Last Updated: August 8th, 2013

At this very moment in time, the new Nexus 7 is probably the hottest tablet on the planet. There's a good reason for that, too: Google built on what it started last year with the first gen N7, improving it in almost every way. The new generation has a faster processor, double the RAM, and a higher-resolution display, just to name some of the most obvious changes. Early reviews of the device (worry not, ours is on the way) have praised it almost endlessly, proving that Google really hit the mark with its newest small tablet.

Naturally, as an Android user, you want this tablet. Actually, as a human being you should probably want this tablet. So, how about getting one for free? Free is good, and this tablet is good, so this tablet for free is great, right? My math is correct.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

  • First Prize: John
  • Second Prize: BrianD
  • Third Prize: Edward Wong


So here's your chance to score one of two tablet or a $50 gift card, courtesy of Staples. The prizes are as follows:

And now for the fun part: entering! Well, I guess the fun part is really winning, but this is the first step towards that. Yay!

This one's limited to US residents only. Sorry, guys.

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The contest begins how and will run for one week, ending on Thursday, August 8th at 12:00 AM PT (midnight). After that, we'll randomly select three winners and send out notifications.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • dillon bond

    google maps is my favorite google product, lets be honest we would all be lost with out it hahaa

  • Brandon Woo

    Right now, Nexus 4 is my favorite Google product.

  • Jeremy

    Nexus phones.

  • onthecouchagain

    Easily the Nexus 4. Stock Android FTW.

  • bap5729

    My favorite Google product is gmail. I use it everyday.

  • John Petersen

    Favorite Google product? Well, Android as a whole has changed my life, but for a more specific product, I am absolutely loving my Chromecast. Simple, but so perfectly executed. Suddenly, every Android device I have has become an integrated control for content and playback on my home theater/audio system. For $35. It's almost ridiculous how awesome it is.

  • Luis

    Love the screen on this thing.

  • telemetry12001

    Nice prize

  • s_bomb

    Chromecast. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this device.

  • Paul Goldberg

    All Nexus products are great!

  • http://sour-grass.tumblr.com/ Rob Spence

    Awesome contest. Love the Nexus line and the new Nexus 7 looks amazing. I hope I win!

  • Charlie Bucher

    I do love Google as a whole. The entire ecosystem is nice. And I love that even their ipad apps have a great look. I know a lot of people disagree, but my favorite product is probably Google Maps. Particularly the new version of Maps. I love the layout, I love all the new features. It looks great, it's simple (despite what some complaints say), the offline caching, while not new, is still my favorite part. I don't need GPS, just give me a map to navigate and I'm happy.

  • Russell Read

    I look forward to seeing ChromeCast become a mainstream device in every living room.

  • Shellie Dougherty

    Google, overall, makes my life easier! I can sync all my stuff and access it wherever I am or whatever device I am on. Would LOVE to have a new Nexus 7! Thanks for the chance!

  • Matt B

    Looks like a great device!

  • mengwu

    Would love to win one of the prize!

  • Nikhil Rathi

    wooo..would love to have 1

  • MikeCiggy

    Thanks android police

  • David Bachechi

    Love my original Nexus, am really interested in this new one, would love to have one!!

  • Christopher Webb

    Maps is my favorite Google product (with Gmail not far behind)... To have a near-fully featured map/routing program at my fingertips, and one that works so well with very little effort, is an awesome experience. I use it daily and couldn't imagine navigating without it.

  • nkroll1

    My favorite Google product (aside from nexus devices and android OS) is Google Maps. Does anyone still use MapQuest??

  • Monte Bellanger

    I really want the new Nexus 7!!

  • Joyce W

    Gotta love my Chrome browser!

  • Jordan R.

    I also dig gmail as a Google product. Fingers crossed!

  • Dyelon

    I actually love Google TV...makes the decision not to buy premium cable that much easier

  • Reynald Ejoc

    Nexus 4
    - the smartphone that is very interesting to have.

  • Marty Lange

    One of the few tablets I'd ever consider owning... hopefully I win this one.
    Also, Google Glass is my favorite Google product right now... x.x just wish I had one.

  • miri


  • Chris Blanchard

    Nexus One. The only Nexus Device with a Micro SD card slot

  • Skeptic

    Still like my Galaxy Nexus, though wish my battery life was better.

  • RandinoTheGreat

    Chromecast is my favorite and it's going to change TV as we know it,

  • Jonathan Ly

    I'm going to stretch the boundaries (I think) by going with software versus hardware, but...

