According to a post by David van Tonder earlier this evening, CyanogenMod's 4.3-based 10.2 iteration will be able to boast a "Global Blacklist" among its features.

CyanogenMod is known for its subtle yet incredibly useful additions and tweaks to stock Android, and the new Blacklist will blend right in with a "holo compliant interface".

As the name implies, the blacklist will be truly global – it will support blocking of calls and messages, will be configurable through Settings, Phone, and Messaging, and available to third-party apps via a "new Content Provider API".

Users can enter blacklisted numbers from their address book (the People app) and even block numbers with wildcards, or those that are unknown and/or private.

Besides that, the blacklist makes blocking unwanted calls and messages exceedingly easy – blacklisting options will appear on the in-call screen, call history, quick reply popups, and the Messaging app's conversation view.

Screenshot_2013-07-31-10-22-14 Screenshot_2013-07-31-10-22-41 Screenshot_2013-07-31-10-22-50 Screenshot_2013-07-31-10-23-26 Screenshot_2013-07-31-17-34-02 Screenshot_2013-07-31-17-35-34 Screenshot_2013-07-31-17-38-25

As always, you shouldn't expect an ETA from the CM team, but it's great to hear that 10.2 will pack in some great new features.

Source: Google+

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  • Raymond Berger

    Did they ever finish that Google Voice SMS integration?

    • epsiblivion

      it's supposed to be merged already. so yes?

    • squiddy20

      Yes they did. It comes in the form of a separate app called "Voice+" which, from a quick peek at the app, seems to just be a toggle (Disable, or whatever Gmail account you select). The fact that the apk comes in around 160KB backs this up.

      • Raymond Berger

        Would it be possible to download that and use it with another ROM like liquidsmooth?

        • squiddy20

          I won't pretend to be completely knowledgable on this sort of stuff (more like a general idea) so I'll just say: maybe? It might be that all the code necessary for the SMS integration is contained within the app, but it might also be possible that there's some other code contained in the framework/OS to help enable it.
          Wouldn't hurt to try though.

          • Pyrotek85

            My guess is it's all contained within the Voice+ app, otherwise it would just be built into the system menus somewhere and not have it's own app. Haven't tried myself though since I use cyanogenmod.

          • Raymond Berger

            I tried to follow the instructions on an article to get it working on CM but couldn't got the apk to install but oh well.

          • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

            You need to be on one of the nightlies that came after the 10.1.2 Rom was released.

        • SetiroN


  • Pyrotek85

    A call/sms blacklist should really be something that is a stock feature on phones IMO, especially since carriers aren't much help if you're being harassed.

    • Taurus_G4

      I second that! really don't like my carrier charging me for this simple service as a subscription

  • googkhan

    goodbye my ex bank!

  • Hal Motley

    I remember back in my iOS days downloading iBlacklist on my jailbroken iPhone to block off the people that I don't like. Nowadays, I get plagued by debt collectors after a guy called Ken Connelly, who isn't me!

    Extreme Call Blocker is a good app, but it's nice to see a free and integrated solution. Good on you CyanogenMod. Another reason to love you so much! XD

  • Josh Legoza

    So glad they are implementing this!!! I remember having a blacklist in the settings on CM7 back in the day, and have been frustrated by the fact that its not there in CM10.x. I had assumed it was part of stock Android in the past and that Google removed it in ICS or JB. Anyone know if that is the case? Either way, I'm so happy they're putting it back in!

  • khalidsaidin

    This features, is it available on nexus 5 by default?

  • misman

    you can try community blacklist: http://goo.gl/qley3U