You may have noticed that Google's shiny new Chromecast streaming gadget has suddenly become a bit popular. The combination of easy streaming and a cheap $35 price sticker has made the dongle a hot ticket, already backed up by three or four weeks on the Play Store, periodically sold out at Amazon and Best Buy, and selling for insane markups on eBay. Google has noticed too: according to a report by the LA Times, they've decided to end the Netflix promotional giveaway, which bundled three months of streaming video service (a $24 value) with the device.


Due to overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices since launch, the 3-month Netflix promotion (which was available in limited quantities) is no longer available.

-Google spokesperson via LA Times

A few of us at Android Police have gotten our hands on Chromecast already, either through retail outlets or overnight shipping from Amazon. None of us have seen details on how or when the promotion could be redeemed - we'd guessed some sort of email confirmation after installing, but no dice. There's nothing included in the sparse retail packaging, and all mentions of a promotional Netflix offer have disappeared from the Play Store.

The deal was particularly attractive because it applied even for current Netflix subscribers, who were in the target demographic for Chromecast anyway. If Google had a set number of promotional subscriptions to give away, they're gone now. If you've managed to redeem three months of free Netflix service, congratulations - feel free to brag in the comments section.

Update: Commenters say that a Netflix promotional code was sent out via email for those who ordered their Chromecast units before 1PM Pacific time. If you haven't gotten one yet, you probably won't, though it might be worth giving Google Play Store support a call (1-855-83-NEXUS, 1-855-836-3987) if your confirmation email came in before the cut-off time. Thanks to everyone sharing info in the comments section.

Update #2 7/26/13 12:18am PT: Google just updated the Chromecast page with this clarification: "Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Orders placed before 1PM PST on 7/25 will receive their promotion code once their order ships."

Source: LA Times via Patrick Norton

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    I ordered from Amazon yesterday, but I have a late shipping date (3-4 weeks) and haven't gotten my code. I'm presuming they go out when the device actually ships. Anyone else in the same boat?

  • http://reddit.com/ yo2boy

    It hasn't even been released outside the US yet and they ended the Netflix promo...

    Come on...

  • Sir_Brizz

    I ordered from the Play Store before the price was announced. I got my shipping notification in the middle of last night and the promo code via email about 6 hours later.

    • Daniel C.

      I ordered two from the play store as well. I didn't want to wait and go to a store or order from another site. Anyways I also got a shipping notification last night and this morning at work I got my promo codes via email as well.

  • aNYthing6

    Well that's super lame.

  • Nick Sutton

    I ordered thru Amazon yesterday with 2 day shipping. Hasn't shipped yet though and haven't received a code. The Netflix offer page is still up here https://cast.google.com/chromecast/offer

  • Patrick Calderaz

    I was able to get one off Goole play right when it went available.

  • Mastermind26

    Ordered from Google. hasn't shipped yet and netflix is nowhere to advertised anymore. But it WAS when I placed my order.


    • Justin W

      You should still get it. An Engadget user posted the below info, and the Google rep he e-mailed said that anyone who ordered before 1pm PST 7.25.2013 would qualify for the promotion (I assume that's orders directly from Google).

      "I ordered first from Amazon because of Prime free shipping and they had pulled the offer yesterday and customer service didn't know anything about the offer.

      I cancelled it and ordered from Google Play yesterday. I did NOT receive an email with the Netflix promotion.

      I emailed Google from my order to insure I do get it. I ordered it at 5:23 PST yesterday.

      I received email confirmation about 10 minutes later that I would get the promotion. I've copied it below. That's great customer service.

      'Hello XXXX,

      Thank you for contacting Google Play. My name is Dave and I will be helping you out today. I see that you are having an issue with your Chromecast order. I can understand how it can be upsetting when you're unsure of what to do next. I am going to do all I can to resolve this issue.
      After reviewing your case, If you ordered a Chromecast before 1pm PST on July 25, 2013, you are eligible for the Netflix promotion and will receive an email with the promo code after your device ships.
      If you need anymore assistance, please reply to this email or refer to our support website at:

      Thank you,
      DaveThe Google Play Support Team' "

      • Mastermind26

        Fantastic. Thanks for that!

        • Justin W

          No problem. It was info I was looking for too, so I figured I'd share. Also, if you were wondering, those that ordered online should get the codes within a week (according to a Reddit post).

      • Alex Murphy

        Have to admit Google's customer service has improved tremendously. I had issues with my Nexus 7 (which I bought through Play) a few months ago and got sent a replacement unit immediately. So I bought one Chromecast through AMZ and one through Play, even though the shipping on Play was higher.