    Hands down Google Docs/Drive is the best product. As a college student, a lot of times there is group work that needs to be done and Docs/Drive easily has facilitated that work. Also, coming from CA, where I am is spread far apart from the rest of the state (I'm in the Central Valley versus Bay Area, LA, SD, OC, and Sacramento) and Google Docs/Drive really makes it easy to communicate with folks from other schools to collaborate on different work. Or I could easily go with Gmail, which is by far my longest running email service now.

  • JoR

    My favorite Google product is Websearch, its what started it all and you can find all the information you need.

  • B

    Google Drive made my job as a teacher much easier

  • Anthony

    Definitely the white Nexus 4

  • Justin Dybedahl

    Google music. I use it every day to stay sane at work.

  • Deshawn Hicks

    Chromecast :-)

  • Chuck Forsman

    I just got a used Galaxy Nexus running on the Ting network and it is my baby. So happy to be running an unskinned Jellybean phone. It may not be the latest and greatest but it is what I can afford and I feel lucky. Google Now also is endlessly useful.

  • Marvin Kinney

    My Nexus 7, I use it for everything anymore.

  • Lalo Delira

    Chrome Cast with any android device. My mom feels like such a bad ass telling the TV what to do with her phone

  • Sox05

    Nexus 4. Can't beat it's great price.

  • Michael Park

    I love Google's youtube and gmail aside from their nexus devices

  • Fredy Nativi

    The creation of Android

  • Angel

    Upgrading and giving a friend my old one! Can't wait till I get mine!

  • Blake Smith

    Nexus 10!!! Love the size of the screen and the placement of the speakers!!

  • DJ Levine

    I want one!

  • Humam

    Chromecast !!!!

  • mortition_poet

    Yay tablet
    Man, I could use that

  • Jacob Graham

    The Nexus One

  • PudgyPanda

    google maps

  • CT

    Would love to have the nexus 7 as my first tablet!

  • Chris-Michael Junichi Kennedy


  • SWOT

    Nexus 7 2013 is even better!

  • tkdang

    Google TV baby!

  • bDIS

    I'll give this a shot.

  • Tanveer Huq


  • http://www.androidauthority.com Derek Scott


  • Dave

    Other than Nexus tablets, I really like Cromebooks. I see them being one of the most ubiquitous portables in the near future.

  • Lucas Laws

    Definitely GMail. Its just easy, and for me (lazy) the new sorting features work great.

  • Loren

    Simple... Gmail

  • Puffy Gryphon

    My favorite Google Product is actually Google Chrome. The auto-sync of my bookmarks and other info is very handy when switching between devices.

  • ds92

    Nexus phones are great! :)

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    I am a big chrome fan, and chromecast seems like everything I have been looking for for streaming my media on an HDTV! Now, if I could only get my hands on one!

  • Hovannes Abramyan

    I hope I win!

  • cruzin_cruzing

    I won.

  • Hovannes Abramyan

    Chromecast! I love it!

  • tenjaa

    Awesome giveaway, my loved Nexus S is about to die... :( :D

  • Dávid Paksi

    Very Cool!

  • Mak Zi Weng

    very disappointed...

  • Woodrow Douglass

    Looks pretty cool!

  • yuuber

    nexus 4

  • Jon Hopson

    Would love a new Nexus 7.

  • Mike Kask

    I would like a tablet please.

  • Eric Leonard

    That would look awesome sitting on my desk, and on my car seat. Just sayin'.

  • Josh


  • John Begovich

    These devices are amazing!

  • Jay


  • CB

    I'd love to win!

  • Blaine williams

    Can I haz a Nexux 7?

  • todini

    Coconut Custard Pie. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • marksol5

    I want this

  • jmotyka

    Why isnt there any android shaped Twinkies yet?

  • Shreyas Sood


  • Scott McDougall

    Nexus 4!

  • Micah Hilton

    Wish I could be the one.

  • http://TransientTangent.com/ Blake Mitchell

    I'll take it

  • Jeff Miller

    Have never won, hopefully this contest is the same as the others. Chromecast

  • Guest

    Google Search

  • Skrtcsr

    Love the new Chromecast, takes TV to the next level. And for $35 how can anyone go wrong. I can't wait to see what developers and Google do with it in the near future.

  • Charles Miller

    Google Now!

  • Colin Zack

    Nexus phones :P

  • Beedeezy13

    Google Hangouts

  • Andrew Park

    Their webservices of course! Gmail, Voice, Maps!

  • kozmo2k4


  • Shannon Durel

    Nexus all the way!

