If you're looking for yet another place to get your new $35 Chromecast, give your local Best Buy a ring. At least one lucky fellow was able to successfully buy the device from a Best Buy in South Carolina. Calls placed to several stores would indicate that's not the only one. However, most stores are expecting stock to arrive in the next day or two.


Full-size Best Buy stores are getting 20-30 Chromecasts in the first batch – high-traffic stores may get an extra allotment. If there are no stores nearby with stock, the Best Buy website also lists the Chromecast now. Whatever route you take, the device is $35 just like it is from Google Play.

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2013-07-24 16_25_01-Google - Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player - H2G2-42

The Chromecast has free shipping from Best Buy, but you'll still have to pay tax. Maybe this will tide you over until the Nexus 7 ships.

[Google+ 1, 2, 3, 4, Best Buy – Thanks, Henry Averette III, Andrew Darling YouTube]

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  • bozs13

    Anybody in the Sacramento area? Roseville doesn't have it yet.

    • DWdrum

      Just called Auburn Best Buy ....Nothing, but 10 coming. Boz13 thanks for posting that. Since no BB in our region has it, I just ordered it on Amazon Prime, will be here tomorrow.

      • bozs13

        Thanks for the info. Amazon prime here as well...tomorrow's the day :)

      • spydie

        It won't be here tomorrow... 1-2 days processing time according to the amazon site.

  • Michael Sheils

    Anyone know a US shop that will ship to the UK?

    • Goldenpins

      you would have to try to find one online, mostly 3rd party vendors from Amazon. I used Amazon UK to ship some singstar games to the US. UK local Amazon does not. Ill guess that its the same here , unless its 3rd party.

      • Michael Sheils

        Yeah.. that's kind of why I was asking if anyone knew a shop that would ship one of these to the Uk.

    • JirafaBo

      Paypal me some money. I'll ship you one.

  • Grimmjow

    According to WIRED, it has some Wifi connecting issues.

    • wickets

      from wired:.... After a quick hands-on, we (quickly!) found that the Chromecast experience is awful if you don’t have a solid WiFi connection. (For a sense of how bad the wifi was in the room where we were testing, it took close to a minute just to get Google results for “free Simpsons video.”) Got a lousy router? You’d better beware.

      In other words, nothing wrong with googs device

      • Matt

        A device whose sole function depends on wireless connectivity works poorly if you have a shitty WiFi connection? I'll call the newspapers, you start writing your Congressman.

        • Goldenpins

          you would think some of these gadget guys would own a decent wifi connection.I've read its pretty solid Wifi wise.

      • Michael McIntosh

        yep nothing wrong with google devices they never have problems nope, the nexus brand is perfect and it's king, the nexus q, shall live on forever.

    • Chris

      Welcome to a gen 1 device!

  • timrcm

    Is the app even available yet?

  • JirafaBo

    Punished once again for ordering directly from the Play Store!

    • Jdban

      Can always cancel and reorder

      • JirafaBo

        On it! Just wondering if you still get the 3 months free Netflix. That makes this decide a no-brainer if you already pay for Netflix. Comes out to like $12.

        • spydie

          exactly $11.06 savings

        • mhz0282

          You still get the 3 months free from Amazon, so I'm guessing you get it no matter where you buy from (this was also the case with the N7's Google Play Store credit)

      • enoch861

        unless its gone through you can't.

        • JirafaBo

          Yep. IT did. Wonder if it already shipped. I bought pretty early in the day. Even though it says ship by August 7, that'd be a long wait if they are hitting stores today.

          • spydie

            That's weird, I ordered after you, had an Aug 2nd ship date, and several hours later, successfully cancelled it and got the Amazon one (prime, free shipping, in stock)

      • Wylan

        Not after an hour, i tried. Even called, their response was pretty much "Sorry, not sorry."

    • tylerbrainerd

      What are they supposed to do, keep it out of stores until they all ship from online orders?

      • JirafaBo

        That's what other industries do.

    • Lexster

      Yeah, I really should learn to just wait a day. I don't think there's been one recent Google device that hasn't punished those who ordered it on Day One. Freaking August? You've got to be kidding.

      • CalmDownLexster

        Take it easy. "Freaking August" is just a week away.

        • JirafaBo

          Except what if it ships August 7th? Then you don't get it for 3 weeks after everyone else. That is FREAKING crappy.

        • Lexster

          By "Freaking August", I meant the 7th. This is like two and a half weeks away compared to the people who were able to purchase it from Best Buy pretty much the next day and didn't have to pay for shipping as well.

  • http://peoplewho.tumblr.com wireless G

    Is there any reason for someone who already has a HTPC to get this? I'm always looking for an excuse to buy another gadget, but I'm not sure it offers any additional functionality.

    • Jdban

      Nope, no real reason other than ease of use with youtube and your phone. But for $35 - 3 months of netflix ($24) its a f***ing steal for thos of us without an HTPC.

