Want to know how you're expected to connect your phones, tablets, and computers to that fancy Chromecast that's shipping in the mail? Simple, there's an app for that. Google has dropped dedicated software in the Play Store that configures all that Chromecast devices in your house, because I know there are a good number of you that have already ordered more than one.

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The app will set up your Chromecast to work on your local network and give you an interface for managing its settings, such as changing the device's name or inputting a new WiFI password. It's all pretty straightforward, and this shouldn't be an app that gets fired up often. Presumably people can launch it when they first buy a Chromecast and proceed to ignore the app long enough to forget what that quirky app in their app drawer even is. And since an Android device isn't required to use Chromecast, there will still be other ways to get your device up and running.

It should go without saying that people need a Chromecast before this app does anything useful, but they don't need one to download it. Grab it below if you just can't bear to wait.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Erwan Finot

    I want to buy it in France ! D:

    • RockAndRock

      on peut rêver mdr

      • SaintPozyum

        Mais si mais si, ça viendra ! ! ! :D

        • RockAndRock

          Faut garder espoir... Il n'ont pas précisé à la conf une éventuelle commercialisation en Europe :(

          • Tony Sarju

            Je ne comprends pas

          • RockAndRock

            You don't understand ? lol

          • Tony Sarju

            Oui, je ne comprends pas cette langue

          • RockAndRock

            You speak french very well :D

  • Christopher Peterson

    I wonder what they'll do for iOS devices, as there is not a Chromecast app as of yet in the Apple App Store

    • bozzykid

      You can set it up with the Chrome extension that was released yesterday.

      • Christopher Peterson

        Ah ok, I didn't realize that that was on mobile browsers as well.

        • bozzykid

          You don't need a mobile app for it to work. You just need a PC or Mac to do the one time setup if you don't want to install the Android app.

  • Scott Breitbach

    FWIW: ...not compatible with my Logitech Revue Google TV.

  • Dan

    How can I remote control Google Music on my Chrome Webbrowser (Desktop PC)

  • Firelight

    Got mine at Best Buy yesterday. Streaming Netflix from my tablet - right now. I had a Roku - 720p only version - and I still like it. But 1080p from the tablet to my tv is pretty cool!

    (BTW: They had 9 more left at the BB in Wilson, NC)

    • kpjimmy

      I'm in TX and missed out on the Amazon madness while at work lol. But managed to snag it on BB.com and even though the site said release date 8/7 and multiple people said the same on the phone with BB. But got an email this morning saying it was shipped! :)

      I even called them out saying people in NC are walking in the stores and getting them, and was then told our "districts" don't have any in stock.

      Just go and take a walk to your local BB and see for yourself.

  • Vibrunazo

    Can you guys check if you can use Android intents to send stuff to the TV? With my Google TV, I can send virtually any file to my TV from my phone by just clicking on any app's share menu -> Google TV app -> instantly shows up on TV. It would be really cool if the chromecast app could do that as well.

    • Firelight

      Unless it is Chrome browser based it's a no-go. Chromecast is NOT Android based like Google TV.

      Also, I tried to play AVI and MP4 files through Chrome to Chromecast ... and it worked ... but the laggy video as Chrome decoded it for play was un-watchable.

      Apps will need the API in order to send to CC. Which right now is pretty sparse - but I'd expect quick adoption. This thing is only $35 - who wouldn't get one just to try it out?

  • bL4Ck

    >This item cannot be installed in your devices' country
    At least the official website works everywhere http://google.com/chromecast/setup

    • Tony Sarju

      I got the same thing here in Canada. I just logged into a US server and pushed it from the Play Store website.

  • Freck

    It would be great when this "Chromecast-Push" work with standart DLNA devices...

  • http://www.dsaif.com/ Saif

    Upload the apk please.

    • Mike

      Why don't you just download it from the play store?

      • sivkai

        Not available outside the US. What a surprise...

  • yeshu

    is there a way to connect this to a monitor and still get sound? The monitor I am using doesn't have built in speakers..

    • Iulian Arcus

      Usually HDMI monitors with no inbuilt speakers will still have a sound out. It does the same thing to my N10 via HDMI wire.

  • Skadoodle

    Can we expect other apps such as BS Player and MX Player to work with Chromecast so we can easily stream local content?

  • Radu Pescaru

    When can we buy in Europe? It's just unfair!