So, you want to know about everything that's new in Android 4.3. Every single change that's occurred since 4.2.2. Well, if you don't mind scrolling through a barely-human-readable, mile-long developer changelog, now you can satisfy that urge.


Al Sutton has posted a wonderfully-formatted AOSP commit changelog covering the changes from Android 4.2.2 (JDQ39) to Android 4.3_r2.1 (JSS15J). The JSS15J build is the most recent release of 4.3, and is the one currently shipping on the new Nexus 7. Older Nexus devices are currently on slightly older builds (prefixed by "JW") in order to protect them from destabilizations that might have been caused by last-minute changes to AOSP specifically for new N7.

We've published these changelogs as embedded elements in the past, but Al's done such a great job formatting and cleaning up things that there's really not a point, so be sure to head to his page to check it out. Who knows what could be lurking in there!

You can check out our previous developer changelogs, too - Android 4.2.2 is here, and Android 4.1.2 is here. Finally, if developer changelogs aren't exactly your thing, check out these posts discussing in a more general sense 'what's new in Android 4.3?':

You can also watch the Google event at which Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 were unveiled right here.

AOSP Changelog

David Ruddock
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  • io53

    It's always fun to search for the word "revert" in a git commit log. There is 682 search results for "revert" in that log :D.

    • David Margolin

      if you enjoyed that... try searching for 'fix'

      • Anhstein


    • Jake Lee

      Quite a lot of this nonsense: http://i.imgur.com/9IJALf8.png

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Yodawg. Revert all the things.

        • Shitiz Garg

          Yodawg, I heard you like to revert. So I reverted all the revert reverts you reverted to revert.

  • MasterMuffin

    Google should do like Apple does and count those and be like "we did over (insert big lie- I mean number) changes". Maybe they don't do it because of "Don't be evil"

  • Klappa

    Android 4.3 has messed up WIFI on my N4. Thanks Google!

    • Thomas’

      4.3 has fixed my WiFi while using Eduroam. Thanks Google!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Works OK for me, what's the problem?

    • Goldenpins

      reboot router. it fixed mine. I was having problems starting but after a reboot from the router itself. It worked like normal.

      • Klappa

        No they're messed up 5ghz wifi signals on the N4. 2.4ghz wifi band works as normal.

  • anzensepp1987

    Copy and Paste is broken for me on 4.3. Any app crashed when doing a copy within it. For me the problem was solved by unrooting (SuperSU). The issue should have to do something with clipboard-listening apps. https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=58043

    • MrWareWolf

      they said 'root is kinda busted at the moment..'

      I've had the copy problem, it crashes my notepad app regularly..

      i run supersu also, should i try uninstalling it ?

      it's annoying to keep re-running it, but not that big of a deal, so I just lived with it so far

  • Thomas’

    I love these logs. This will cost me my next hours ;-)

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
  • Adam B.

    So where is the Android 4.3 Teardown ?

  • maxim

    ya ya...feeling happy with 4.3...fuck! ...google, what's wrong with you? the gesture keyboard was already very nice and convenience to use after 4.2.2 update. Now the same problem coming back again... just highlight ONE of the problem, during key-in web page, swipe 2 words like androidpolice.com, it will not have space between android and police. Now in 4.3, it happen again, new version with old problem which already been fixed.

    • Stacey Liu

      It's fixed if you download Google Keyboard from the Play Store. It's not fixed in the AOSP keyboard.

  • Thorben

    I like that there is one less step involved when adding a new word to the dictionary. :) (Touch to save and that's it)

    • Justin W

      Isn't that the keyboard's commands, not the OS's?

      • ashclepdia

        it still does it on 4.2 with the new keyboard update vs 4.3 for me. im just happy no matter where the change resides that it is gone

        • Justin W

          Oh. I use the stock keyboard on my HTC One (still on 4.1.2 :( ), but I don't get the annoying pop-up when adding to dictionary anymore.