Looks like everyone jumped the gun on this one, including Google itself. You can already buy the new Nexus 7 from Amazon, Best Buy, and some Walmart stores, but now both the 16GB and 32GB versions are available directly from Google Play.


The shipping status is still "soon," with a date of July 30th for the time being, but Google sent out a tweet moments ago that allude to the fact it may actually start shipping a bit earlier:

So what are you waiting for? Follow the links below to get yours.

Google Play: 32GB, 16GB

Cameron Summerson
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  • Suhas Vemuri


    • Suhas Vemuri

      Full images

    • Mr E

      what sorcery is this???

    • xnifex

      what does FHD stand for?

      • Suhas Vemuri

        Full HD..

        • xnifex

          makes sense, i'm an idiot. thanks!

          • Suhas Vemuri

            Hehe.. happens to the best of us..

        • abby725

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  • catiremedina

    I want the 3g version T_T

  • Justin Crowley

    why US only :(

    i could ship it to a P.O box in the US, but then i gotta drive down and get it..boo urns

  • Wes Jordan

    Picked one up at my local BB today.

  • Miah

    Can I order this via VPN to UK? FU US ONLY SHITE

    • Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh

      August 29th, pre-order from Ebuyer. That's what I did.

      • Miah

        I don't want to bloody wait, that's the point. Why we have to wait 2 months after the US just frustrates me!

        • jamaall

          google always has problems with supply, guess they don't want to sell to other countries until they know they have enough for the US, just my assumption

  • Dany Bouffard

    Another way to screw peoples not from US, only US have the right to have good stuff fast.

    • Mr. Mark

      Duh, it's made in the US and Google is based in the US. In what parallel universe do you live where products are not available first in the country they're made and produced?

      • Dany Bouffard

        We are 1 step away from the US I think its reasonable to expect to have some available here fast.

  • jamaall

    amazon is shipping it to me tomorrow XD

  • David Kravets

    what about the LTE version?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Not yet, obviously.

  • Laurentiu

    Waiting for 4G N7...

  • animejay

    To the people outside of the US who are crying about not getting this today. I know how you feel. Every time that Samsung or HTC come out with new phones we in the US have to wait MONTHS in some cases to get them.

    • loyalty888

      Not to mention the rest of the world gets different colors and bad ass iterations of phones that the US never sees.

      • nxym

        as someone who lives in a third world country, fuck you all!

        • khsharpe

          - nods head in agreement -

    • Joshua Hill

      Except apart from Sth Korea and Taiwan/Japan ( The companies you mentioned countries of origin) the US still gets them before the rest of the world.

      Nice whinge but.

  • timrcm

    They can keep that damned thing and its massive bezel.

    • jamaall

      maybe thats so you can hold it without your fingers accidently touching all over the touch screen?

    • Miah

      I don't understand why people are complaining about the bezel... It is smaller than the 1st gen.

  • Sokudoningyou

    I'm tempted, just to mount it in my car as someone else has done in their Corolla. Way easier to modify and customize than any double-din touchscreen radio.