Anyone paying $20 per month for a premium cable channel should probably be doing everything possible to take advantage of it. With that in mind, the new update to Showtime Anywhere has added live streaming of Showtime to the app, but it's only available if you're a paying subscriber.

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All the archived episodes of Showtime series are included, but now you can see what's airing on the Showtime East and Showtime West feeds. This is the main feature in the update but here's the full changelog:

  • Live TV: Tune in to watch what’s currently airing LIVE on SHOWTIME
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Minor bug fixes

Keep in mind not all cable providers are supported through the Showtime Anywhere app. You have to be signed up with AT&T U-verse, Comcast Xfinity, DirecTV, Optimum, or Verizon FiOS. Yeah, it's lame, but that's how TV works, folks.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • jayray78

    But no Chromecast....

    • KanishkSingh

      Showtime is available on tv unlike Neftlix and Amazon prime, so it does not make much sense if you add Chromecast to it.
      It makes sense for people to share their ShowTime online connection with friends and relatives so they can stream on tv through the chromecast but not for ShowTime.

      • Justin W

        It would make sense for those that don't have 3-4 set-top boxes for every TV in the house. It would also make sense for those that travel quite a bit.

        • KanishkSingh

          I agree I almost forgot that scenario. But again its more the money for the cable companies if you have more set top boxes.
          Live tv is the main problem here, even hbo is different scenario since you watch old stuff and not live tv

        • ddpacino

          Yes, and as with HBO, I'd like to subscribe without cable. They need to explore that... every provider!

          • Justin W

            Agreed - easy money without the need to have cable companies involved at all.

          • Asphyx

            It would be a smart business move on their part if they did, But it will NEVER happen!

            The Cable companies would never allow it!
            And Networks like Showtime can't afford to lose those cash cow deals.
            Showtime is one of those things we call a Bundle Banner, which is a network that the Cable companies desperately want and will pay for channels they don't REALLY want to pay for all because they are being bundled with Showtime and the other CBS channels and losing those channels hurts their subscription base.

            TIme Warner is in a battle with them now over this.

      • JohnClark_R6

        It makes sense if I want to watch series that they don't have earlier episodes for on demand.

  • Thomas Anders

    My carrier doesn't have support this as a feature. Too bad, so sad for me. I'm still trying to work up the courage to quit TV, even though that would only further fuel my internet obsession.

    • Justin W

      I haven't quite TV, but I don't use Cable unless I'm cooking (and only then because my WiFi has an absolutely horrid connection in my kitchen). If I didn't get the service free (through my employer), I wouldn't have it.

  • J. Saloma

    So, because my provider is STILL not there (BrightHouse) I'm SOL apparently. Same issue as before... But, now it sucks more since they actually have LIVE streaming.

  • Matthew Fry

    I wish these networks would provide a subscription service instead of only allowing cable/satellite customers. I would gladly pay something reasonable to have access to these great shows, especially when the only way to get them otherwise is to pirate or wait months to years for them to release it on DVD/bluray and by then you are almost assured to have it completely spoiled by loudmouths on the Internet anyway.

  • Tony Byatt

    Your move HBO Go...

  • Chris Ledford

    why not chrome cast? or any affiliates of Time Warner..CNN TBS TNT Cartoon Network...HBO is there why not the rest?

  • Mary Jo Pezzi

    Bummer that Showtime Anytime does not stream to TV for Brighthouse customers -- We watch a huge amount of HBOGo via the Samsung smart TV ap.

  • Mary Jo Pezzi

    The last of the real news on major channels was 60-Minutes. Now I am completely through with it after the Bengazi FAKE report and slow retraction -- followed by a fluff piece calling a major political Super PAC (tax deductible) contributor a "great philanthropist." Now I am 100% Netflix and HBO-GO on my smart TV and everything else is online.