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Last Updated: November 19th, 2013

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Antonin Lenfant

Camelia Rezus

Update: Here's Antonin with his new baby:


There's not shortage of photo editing apps on Android, but Smoothie Photo Editor is definitely one of the prettier ones I've seen. Smoothie's holo-style interface and bevy of useful editing features make it at least worth checking out if you're looking for a way to tweak your smartphone snaps.

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Smoothie supports up to 13MP photos, allows you to get deep into the editing process with tools like color curves, color temperature, saturation, brightness, contrast, vignettes, filters, partial color removal, and more effects than you can shake a stick at. For a couple bucks, it may be just the photo editing solution you've been searching for on Android.

And now, the awesome folks at Look4App - developers of Smoothie - have partnered up with us to give you the chance to win some equally awesome devices.

We'll be picking two lucky winners at random for this giveaway. One will win a Galaxy S4 (model GT-i9505) with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and LTE, 5" Full HD SAMOLED display, Android 4.2, and its rather amazing 13MP rear camera. A second winner will receive the 2012 edition of the Nexus 7 (16GB model), with the Four-Plus-One quad-core Tegra 3 processor and 1280x800 IPS LCD.

How to enter

This contest is open to entrants from all countries. To enter, just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • João Paulo Ferreira

    I'd improve Smoothie Photo Editor by adding a mosaic-creation mode that took a picture, a bunch of other pictures and combine the latter to form the former.

  • ky91

    nice lightweight photo editor for android,

  • Abhinav Suri

    Have been using the free version for a few days now. Love it. Would love to see a basic red eye remover tool though. Comes in handy before putting up pictures on social networks. :)

  • Vanessa Rose Palacio

    I would improve Smoothie Photo Editor by enhancing the tools with it. <3

  • scottyyyyy

    needs a more efficient layout of effects.

  • prestone1

    i would like it if you could enable or disable certain effects

  • Edmund Justin Javier

    thanks for giving us a chance to win this giveaway! :)

  • Mohamad Ali Al-Ghazwi

    hi win Galaxy S4 GT-i9505)

  • Roskie Cruz

    This app could use some more shapes for the frames.

  • DF

    It looks promising, but I still think "serious" photo editing is more suitable on large screens using a stylus

  • Yiannis Xenophontos

    Change the icon

  • Kārlis Kārkliņš

    Finally another international giveaway.!

  • Chris Talty

    I would definitely change the icon. It's difficult to market the app and get people to try it as is.

  • Eric Serrano

    Hoping to win

  • Paolo

    Insert the resize function

  • Mikey510

    UI feels a little blah and is quite buggy on my S3. Would definitely need some updating in those areas.

  • CaibreGreyblade

    It's actually a nice app. Icon and name are nice associations in this heat wave but doesn't really tell that's a photo edition software.

  • Bartek Górkowy

    You can play with some Roboto fonts, and make sure system statusbar is always visible ; )

  • Lefteris Triantafillou

    not a single thing!

  • Raul

    Like Ionut Lala said, the icon of the app makes it look like if it were a smoothie app, not a photo editor. That's the only thing I'd change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leo182 Manolito Sanchez

    agreed should change the icon

  • Raymond Derr

    I'm in the camp of updating the logo to tell me what the app is a bit better

  • Mario Hernandez

    adding layers!

  • Roger Monasterios Vasquez

    Quiza se debiera de cambiar el icono no es muy descriptivo de lo que hace la aplicacion, por lo demas bien

  • drawkcaB

    Be the first to be able to edit photospheres. Besides that it looks really clean.

  • Eric Geders

    I'd improve it by installing it on the Galaxy S4 I hope to win!

  • Ricardo Ramírez Nieto

    This looks like a nice app. Will have to check it out...

  • Fredrik J


  • Travis Faulkner

    Yeah I think the name really needs to be changed. Smoothie doesnt scream photo editor

  • Mateus d’Almeida

    an icon that makes it more recognizable with photo app, not culinary.

  • JackyM

    App looks good!

  • Pac

    Support text entry for mini posters?

  • garyngkt

    Tested Smoothie on my Asus TF101 and love it.

  • Alex L

    Late to the contest but ill try anyway!

  • pula

    Adonit Jot support for palm rejection and pressure sensitivity

  • Johan Dior

    it would be great if you could add layers, also the ability to zoom when adding filters and lastly to be able to recover previously worked on image when the app crashes..

  • Diogo Zampieri

    fine app

  • Kyle

    Improve by allowing even higher resolution images.

  • Mastermind

    Have more filters!

  • jasoncarrick

    While the icon is nice, when first looking at the app one might think this is for kids to "pretend" make smoothies with. I would change the icon. Maybe a wrinkled photo being smoothed out?

  • ajm531

    the only thing i would suggest is add a preset of stickers or some silly hats or eyes or something like that to add to its already robust feature list.

  • MJBigDeal

    I found nothing to improve so far... app seems great

  • duckian

    get a better product name!

