If you're on The Now Network and looking for a new phone, you'd be hard-pressed to find one better than the Galaxy S4 (with one exception, depending on your personal preference). And in keeping with their tradition of rock-bottom prices at surprisingly fast intervals, Amazon Wireless is now offering the 16GB model for just $99.99 on-contract, to both new customers and existing subscribers adding a line.

amazon s4

Activation is free for new Sprint customers, as is two-day shipping (even without an Amazon Prime account). According to our Amazon, the price is good between today (Sunday) and Thursday, August 1st. Of course, you'll still pay the $649.99 retail price if you want it sans contract.

Both white and black models are available. For the sake of comparison, the HTC One is a measly $29.99 with a new contract on Amazon, and the older (but still perfectly respectable) Samsung Galaxy SIII is just a penny. If you're not in any great hurry, you might as well wait till Thursday to pull the trigger - Motorola has something they want to show you, and it's rumored as coming to Sprint as well. 

Amazon Wireless - Galaxy S4 White

Amazon Wireless - Galaxy S4 Black

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • rph59

    Correction: The $99.99 price is not for current customers that are upgrading. They still pay $199.99.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Correct. We'll fix that. $99 only applies to adding a line or opening an account.

  • CitrusRain

    I see they have big deals with Verizon phones as well.
    Galaxy S3 for a penny (new plan) or $20 (existing plan)
    Galaxy S4 for $120 - $150

  • http://www.mobileosworld.com/ Xen Lee

    There is alot of confusion prevailing. What is the right price http://www.mobileosworld.com/2013/07/deal-alert-nokia-purity-pro-bh-940.html

  • Ray Sunghwa Woo

    I'm monitoring closely on S4 in different websites. The family plan on Amazon charges $20 each additional line, where in Dell.com and wirefly.com has 2nd line free and $10 after that. And both latter websites have the phones $119, $139 with $40 Visa card. So if you have 3 lines to open with Sprint on Amazon, it will be $170 instead of $150 with 1500 minutes share plan. I think you will save money having contract with other websites in a long run. I wish the Amazon matches the plan price then it's the best deal.