A small but very much helpful update was announced for the Google Calendar app today: sync of notification dismissals across multiple devices. And yes, this is a staged rollout, so you will have to wait patiently for the updated app to actually become available. Hopefully it won't take long.

That's really the only change, aside from the standard bug fixes. This new cross-device sync will not dismiss notifications for skinned calendar apps on devices like the Galaxy S4 or HTC One, of course, so you may just want to disable notifications for such apps and use Google Calendar exclusively at this point, because this is too convenient a feature to pass up. You know, as soon as you can get the update that enables it.

David Ruddock
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  • Stephen

    What about notifications synced with Exchange?

    • Sean Thomas

      i think this is part of a new api in google play services so I don't think exchange is included. but I have zero idea how that works.

      • Pär Dahlberg

        It's Google's GCM service which existed before Play Services, but is more convenient to use now. It can be used by anyone, but there is of course the question about implementing it and sending the notification data through Google.

  • brkshr

    What really annoys me is the Calendar notifications along with the Google Now Next appointment notifications. I just want the Google Now notifications, but they don't popup at a specified time like the Calendar ones do (I prefer a 2 hour notice). I like that Google Now shows a map & time for appointments with an address.

    Google needs to come up with some solution for this. Maybe Google Now needs to be able to read the Reminder time for calendar appointments.

  • Matthew Fry

    What really annoys me, if you've never seen it, is if you create an event in the app you can never move it to another calendar in the app. Seems like basic functionality but... synced notifications are cool too.

  • Miah

    What really annoys me,,,

  • Ryan Stewart

    Dear god yes. Hopefully Google voice is next.

  • Maxime Henrion

    I'm looking at you, Facebook.

    • andy_o

      And almost every other freaking social/messaging/email app out there including Gmail. First Hangouts, then G+, now this, it's only a matter of time for other Google apps though.

      • Pär Dahlberg

        Do you mean that your Gmail apps don't sync notifications? I've had that between my Nexus 4 and 10 since around Google I/O.

        • andy_o

          Yeah, nothing here on the N4 and N10.

  • Martin Nilsson

    Staged roll-outs *mutter*. Still waiting on the Skype update for my OG Nexus 7 (might be tablet related) and the new Google Maps for my phone running android v 4.0.4. Lets hope that this updates comes before the others! =)

  • Heiko

    No one has a apk to share?

    • Paul_Werner

      Tried this and it gives the "app not installed" message

  • Nady

    can anyone please make a mirror

  • David

    Amazeballs! Finally!!!