        • johnforamerica

          Must be nice. My Nexus 7 RMA was a NIGHTMARE!

      • John O’Connor

        Time to check my email. while i already have a netflix subscription and placed my order on the afternoon of the 24th, I can't help but wonder

        • Justin W

          Same. I bought from amazon before their cut off time, so I'm expecting it within the next few days.

  • RampageDeluxe

    I ordered mine from BB and haven't gotten a code yet. It shipped this morning. We will see. I imagine I'll get mine since its part of the package on BB.

  • Jess

    I just picked one up, gave me a code on the receipt from Best Buy, does that mean its worthless??

    • Eric James Salcido

      If you have the code, it will work. It's just they won't be giving out anymore codes.

      • Jess

        Just checked, signI guess if you get one, you get one. I wonder how BB will stop, s it prints on the receipt.

        • Eric James Salcido

          They only have a limited number of codes, I'm sure.

        • aNYthing6

          My guess is the ones they had in stock came with free Netflix, and any new inventory from here on out will not.

  • Sean Rowe

    I bought mine from Best Buy earlier today, redeemed the code from my receipt and all is good. There should be a code on the receipt with a url (netflix.com/chromecast) to sign up. Not sure how other retailers do it, but that is how BB is working.

  • irtechneo

    Well that sucks. On a side note it would be really nice if el Goog could just get one product launch to go smoothly. I see comments all over the net today about people ordering this thing right away and getting two week ship dates and then other people waiting to order and getting shipping dates already. How many times can they screw it up before they start learning from their mistakes? Rant over. Im still buying one ;)

    • Grimmjow

      their inventory management is bad. Eventually this is all going to go to Motorola i think.

      • Justin W

        They also have web portal issues with Wallet - that's always what causes problems with high profile launches. I had Wallet error out yesterday when I tried to order the first time (within minutes of it being announced as available on Play), but was able to place the order after about 10 minutes of nothingness. We'll likely see this en masse again next week when the Nexus 7 goes on sale on Play.

        • http://www.jaxidian.org/update teh Jax

          You have to admit that their web portal issues weren't anything this time around like it was the last couple times around. And I bet they had MANY more Chromecast orders than they did Nexus 4 or whatever orders! While it's still by no means a great job, every time they do get better and better. This was leaps and bounds better than the N4 fiasco!

          • Justin W

            I agree that they were much better, but I think that's because this either wasn't as popular of a device as the others were or that this was available from Amazon and BestBuy (split load between 3 portals). Based on info I've seen several people skipped Play in favor of Amazon because it was much quicker for delivery (that, and they've handled massive volumes of sales much better than Google has in the past).

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      Believe me -- after my experience with ordering the Nexus 7 I'd _love_ to blame Google, but in all fairness I can't.

      The far more likely scenario is that Netflix were surprised by Chromecast's popularity and balked at covering free subs above the quantity originally agreed to. As we already knew from the Qwikster debacle (and others), Netflix execs have some funny ideas about how best to attract and serve potential customers.

      • irtechneo

        I understand the whole Netflix thing..it sucks but early buyers were rewarded. That deal couldnt last forever. I was referring to the inventory and ordering mess that continues to happen with each Google product. I honestly cant think of another company that continues to have those problems with no improvement. I mean this is 2013 and this is Google we are talking about. You would think they could get it right by now.

      • PhoenixPath

        "The far more likely scenario is that Netflix were surprised by Chromecast's popularity "

        This is my guess as well. Google's past forays into streaming devices have been miserable. The Q, GTV...I'm certain Netflix (nor Google) was absolutely not expecting the incredible deluge of orders coming through.

        (That said, this is yet one more example of Google's product launch failures. They cannot seem to get this right, which is mind-boggling considering the resources they have to *buy* the expertise they need.)

  • ajerman

    No Netflix so far for me. Ordered on Amazon, nothing in the packaging and no email. I was actually really looking foward to the 3 months since I haven't had Netflix for a while and I wanted to see if it's worth resubscribing yet.

  • jw

    Ordered on Google play the second it came out. Shipped today to arrive tomorrow and I already received my Netflix promo code email.

  • enoch861

    According to Amazon, exactly 2 weeks after you placed your order, you'd get an email with the code.

    • earth

      Cool, I ordered via Amazon and wondered if Netflix deal was only via Google Store. Apparently not.

  • ssj4Gogeta

    How can they mess up their launches like this? Did they not anticipate the huge demand, considering it's $35?

    • Grimmjow

      did you not anticipate Google goofing up with a physical device like they have several times in the past?

