Floating Notifications brings the usefulness of Facebook chat heads to every Android app that shoots out a notification. Get an email - receive a floating Gmail icon on the side of the screen begging for attention. Tapping that icon reveals the contents of the message. Double tapping dismisses the notification, but there's a catch - before now, removing the floating notification hasn't also removed it from the status bar. Thanks to the latest update, devices running Android 4.3 will sync these actions due to integration with the new Notification Listener Service.

FloatingNotifications1 FloatingNotifications2

This isn't all that's introduced in version 1.5. The UI now uses Google's card layout, so it should look attractive regardless of if you're running stock Android or own a heavily themed device from the likes of Samsung or HTC. For some of us, this is a better looking approach than the app's previous Holo theme. The update also introduces other nitty-gritty features, such as the ability to hide notifications while a specific app is open.

What's New
  • 4.3 support - uses the new notification listener service
  • Card styled UI
  • Enhanced theme engine
  • Other apps now require a permission to remove FN's (apps such as NiLS)
  • Minor bug fixes

Floating Notifications comes with a 30 day free trial, so if you think Android's notifications could use some work, grab the app from the Play Store and give it a spin. If you like what you see, the paid version only costs $1.97.