  • Roberto

    Hope I win!

  • ori

    more filters will be gr8

  • Tomek

    Its awesome :)

  • Anton Pivovarov

    Change app icon and name.

  • stephen te

    wow.. now any smartphone or tablet can do some serious photo editing. Amazing app!

  • bhavik tikudiya

    Hello,..this time i should get 1...:(

  • ian

    not one but two awesome devices. =)

  • Nirav Vora

    You have to change the representation pic. I agree with what most have to say. The pic does not look anything like a photo-editing sw should look like.

  • ms

    I'd change the icon ...

  • Paulo Fidalgo

    I will change the Icon... also the fact when I try to "Paint" an image it asks me to apply an effect. Even if I don't want.

  • Nikita Chavan

    I think it needs no improvement its great as it is

  • Safał Rośnin

    Icon is ugly.

  • Piotr Kaczmarek

    It's superb ! I agree that simpler icon would be better idea.

  • DubbelPlusBra

    The app looks great! Really good, but as everybody else i mentioning maybe change the icon to have some element that communicates that it is a photo editor (change the can to a lens maybe?). Other then that, great work!

  • igor bordelais

    The icon need a change and we need some wizard to automate effect.

  • Frans Breddels

    More Languages
    Don't know whats wrong with the name? brand: Smoothie + Photo Editor, sounds like an editing program??
    Overall looks like a decent app

  • Jake Fellows

    Strange name and icon for a photo app

  • kalid

    by adding new feature

  • Synroc

    Thanks for doing a giveaway. Maybe I'll finally get to have a good phone!

  • Colin Kaminski

    Just make it a smoothie app

  • Lorenzo Faccini

    Change the icon design

  • Kevin Fredrick Johnson

    It already give a whole lot of options, but I would like a few more effects!

  • Constantin Lupu

    The translucent camera icon on the cup is also something that looks like
    it was just thrown randomly at "trying" to give it an identity. Doesn't
    really blend in well with the icon..

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

    The first thing I would change is the app icon! Feature-wise, a cutting tool and an additional layer would be really welcome. Pretty good editor otherwise.

  • István Tóth-Király

    Gesture-based sidebar, that's the trend now and I think it's very handy, solves a lot of issues. Also, additional tools that cannot be found in the competing apps.

  • Usher Kz

    and the people who r saying to change the pic or name i think the name describe that with this app u can edit smoothly :-)

  • Steven Weldler

    Funny name, cool looking app though.

  • Antonio Chillarón

    I would like to have it in Spanish.

  • Shashank Jain

    Icon is superb....it should be fast

  • Mariano Hidalgo

    Mask are always welcome, even if is a simple implementation :)

  • Ashwani Korpal

    I will give time to time suggestion to improve Smoothie Photo Editor Like add new, latest editing tools .

  • Mehul Parmar

    you can also add sharpness control ..in it.

  • BB


  • Navneet

    Make it work on low spec phones!

  • Ashu

    By giving ideas to make best Photo Editor software . An Idea can change Life

  • Pankaj Chawla

    I'm am a frequent user of androidpolice.com.........
    please if there is any chance i could win this, i'd do anything....!!!
    This giveaway could help me fulfill my dream..!!!

  • Varun J Daniel

    change icon please

  • JuniorGuwopper

    I'd change the name cause it sounds mad dumb.

  • Marcos Aruj

    The app is already pretty good. It would just get better and better :)

  • Marcos Aruj

    The app is already pretty good. It would just get better and better :)

  • KidCarter93

    I think the only thing this app really needs to improve is the icon (as already mentioned by others). Apart from that, it has a great UI, plenty of features and even more features to choose from in the paid version aswell.

  • Henrique Melissopoulos

    User created filters :)

  • Mario Malic

    you should add an option to switch between filters with bump(accelerometer)
    remove :about app, about developers etc. to homescreen. it's annoying to see while editing pics.
    Big plus on meme option.
    p.s. what everyone is speaking, change the icon.

  • melan26

    Can we cut and paste to put together with other pictures that could turn into like a story board?

  • jsmith64

    It's not very clearly a photo editor at all, change the branding

  • http://www.chuckfalzone.com Chuck Falzone

    I would teach them that the word they're looking for is "exposure," not "exposition."

  • Mat Bartley

    Maybe add dropbox integration?

  • Ng Oon-Ee

    Recordable actions (playback on another image) =)

  • DrSmuggles

    I think the name's ok. At least it has some character to it, and the icon matches well with the name.

  • Tyler Nihs

    A function to allow background blur would be nice

  • PG King

    I read a bunch of the comments which said about changing the app name & icon, which I have to say i totally agree with, but I thought I'd be original & come up with something once i'd installed Smoothie and checked it out. Having done so, nothing immediately springs to mind (c'mon, its 10 to 6 in the morning & I haven't slept yet), so yeah, app name & icon could be more appropriate/recognizable I guess, even if it does make it somewhat less imaginative... Or something!?

