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As expected, Google [finally] took the wraps off Android 4.3 At today's "Breakfast with Sundar Pichai" event. On the surface, 4.3 is all too familiar, as it essentially looks identical to 4.2 in that there isn't a single distinctive thing to tell the two apart from a UI perspective. However, that doesn't mean there isn't anything new – it's all under the hood, baby.

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Let's take a look at what's new:

  • Multi-user with restricted profiles – content control on the user level
  • Bluetooth Low Energy support
  • OpenGL ES 3.0
  • New DRM APIs – Netflix is the first to support it, full 1080p streaming
  • ...a lot more new APIs

Android 4.3 will be available on the new Nexus 7 at launch, and will also be rolling out to the Nexus 4, current Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and the Galaxy Nexus beginning today.

More info coming soon.

Update: An In-Depth Look At The Big (And Small) Additions To Android Jelly Bean 4.3.

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  • Rolf


  • http://brandonbrown.io/ Brandon Brown

    I sold my Nexus 7 for an iPad Mini.. Might have to start the process again.

    Also, love having Google devices because of the consistent and amazing updates :)

    • ginobili1

      Sold my Nexus 7 a while ago, now impatiently waiting for a the new Nexus 7.

  • mattdonders

    So Wikipedia says Galaxy Nexus is Bluetooth 3.0 software, but Bluetooth 4.0 hardware. Does anyone know if this is Verizon too and if 4.3 will unlock this?

    • skitchbeatz

      Expecting 4.3 on Verizon = :-(

      • mattdonders

        LOL I'd never expect an update from Verizon. Root / ROM all the way.

  • Razortheanon

    4.3 is very dissapointing

    • http://www.deathbycone.com Jared Kotoff

      This is not 5.0. What were you expecting? But, these ARE pretty good updates.

  • briankariu

    Typing at light speed much? :D AP you are the best.
    Hammering away at the check update button on my N7 and N4

  • GreatNews

    cantwait to get it on my Nexus 4

  • CuriousCursor

    So disappointing, by now I should have a link to the update zip >_<

    • Michael Pahl

      look again /u/z

      • CuriousCursor

        haha, the images came really fast this time :D

  • Daniel

    Seems more like 4.2.3 to me...

    • Roberth1234

      You have obviously no idea how version number systems work...

    • Justin W

      4.2.3 would be a bug fix for 4.2. 4.3 is a "maintenance" release.

    • wdziemia

      Version number system X.Y.Z

      X = Major Release
      Y = Minor Release (i.e. new features)

      Z = Bug fixes

      2.X - > 3.X is a Major release (Major UI overhaul)
      3.X - > 4.X is a Major release (More UI work, lots of new APIs)

      4.0.X - > 4.1.X Just features

      I cant see how the next version will be 5.0 unless another major overhaul is put in place. My bet is on 4.4

  • gladgura

    So no Key Lime Pie.

    • Google

      Not Yet, Maybe in October.

      • gladgura


    • Frekko

      Key Lime Pie will be served on Nexus 5

  • DanieleMnn

    I can't believe they've been working almost a year to make this small update.
    I hope they're developing a ground breaking android 5.0

    And btw thanks google but I don't want an electronic textbook, I'm fine with my 400 pages door stop.

    • Freak4Dell

      Almost a year? 4.2 came out in November.

      • DanieleMnn

        9 months...that's not the point, I think google developed 4.3 just to have a new versione to launch with the nexus 7, but meanwhile they're developing the next big version.

        • Guest

          They've been working on 5.0 too...

        • nosaer

          There is a little bit more strategy involved than what your comment implies.

    • Simon Belmont

      Bitch and moan. Bitch and moan.

      Get over it. It's an incremental update that probably has a lot of good under the hood improvements, so be happy.

    • Erstam

      I'm going back to school soon to get another degree. I am so excited for the text book thing. I hope it has all the texts I'll need!

  • Rolf

    "Dimensions: thinner and lighter".
    That's very accurate. :D

  • The Friend One

    People say it's disappointing but it's 5.0. Great update although

  • Christian

    Any thoughts on when this will hit AOSP?

  • Haunter

    Meh... I won't be hitting "Check for Updates" like a mad man for this one. Under the hood changes are nice and all... but since I'm not a dev, none of this really concerns me too much. But, 1080p Netflix on the trusty N10 will be nice.... the GNex and N10 will update when they update.

  • anzensepp1987
  • David Margolin

    drm? it's like the xbox one all over again... jk... it's google so it's okay...

    • Alex
      • Mike Harris

        I'm glad you posted that link because that's not what I thought when I read DRM.


    • dorkside

      Even if it was the DRM you thought they were talking about.. so what? it's what makes things like netflix, google music all access, and crunchy roll possible. Not all DRM is bad. Only DRM that gives people who pirate the content a huge advantage is bad. For example the Assassin's Creed II DRM required you to be online all the time to play (assuming their servers were even functioning properly). When people pirate it, they can then play it offline whenever they want; Regardless of Ubisoft's server problems. But there's basically no advantage to pirating a movie that you can already get on netflix as far as i can see. The xbox one DRM is a TOTALLY different thing than movie/music DRM.

  • Jose Alberto Abreu

    Any info on how the restricted profiles work? I'd like to set up one for my kids.

  • Chris

    When will it come to my G1?!?!?

    • Simon Belmont

      Hmm. My guess is when the universe stops expanding outward and begins collapsing down to a singularity again.

      My T-Mobile G1 still works, though. Tough little bugger.

    • naysayer

      Lol. I heard there are some ports of recent Android versions for the G1. I guess they have to be awful, though.

  • Drew M

    I hope the new DRM scheme restores playback of protected content for unlocked devices in which the DRM keys were wiped.

    • Mike Harris

      Luckily, this DRM is an altogether different kind of DRM than what usually comes to mind. Someone posted a link to its Wikipedia page below.

  • Steve Freeman

    Hey Google, how about built-in 1% battery support? That would be great, thanks.

    • Jakob

      That'll wreck the battery though.

      • Steve Freeman

        What are you talking about? Every custom ROM I've ever used had the 1% battery option.

  • Maxime Henrion

    So, in the end, does 4.3 contain that new Notification API that would allow Light Flow and other similar applications to work correctly?

    • esper256


  • armshouse

    I really want the ability to edit and arrange the quick settings tiles like in CM. I just unrooted for this update and missing that feature already!