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      You're missing the point: the bottleneck in this arrangement had to be Netflix. Even if Google agreed to share costs, Netflix likely had final say on how many of those free 90-day subscriptions they could afford to cover.

      Thus, I think this little speed bump tells us something about the pace of Chromecast's first-day sales. For promotional purposes, Netflix would surely be willing to eat 5K - 10K orders, but probably no more than 20 - 25K.

  • nsnsmj

    This sucks, but they said from the announce that it would be available in limited quantities. Can't really blame Google for this if Netflix gave them a certain number codes, though I'm sure Google could afford to buy more if they wanted to. It just looks like they didn't anticipate demand (like with the Nexus 4).

    I did read a little while ago on some big site (can't remember which) that anyone who ordered before a certain time today (when they announced they were ending the promotion) would still get a code.

  • http://www.ronakg.com/ Ronak Gandhi

    It must’ve sold like hot cakes on Amazon. It’s already best seller in TV & Video category on Amazon surpassing Roku & Apple TV.


    • Maison Pulaski

      I searched "hot cakes" on Amazon & they are not selling nearly as well as this dongle. So - no - it didn't sell like them.

      • SickoPsycho


  • smirkis

    Here's the email i got after it shipped last night. i ordered before they even announced the price during the demo:

    Welcome to Chromecast.

    Enjoy 3 months of Netflix on us and start casting.

    Hi Smirkis,

    Your Chromecast is on its way.

    After setting it up, you can start casting from Netflix and other apps to your TV using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Netflix has thousands of movies and TV shows, and Chromecast is the easy way to watch all of it on your TV.

    Redeem your 3 months of Netflix to use on a new or existing account by clicking the link below.

    -Redeem Now-

    Happy casting!

    • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

      I got that too, and put in the code and it worked. I also picked one up at Best Buy today, and the code printed out on my receipt.

      • The_16th_Doctor

        and then you buy 20 more, copy the codes, and return all 20 boxes right

        • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

          No way dude... Sell the dongles on ebay.

  • Derrick Hodges

    Glad I bought 3 today!

  • Rob

    Disappointed in Google. They seem to not think these promotion things through.

  • Zaerath

    I got mine (Best Buy).

  • Scott Hendry

    well that's not cool.

  • Nick

    So If i ordered mine on the first day from Google, do I no longer get it :( Mine hasn't shipped yet.

  • Zack

    An offer page on Amazon said redemption codes will be emailed one week after your device ships. Sorry if someone already shared this, I didn't check out all the comments.

  • QwietStorm

    What.. I ordered one from a Best Buy store to pick up at a different store/location that actually has them in stock (at least at the time of checkout) tomorrow. So I won't be able to take advantage of it even though I already bought it?

    • MeCampbell30

      It should be on the receipt if you bought it before 1pm today.

      • Russ Brown

        I bought one at 9pm yesterday (i.e. on release day). No code on receipt. The receipt item is called "GOOGLE TEST" and it shows "TEST SKU 1". Have I been screwed, or should I be able to take the receipt back to get it fixed?

        • Mobile Phones Fan

          Worse case, just call Google CS. Starting late last year, I've had excellent results in dealing with them on a range of issues, from various Google Web properties to Play Store hardware...very fast responses from helpful, pleasant personnel.

          And after umpteen years of absolutely *no* support from Google, boy was I shocked. :-)

  • wideopn11

    Ordered from the play store as soon as it went live, paid for 2 day shipping. According to my tracking number I should get it tomorrow. Got an email with my tracking number this morning followed by a Netflix email with code. Redeemed it this afternoon. So far so good Google. Sorry to anyone who misses out on the deal.

  • Prasad Musale

    Here is what Amazon says about this. Good thing I ordered mine before that.

    Netflix Promotion No Longer Available
    Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Customers who ordered their Chromecast prior to 5:31 PM PST on July 24, 2013 will receive a Netflix gift code via email within 5 days of their product's ship date.

    • Andy Stetson

      Got my order for 3 in before then ;) I'll have them Monday, my preciouseseses!!

    • NotTheTodd

      Good news, everyone!

  • AJ

    I ordered mine at best buy via ship to store this morning got my code too. I got one of 3 in the entire city.

  • Mrtito32

    I got mine today at Best Buy. A code was mailed to me, and it worked:

    A discount of $23.97 has been applied to your account.

  • Joe

    So I guess I'm safe then - I just picked up my Chromecast (actually 2, gonna put one up on eBay) from Best Buy here in PA around 9:00pm. Immediately after purchasing (and after giving my phone number at purchase) I got the Google/Netflix email...so I guess I should be good to go for the promotion??

