouts.com/ Mike Chua

      and does Motorola sells microwave oven, washing machine and fridge too? lol btw, a lot stuff just not getting out of Japan and we don't want it either cos' we don't know how read Japanese manuals ;P

      • ElfirBFG

        Do you really think the same divisions handle mobile phones and washing machines? How about Hyundai? Are cars, ships and chips made by the same division? Mitsubishi? No, they are conglomerates, and each division operates independently. Hell, Google is a search engine, why are they making OSes in the first place?

        If they released an Eluga or Aquos phone in NA, do you think it would come with a Japanese-only manual? No, they'd create an English version, the very same way they do with TVs. I'd imagine they make the manuals to fit whichever region they're releasing in, which is not always Japan.

        Do you think an Eluga or Aquos would sell well here in NA? Probably not. Both companies have watched Sony, a company that is arguably a 'bigger' household name, flounder in the 'Western' market. Japan still likes clamshells and physical buttons, whereas NA eats up slabs and only slabs. I mean, we only see 4 or 5 sliders and QWERTYs every year, and they are consistently under-specced, and if you follow tech blogs, you'd gather that at least 5% of the market wants those.

        The mobile market is over-saturated as it stands, so for Moto to release a domestically built phone anywhere but domestically, just doesn't make sense. They've done their research, at least I'd imagine they have, and they've made their decision. We live in a global economy; if someone in China wants a Moto X, they'll have it. There are people in NA that have Xiaomi and OPPO devices despite the fact that there have been no carrier released versions here. I have an NTT Docomo branded Aquos phone despite it being an Asian-market-only release. However, the average consumer, also known as 'the lion's share' of the market, just want to go into their carrier's store and pick out what 'they've heard of'. I'm willing to wager that the majority of average consumers are completely unaware of Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility, so it'd be hard to pull them away from established marques like Galaxy, Optimus, iPhone, One(arguably the newest marque), or Xperia. Moto has already tried using their established brand with the RAZR line, but the Moto X is new and unheard of for most consumers. To take a risk on a global scale makes no sense, but if it is successful, you can bank on the fact that it will be released in other markets in its updated version.

  • Derp Derpison

    Actually, this is from their blog. http://motorola-blog.blogspot.com/

    "You’ll hear from our carrier partners around the globe regarding exact pricing and availability."

    • MindFever

      Exactly...they will NEVER hear from them ? :D
      Also LOL

  • Naga Sridhar

    Motorola/Google definitely dont think of making profits from this at all. They have forgotten that Samsung dominates the products and without global presence of their best phones they will always remain in that 1-10% window. Awesome thinking!!

  • heike1975

    Lol, now I know why Motorola sucked in terms of economy and went bankrupt ;).

    Telling the world "we concentrate on a few models" - but then being unable to distribute even those couple of models...

  • Max Thomas

    Luckily I live in America. I'm actually excited to get one, since the customization and the ridiculously small bezel is really awesome compared to the HTC One's comparatively thicker side bezel. Plus I love the software buttons in Vanilla Android, and that transparency is too awesome to live without. :3

  • MindFever

    What in the actual fuq?! Google really wants to prove the rest of the world they don't give much shite about us? Thanks...very off putting. I'm sick of the Google services geo-blocking or whatever you call this. But this really makes me think Google doesn't plan to expand their services globally in the near future,if they won't even sell their brand new phone in the rest of the world...and how I understand it ,it's a final decision. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...

    • FuMan

      Fuck you man. . . NO, fuck you man. . . NO. . . fuck you.

      You really like the word "fuck" don't you?

      Talk about A-HOLES!!!!

    • guesswhat

      moto has no money to make devices at volume advertise at different countries and sell the ..they are trying to stay afloat and build up some profits first in countries where they have some market share and presence before expanding to other regions ..

  • Chris

    good. keep it here in america where it belongs

  • Mikhail Guillermo

    Well this will be the reason why Moto X will not be very popular because they won't sell it internationally!! I am FREAKING waiting for that phone to go to Asia but what? It won't be released in Asia!

  • Elliot Kotis
  • mfk

    first time in my life i was attracted to moto.. before i liked big screen and now im planning to buy a tablet. so wanted to switch to small screen for office use and studies. my choices were htc one. p6, moto x... but this statement made by america for america is so racist to begin with. i agree with almost all the comments. They should have made clear in advertisement AMERICA BEWARE bla bla bla :p
    and to my surprise they want to compete directly with samsung :D hahahahahaha
    Samsung has done excellent job in marketing worldwide, they are not racist, they dont claim it to be korean only, and thats the success,. Motorola has same marketing team as that of Isheep.. racist mother fuckers !!!

    • John O’Connor

      And what races in the 20-35 countries that consist of THE AMERICAS ( NORTH, CENTRAL AND SOUTH) is Motorola being racist toward?

      Look no further then your own local government and pose the question to them. Typically the EU and Asia have not been good markets for Motorola, and not just in sales.

  • megam123

    Damn it. This is the only phone that is mid-range quality. I like the idea of Nexus but I don't like LG. I would have definitely have bought a Moto X. I'm Irish guy living in South Korea though so I suppose it was always going to be a long shot.