      • http://peoplewho.tumblr.com wireless G

        Yeah, no doubt. But I even have an app to use my phone as an HTPC remote, so there's little benefit on that front. Pity they didn't include phone-to-TV streaming, since I'd love to be able to easily throw my pics and home movies on the big screen.

        • tylerbrainerd

          Not to replace the htpc, no, unless you want a cleaner interface/remote set up. I'm getting one even though I have a google tv just for portable use

  • Freak4Dell

    Dammit...should have waited to go to Best Buy. I was in there earlier today, and tried to see if anyone had gotten a SKU yet so that I could see if it was available at my store. No luck at that time. The hours til Friday are passing much too slow.

  • andddlay

    just got it myself. pretty neat! gotta look into it more, dunno how much of a use i'll have with it b/c i have a smart tv. should be great at parties and at hotels

    • psychoace

      Does it even have a UI or is the screen just blank until you send a video to it?

      • andddlay

        When I don't send any media to it, the screen is of an image of mountains behind a lake, followed by another nature picture of a shoreline. It has the name I gave it upon setup with the time and a beamy bar under it that changes color (i presume to prevent burn in). Also it has the wifi I am connected to.

        The device itself is kinda interesting... It has a little white light indicating it has power. In order to power it though (to my surprise) you have to plug it in via micro usb to either the supplied wall adapter or directly into the tv's usb port. Makes sense, cuz hdmi ports don't power things.

    • sam

      please disassemble it so we can see what chips are inside to see if we can hack it and put linux on it.

      • Michael McIntosh


  • Miah


  • Joey Heck

    San Diego is Chromecast-less. Yay for Amazon.

  • spydie

    Don't forget, guys, if you order from Amazon there is a 1-2 day processing time. It won't be here tomorrow.

    • Freak4Dell

      That was only true for a certain number of today's orders. When Amazon first put it up, it was available for immediate shipping. I've got a guaranteed delivery date of Friday because I used the 2 day Prime shipping, but had I done the overnight shipping, I'd have it tomorrow. After about an hour or two, it went to 1-2 days for processing, then 3-4 weeks, and now it's just completely out of stock.

      • Felipe13

        Same here. Early bird gets the worm...

    • Donatom3

      Haha with my prime account I've ordered some things at 11:30pm PST and received the item the next day.

  • Seb

    Does someone have seen the product number of Chromecast? H2G2-42 in reference of the movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • PhilyP

    YES two best buy stores near me have them in stock.... :D

  • Shane Bloomfield

    No go in Clearwater, fl.

  • Chris

    if your best buy has it, and you want it. Get it there. Why wait? maybe getting up off that chair and interacting with actual humans would do some of you some good.

    • Gibscreen

      I wouldn't categorize those working at best buy as humans. ;) They usually do more harm than good.

      • Daniel

        A job is a job, and at the end of the day we help people. You realize you can say no, right?

        • Gibscreen

          It was a joke dude. But since you bring it up, you're incorrect. If they do more harm than good that would not be considered "help." That would be a hindrance.

  • Michael McIntosh

    what is toby flenderson going to do with a chromecast

  • Zaerath

    NW Raleigh Best Buy had one. Got it!

  • vwbeetlvr

    Got one at my local best buy! Yeah!

  • Scott

    Literally 10 minutes from my house.

  • Zhuowei

    Curious: what happens when you connect the USB port of the Chromecast to a computer? Would it open an ADB connection?

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      it's chrome, not android.....no adb.

      that's only use for power.

  • andddlay

    Idk if this will work at all best buys, but this is what I did at mine to get one...

    Ask them to look the Sku 9071056 on rss. If you find a store with one, ask to oms it... This will reserve (after paying for it there) it and you would just pick it up. But they could say no cuz i guess it comes out tomorrow

    • http://xn--wbg.com/ Michael Anthony

      Called my local store, gave the lady the SKU number and she said it was online only. Probably gonna make the trek out there tomorrow though to check the shelves.

  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    Someone who has one of these needs to start tinkering with it ASAP. Is it running Android? What hardware? Any hope of adb access?

    To me it seems like a no-brainer that this is running Android on some cheap dual core ARM CPU. What else would have the horsepower to play back 1080p video from these different services, function as a WiFi hotspot (for the initial setup), etc. What's amazing to me is that they hit a $35 price point, undercutting most of the cheap Chinese Android sticks.

    • Wazzifer

      They did say it's running a simplified version of Chrome OS...

  • synplex

    I picked up 2 of them in a Best Buy in Miami a few hours ago and they still had more.

  • Ahmed

    ordered mine, still they have stock

  • john

    Do you still get 3 months free netflix if you buy at best buy store?

    • Chris Johnson

      Yes you do, just picked one up at Best Buy and they sent me a redemption code before I was out of the parking lot.

  • http://www.talltechtales.com/ Mattias

    I got mine at Best Buy online...now just waiting for it to come in the mail.

  • Jess

    I was on the fence getting this since I have a ps3, 360 and Apple TV already but I got a $10 reward certificate for Best Buy so...

  • RitishOemraw

    Does buying it from non-playstore sources come with 3months free Netflix?