    • Joe

      BTW they had probably 15 of them at my local Best Buy in Montgomeryville, PA, were just putting them on the peg rack (w/o tags) when I got there. Though I did see a couple of different Geek Squad guys grabbing them, probably to purchase for themselves after work ;)

      • Krzysztof Jozwik

        I was thinking of heading out there today, guess I should have. I'll just check Qtown and see if they have any, though that BB sucks so I doubt it.

        • Joe

          Well I was gonna say try doing a store pickup at the Montgomeryville store (which was actually available earlier this evening, hence the reason I just drove over there)...but right now all that the site is showing is "ship to store - 3 to 5 days". Though there is no way they sold the last 10 in the last hour the store was open (unless all the employees bought em!)

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            I've got work till 4 so I doubt I'd be able to get there before 4:30 anyways. Might make the drive for the hell of it tomorrow.

  • KanishkSingh

    As per amazon;
    Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Customers who ordered their Chromecast prior to 5:31 PM PST on July 24, 2013 will receive a Netflix gift code via email within 5 days of their product's ship date.

    That message just came up now and if I would have know that this will be the case I would have ordered it from play store. I ordered at 10PM on 24th. Thats what you get for being a f loyal amazon customer.

    • Avrohom Eliezer Friedman

      call them - their customer service is pretty good for loyal customers

  • The_16th_Doctor

    as soon as they said $35 i paused the live stream, went to the play store and ordered one. then i went back and watched the rest. so they better give me the promotion as soon as it starts shipping or else.....ill just say ok and move on with my life

  • Kevin Guinn

    I live chatted with best buy a few mins ago asking why I wasn't emailed my netflix code and he said that it could take 3-5 days to receive via email. I asked if my order made the cut off time and he didn't answer. Just went to ask me if I had other questions. Didn't want to repeat myself so I left chat. I better get one since I ordered last night and their site still advertises the promo.

  • LunchBox92

    The free three month gift sub will be emailed to you when the dongle is shipped or when you go through the check out at best buy, also the three free months is only available for one account.

  • Dalibor Kollár

    oh crap, here we go again.. first N7 and its accessories, then N4, now Chromecast dongle. Sold out in just a few minutes after it reaches the shelves, I'll be lucky if I'll get my hands on this toy before christmas and I don't even care if it will come with netflix sub or without it. So frustrating... :-(

  • Michael Pahl

    I bought off Amazon and received my Chromecast yesterday without a promotion. Now Amazon is saying "What promotion?" when I ask where my promo is?

  • Lee Nightingale

    And still not released in the UK, we do exist you know and we even have hdtvs too

    • Michael Pahl

      all good things with time my friend.
      there is no way these could sell in UK @ 35$ equivalent. too many taxes on tech

  • dohmez

    I ordered mine through Best Buy on launch day and received an email last night with a link to my digital download for the Netflix promotion included in the order. I don't remember what time I ordered it, but fwiw the order confirmation came in at ~3:30pm. The Netflix promo was added to my cart at the time of order.

  • Clayton Ginther

    I want to know who ordered Tide travel sink packets with their chromecast on amazon

  • lardygeezer

    Ordered from Best Buy, confirmed delivery and emailed Netflix promotion code. Redeemed the code on my Netflix account and they credited me $23.97. So I'm a happy bunny got my Chromecast arriving Monday at a bonus price = Thanks Google!

  • spydie

    What about the Amazon ones that we ordered a couple days ago. When it gets here (Monday) do I still get the free 3 months? It was advertised as such on Amazon.

  • Iggyplatinum

    "Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Customers who ordered their Chromecast prior to 5:31 PM PST on July 24, 2013 will receive a Netflix gift code via email within 5 days of their product's ship date." - See more at: http://www.eweek.com/mobile/google-axes-chromecast-special-offer-for-free-netflix/#sthash.20fC09NW.dpuf

  • Bob

    Ordered mine from Amazon on the 24th, and the Amazon page also featured the Netflix offer, but I haven't received any email promotional code for the Netflix offer as of yet.

  • Chromecast user

    I ordered my Chromecast dongle back on July 24th. At the time, Google said the Chromecast was currently unavailable. I refreshed the page 10 minutes later and it was available again. I quickly completed the online order. I received the Netflix coupon code in email shortly after - and never redeemed it. I decided to go ahead and redeem it today, August 6th, by clicking on the redeem link in the old email - and it still worked! So, if you received the code in email shortly after ordering, you are good to go even if you did not redeem it right away.... If you never received the code, you are probably out of luck.