  • billykent1972

    oh great androidpolice.com, I give this sacrifice to you to show my love of giveaways and to win one of these most fabulous gifts!

  • gamafree

    Like the Nexus 4

  • rubejb

    Love Google Hangouts!

  • brew_ner

    jelly bean!

  • Justin

    I hope I win

  • Christopher Hartford

    Really want to win one of these!

  • xombie

    Aside from Nexus tablets, what is your favorite Google product?

    Galaxy Nexus!

  • ArwinBurkett

    Awesome. I love AP and their giveaways. Chromecast has to be one of the best devices to come out recently.

  • vibhor nizhavan

    android i s ma fav

  • Piotr Januszewski

    These things look sweet

  • Michael Hartpence

    I'm a huge fan of Google Glass and am really looking forward to getting one! :)

  • Adam Margeson

    Sadly, Google Voice. Immensely useful, even if it is slightly broken (out of date, no mms, etc)

  • Laschoni

    I'd have to say Chromecast. I've used a lot of Google product but this afforded me a cheap solution in the endless struggle to drag my parents into the 21st century. I even added the Netflix coupons from my 2 chromecasts to their shiny new Netflix account.

  • knox05


  • ppritcha

    I'm in.

  • marcmance

    Definitely the chromecast. What a steal!

  • Alex Lystrup

    Personally, I'm a big Chromecast fan.

  • bryan

    Wish I could win(;

  • Nick Trujillo

    I love the Chromecast, my kids love the cromecast, I can change movies for them from anywhere in my home when they want lol

  • Pratik Holla

    Chromecast: the best innovation in a while. :)

  • MichaelW


  • Samuel W

    Aside from the Nexus tablets, my favorite Nexus product would the Nexus 4. :)

  • Miss Susan

    I like the Asus Transformer.

  • Catenaccio

    Not sure if I am right, but I was asked what Google product, aside from the N7, I like. Response: Android. I know it's not a "device", but it's actually the main part of what makes Google "devices" likable.

  • Kevin

    Would be great if I got my first tablet by winning it here!

  • Jared Piotrowski


  • Jason

    Would love to upgrade to the new Nexus 7.

  • comanche06


  • Misha Bear Lipkin

    Nexus 7 would be AMAZING. I love GOogle.!! Couldn't part w/ it so i dual booted My iphone.! i'd love a nexus 7

  • Trey

    Yes please!

  • Chris Wright

    Definitely Chromecast!!

  • Devoid75

    Chromecast is a great step forward.

  • Tom Peace

    Reviews on the Google Nexus are awesome! It's the must have 7" tablet. I'd love to win one. In the meantime, I'll be saving my pennies.

  • Christine Schettig

    As far as Google "hardware" produts - Chromebook. For general Google product: Google Docs (making my life easier both personally & professionally) & Android services! Love my android!!

  • Levi Grove

    Would love to win one of these to update my original N7! My favorite other Google product is Google Glass.

  • zpartal

    Google glass!

  • http://trevorsullivan.net/ Trevor Sullivan

    I'd love a free Nexus 7!

  • watson111505

    Nexus 7 FTW

  • http://www.twitter.com/dsilinski slinky317

    I have to say that I love Chrome OS. I think with the recent upgrades it has some real potential as long as it can get some fine tuning. I spend most of my time in Chrome on my home PC anyway, and if I didn't play games I would probably switch to Chrome OS in a heartbeat.

  • PhillipCun

    Asus won't fix my cracked screen on my original N7... It was cracked due to the screen lift issue and not from physical damage from the user. SIGHHH

    • firesoul453

      What do you mean screen lift issue?

  • Julius Besser


  • Joey Heck


  • andi777


  • Roger

    Would love to get my hands on the next gen of the N7.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    New Nexus 7 would make a good Birthday present.

  • Kirk

    perfect for development

  • prestone1


  • David Joyce

    Been contemplating getting one, but the BestBuy around my job ruins any chance of actually testing it by enabling parental lockout features that essentially cripples it. There's a Staples right next door. Guess I'll check them too. Unless, perhaps I win one of these... :)

  • Beef Supreme

    Best google product? The internet! They made that, right?

  • bm80

    Currently, chromecast. It's only going to get better and hard to beat for the $35.

  • scottyyyyy

    EARTH! Has helped me on so many of my trips.

  • Fussolia

    WOOT! Awesome tablet.

  • KingRando


  • GJV

    How about my Logitech Revue? What a great investment :-/

  • MidnightNinja

    Chromecast. By far. Its cheap, streams easily, and works with all devices in my house.