    Cheers AP & Look4App ;)

  • Louis

    Both of those are great apps!

  • ashwani kumar

    By provide my experience

  • Alice Phan

    If I won this contest, I would try the app on my new phone.

  • Rajendra Hamad

    i am so much impressed

  • Shubham

    I would add more fun stuff. Like Add in images. (Eg clouds, clown hair etc)

  • Sherin Susan Thomas

    Even though I haven't used this app, I feel that it is a good app for beginners. It seems to be a user-friendly app which can be used by a novice. I really appreciate that.!
    I would also like to comment on the funny icon you chose for this app.! :)

  • Sushil Khekare

    hope for best

  • Ayie Esguerra

    I hope I win! :D

  • Tim

    I would change the icon too.

  • Jakub Fric

    Never tried this app..have to give it a chance :)

  • Gracie Josephine

    It lags a lot on my phone.


    Maybe add a user guide that ranges from easy topics to advanced topics.

  • Rafa Uribarri

    I would change its name

  • Marius Lupu

    Hah very true. First thing I thought of as well. Maybe bring all the
    outer images closer to the center and delete the smoothie altogether.

  • Ashwani Kumar

    I would compare with other Photo Editor

  • Rinku Kumar

    Give valuable comments

  • Aniket Singh

    as per workingf it is perfect....but plz change the icon

  • ThaSik1

    I'd offer the paid version for free and as others have said, change the icon..would have never guess it was a photo editing app.

  • raju ashok

    I'm interested in using waving to front camera and editing some part of the pic

  • Pankaj Pandey

    With my important suggestions

  • Khushboo Diwan

    With my experience of use Smoothie Photo Editor

  • Ajay Pandit

    Collect information from other user and give to Smoothie Photo Editor

  • Shiv Pandit

    I will comments to Smoothie Photo Editor

  • Vinay Kumar

    Currently I have no android phone but If i have will give comments

  • Abhi Rana

    Advice to Smoothie Photo Editor

  • aj34

    I just started using the app and I really like it... no suggestions so far

  • Palak Sophi

    I will inform Smoothie Photo Editor about new tools in photo editing which help to make best photo editing app on Google Play

  • Sumit Vardhman

    I will give at least one advise , comment to improve this app

  • Muhammad Jamaal

    Nice app but the name (and the icon) doesn't suggest its a photo editor! Change icon more importantly.

  • Guest

    i'll win someday..

  • etche

    Definitely I would change the typography on the logo

  • Jamie G. Dorn

    Just like everyone else here the app Icon could be something a little more representative of what it actually does.

  • HYNN

    The Icon should be a camera with a smoothie cup as the attached lens

  • Jason

    Icon makes me hungry...

    Change that...

  • Luis Alberto Hernández

    More filters, a lot of filters :)

  • Czaderna Wojtek

    It looks nice and simple. In my opinion this pen in paint section should be changed in shape becasue it doesnt look good with thw rest of the app UI.
    Image resolution change would be also great feature.
    Keep a good work anyway :)

  • Wendell Favacho

    I am downloading the app

  • http://www.deadware.org/blog Riccardo B. Desantis

    I think that the interface need some improvements: the selector above allowing to choose the kinds of effects to show should be removed and categories of effects should be added instead (a-la-Aviary).
    Plus: why do I need to add an effect before using the paint mode? What if I just want to draw swallows, hats, etc?

    Anyway, great app! :)

  • Silvia Caviglioli

    I'm really liking the app, and I'd like to suggest just one little thing: please consider to add the possibility to choose the level of an effect. I don't think that having an effect applied or not having it is enough: allow me to choose how much of it I want it!

    Thanks again! And thanks also to Android Police for this giveaway. :)

  • Tomislav Bobelj

    More filters! ;)

  • EnerJack Deejay

    more photo effects

  • Nima Mohseni

    Change the icon

  • James P

    Yet another great giveaway.

  • Amanda Hoffman

    well i see most people are commenting the icon and i 100% agree with that it doesnt look appealing at all what about a smoothie with all different colors and that is filtered and brightened?

  • Timothy Fisher

    I would only change the icon. The icon artwork is the only thing irrelevant to the apps function. I mean, an ice cream c'mon lol

  • Kaykay

    Well You can just make sure the color types for the photos are as colorful and exciting as the name sound just so the can attract more people tat may be interested to purchase it

  • Anshu Khekare

    hope to win this time.

  • Poonam Vora

    Nice app. If possible provide updates for free.. Most successful apps are free

  • alvin_lsy

    gimme gimme

  • Sarang S Kumar


  • Gavrook

    Thanks for making it international!

  • Matthias Davis

    I would reduce the price a little bit

  • Justin Armstrong

    Sounds good.

  • parth

    I want this

  • Disko Chuk

    Pick me

  • Benji07

    I want that galaxy s4!