Update 2: Both models are now out of stock on Staples.com - bummer!

Update: The 16GB version is now out of stock on Staples.com, but the 32GB model is still going strong.

Looking to pick up that brand-new Nexus 7 on the cheap? I guess cheap is a relative term, but this Staples deal will certainly make acquiring Google's newest slate cheaper, slashing $30 off your total before taxes. Shipping is free, with an estimated delivery of 2 business days, meaning you should get it early next week.

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Just add either the 16GB or 32GB Nexus 7 to your cart on Staples' website, and add the coupon code 41178. Hurry, this offer almost definitely will not last - Staples has already stopped accepting the equivalent $30 coupon for in-store purchases.

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David Ruddock
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Just cancelled my Amazon order and placed this one a few minutes ago. Worked like a charm (at least so far, unless they cancel it).

    • ProductFRED

      Thanks guys for posting this. With tax (NYC), I would've paid $293 from the Play Store. I ended up actually saving $30 even with the $20 tax from Staples because my total was $260.

  • Herman

    Does free shipping count for Europe as well?

    ... It doesn't, does it? :(

    • MeCampbell30

      They don't ship to the EU. :(

      • Herman

        So close, yet so far away...

        I've inserted the coupon code. I would've gotten $30 off already. But I can't order it.

  • MeCampbell30

    Found out this deal this morning. $214 for the 16GB shipped and after-tax.

  • Mike Podruchny

    And they are now out of stock

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Both show as in stock for me online, and I just got the 32GB one 15 min ago.

      • Mike Podruchny

        The page shows in stock, but when I try adding to the cart, it says out of stock.

        • Mike Podruchny

          I see this for both models.

        • Mike Podruchny

          A live chat confirms it is now out of stock. I guess I wait until the next deal.

      • ProductFRED

        Out of stock now. I managed to snag one too, but it really did go out of stock not even 5 minutes after I got my order through.

  • Eric Vaughan

    I was going to hold off for a bit....gahhhh this is tempting.

    • MeCampbell30

      Resistance is futile.

      • Michael Pahl


      • Heon Jun Park

        But I like resisting... I am in Resistance in Ingress for a reason....

    • FrillArtist

      Hold off? It's $199.

  • Kharl Martin

    which version do you guys suggest? This is so tempting might have to run to the bank and add funds.

  • Kylecore

    Yeah not working in Canada, only has the 1st gen nexus 7 on the website there

    edit** just looked at the coupon, it explicitly states " Valid through 7/28/13 in Staples® U.S. stores only."

  • fsdgasdg

    and its out of stock :(

  • ProductFRED

    Just snagged a 32GB model. Damn tax was $20! Oh well, at least I saved $10; it was $260 total.

    NYC btw.

  • Heon Jun Park

    Just bought mine xD 32GB.....

  • Mastermind26

    paycheck is not until NEXT week!

    • FrillArtist

      Ah, the rat race. Living from paycheck to paycheck.

      • Mastermind26

        Yep. But I am thankful to at least have this race to run in!!!

        • Twilightlicous

          I'm in the same boat, waiting until next saturday

        • abby725

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  • Collin McFarlane

    Placed my order, AWESOME!!! I wasn't able to cancel my Amazon order though... :'( so I'll need to ship the one from Amazon back when I receive it.

  • tekmonkey

    Staples charges tax, kills the deal for me. (Ordered from Amazon earlier today)

    • MeCampbell30

      Unless the tax is more than $30 . . . I don't understand.

  • http://twitter.com/cooltay105 Tay

    I was able to have them use the 41178 code on an IN STORE purchase and it worked.

    http://www.staples.com/coupons Print out the coupon, but make sure they enter the online coupon code, as the in-store coupon code wasn't working.

    • mustbepbs

      I tried this at my local Staples (both codes) and neither worked. This was an hour and a half ago.

      • http://twitter.com/cooltay105 Tay

        Ah, sorry :-( I did this around 3 hours ago, and it did. They may have updated their system.

  • Door9Films

    NEW Google Nexus 7 Hands-On Review & Unboxing HD - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xOh3OAinEY&feature=youtu.be

  • Ron Dorr

    Between my nexus 7 and 10, my favorite Google prods are the n7 gen2 and the nexus5 with klp that are in the offing.

  • yl

    i ordered it after coupon expired but i chatted and they gave me the $30 off